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Freelance Marketing Secrets Review

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Freelance Marketing Secrets is the latest digital product to hit email inboxes, in today’s review I’ll be taking a close look at this new eBook created by AWOL founder Keala Kanae and in case you were wondering if the entire thing is real or just another scam, I`m going to share my completely honest review with you right now.

The first thing to know is that Freelance Marketing Secrets was developed by Keala Kanae. Among other things, he is the founder of a system called AWOL Academy and also created a free eBook called Freelance Marketing Secrets with the purpose of teaching people how to earn money through affiliate marketing. After reviewing literally hundreds of different systems, most of which turned out to be scam systems, I have to say that this method is my number one recommendation to all of you if you are looking to make money online.

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What exactly is Freelance Marketing Secrets?

If you have already visited their the Freelance Marketing Secrets website and are still wondering if it is a scam or not, let me assure you right here and now, that it is definitely not a scam. As I mentioned before, from those hundreds of systems and methods I have reviewed in the past, most of which turned out to be nothing more than fraud, this one is the best of all of those. I have gone through the entire thing, from the free e-book, through the free webinar as well as AWOL Academy. You might think I am biased a bit here, but I am truly not. If it helped me earn money, it will help you as well, for sure. I checked out Keala`s system after a personal friend recommended it to me and was completely impressed by the amount of information and training they are basically giving away for free. I made this blog to expose scam systems and give you good recommendations on what is legitimate and what you should check out for yourself, and this method is it, the best of the best.

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I was skeptical at first, to be honest, and thought that this thing is just another of those get rich quick schemes or Multi-Layer Marketing (MLM) methods that either doesn’t really work, are outdated or just benefit those people that sit at the top of the pyramid making them rich from your investment. But I was really blown away by the quality that this method offers, and also, for free.

The Difference between Freelance Marketing Secrets and Others

The simple answer is, they put their customers first. That is the first thing that really impressed me with this system. Almost all other methods and advertised programs out there promise to make you rich as an affiliate of theirs. But not so with Freelance Marketing Secrets. Here, you are taught how to make money for yourself, without being the affiliate of anyone. As far as AWOL Academy and Freelance Marketing Secrets go, you are always their top priority, and that is the main reason this has earned its spot as my top No.1 Recommendation. And I also don`t see that changing anytime soon, to be honest, because this is simply the best method out there to teach you the in`s and out`s of affiliate marketing in a clear and understandable way, which will put you on course to make a lot of money online, without asking for anything in return.

Freelance Marketing Secrets

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets for you?

You have to ask yourself a couple of questions first, before deciding on this. Are you here to learn about how to make money in the online world? Are you sick and tired of all the scams that are currently flooding the Internet offering quick returns for your investment, but in truth just trick you out of your money? Have you tried and failed a couple of times to make any money online? Are you really new to this entire money making a thing or are you already advanced but failed to see any success yet? If you can answer any of these questions with YES, then Freelance Marketing Secrets is definitely for you.

Freelance Marketing Secrets Review


The general idea here is, that no matter if you have already tried to make money online and failed to do so, or if you are a complete newbie looking to start, this system will fit you well. I have been around and making money online for many years now and even I learned a lot from this method. If you are just starting out, it is even better, because you will get real and genuine training and knowledge right from the start, without having to try out other methods and scams first that would frustrate you and maybe even make you quit altogether.

My Personal Results

I don’t like to talk publicly about on online income and how much I have made because I prefer to keep that private and personal, some people including myself see that type of thing as brash and showing off and I prefer to be more modest. What I am willing to share with you is that AWOL and Freelancing Digital Secrets has been, to date, the best Return on Investment (ROI) I have ever made. The method is not complicated when taught right but as I’ve said above its the customer care and after service that you get that makes all the difference. You simply don’t get that anywhere else in this niche.

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a Scam or Not?

Seeing as how I have reviewed a lot of sites on this blog so far, which turned out to be at best mediocre or at worst, all out scams, and also, the fact that I have personally achieved success with this system, I can assure you that this is guaranteed not a scam method. This program is my No.1 Recommendation for all you who read my blog and it has been since I have started. I would never recommend to you a fraud or scam system. You can check out Freelance Marketing Secrets right here.

Download your free copy of Freelance Marketing Secrets here

Also, make sure to check out the master class. Even if you are yet unsure to try this system out or not, you can take part in a completely free online class featuring Keala Kanae himself, who created the entire method and is also the founder of AWOL Academy. You can find the masterclass here:
With so many fake systems and methods out there, you owe it to yourself to check this recommendation out. You won`t regret it once you see your income starting to grow.

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Freelance Marketing Secrets Scam


Home Earning System Review – Real of Fake?

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If you’re looking for a Home Earning System Review then you’re definitely in the right place.

I think you’ll agree when I say:

That nowadays it’s really hard to get an honest review online.

Or is it?

In this review, I will be sharing the results of my in-depth investigation into this latest online system and will take you through the detail step by step.

Quickly, before I start, if you are sick and tired of online scams and are looking for a genuine way to make money online, please check out my No.1 Recommendation.

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The Pure Scam That Is Home Earning System

The first time I heard about this system was through e-mail. You probably had the same experience, since this is the way these offers spread around the internet so quickly. I received an e-mail telling me about a revolutionary new system called ‘Home Earning System’ that is going to help me earn a lot of money online quickly.

I’m always curious about checking out methods to see how the world of Internet Marketing is evolving. Unfortunately, as I suspected, Home Earning System is just another scam like a lot of others I have exposed here on this website. A good example would be Paid to Send Email, which I have reviewed only recently. Home Earning System will definitely not help you earn money and will just scam you out of your investment.

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The first reason I would consider this new method a scam is because they feature big brands like CNN, ABC, and MSNBC right on the front of the website, as you can clearly see from the screenshots I took and posted below.

Home Earning System Review

Many scam websites and system use this to make you trust them because people usually know big brand names like these and tend to trust websites that are endorsed by them. Of course, the whole thing is a fraud, because neither Home Earning System nor any other scam site out there was ever featured on CNN or other huge channels like ABC. It`s all setup to fool you into having a fake feeling of trust towards them. And they definitely have no legal right to use these brand names on their website.

The second reason why Home Earning System is a fraud is the fact that they promise you the possibility to make $1000s every single day with just around 7 minutes of work. That, right there, is a huge signal that this is all fake. I won`t say that it is impossible to make $1000 daily online because that is possible with the right training and system. There is no way that someone with zero knowledge can go online, use a system like Home Earning and start making that amount of money from day one. This whole thing is preying on people who think there is easy money available on the Internet and who are not really willing to work for it either. And, to be honest, a lot of people have that kind of mindset. Those are also the ones that buy into something like this and end up losing their investment, making these scams richer. If you are reading this article, you are clearly not one of these people, you wouldn’t just trust something like this, you are doing your research first, before jumping in and risking your money on a scam.

The False Sense Of Scarcity

Another huge warning sign I saw on their website, and something that other scam systems do as well is fooling you with the fact that only a limited number of people can sign up for the system and start earning those huge numbers that they promise. This is all done to give you a false sense of urgency and that you should sign up right now to not lose your spot. The proof for this is the fact that a ton of affiliate networks list Home Earning System and many people are promoting this to other people, earning good money from commissions for everyone they manage to convince to sign up. Literally, hundreds of people are doing this right now and they earn a lot of money daily for scamming people themselves. It is clear proof of the fact that the spots are not limited because otherwise none of those affiliate marketers would bother promoting this system to people.

This Conclusion will save you $$$

Home Earning System is, without a doubt, another scam system. There is no way you could earn $1000s on the Internet right from the get go. People usually work for that kind of daily income for years, failing, trying again and not giving up. It requires a lot of hard work and effort. You don`t just sign up to something like this and then start earning money on auto pilot. If it would be that easy, everybody would do it, and just quit their day job. Earning money online can sometimes be even harder than earning money offline. And there are clearly other signs to this being a fraud, like the fake endorsements they use on their website, as well as tricking you into thinking this a unique, limited offer that you should buy into. The only people that going to get rich from Home Earning System are the owners and the affiliate marketers who are out there working hard for their commissions, tricking more and more people to sign up.

My Recommendation

I am definitely not going to recommend this system, as it is just another of the many, many scam sites I have exposed over time. There are a lot of these sites out there and you should do your proper research before considering to invest into them. Of course, there are a lot of legitimate systems as well but sadly there are many more scams than legitimate systems and you should take care not to fall into their trap. After all, I don`t think you would want to make someone else rich, while you get nothing.

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Paid to Send Email Review – Scam or Legit?

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If you’re looking for a Paid to Send Email Review then you’re definitely in the right place.

I think you’ll agree when I say:

That nowadays it’s really hard to get an honest review online.

Or is it?

In this review, I will be sharing the results of my in-depth investigation into this latest online system and will take you through the detail step by step.

Quickly, before I start, if you are sick and tired of online scams and are looking for a genuine way to make money online, please check out my No.1 Recommendation.

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Paid to Send Email – Is it a scam!

If you’re wondering if Paid to Send Email is a scam then I can confirm that it’s not an outright scam but it is misleading people.

Want to know how? Then keep reading…

Paid to Send Email is another fake system just like Extreme Home Paycheck and Lifestyle NowThese systems or opportunities mislead people with outlandish earnings claims and fake video testimonials on their websites but in reality, these claims are false.  People see these sites as genuine and in good faith watch the videos of people talking about how they have made their first sale online with this new system, how it has changed their lives and how it could change yours too.  There are systems out there that do deliver on that promise, I’m lucky enough to be using one myself currently but Paid to Send Email just isn’t in the same class.

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Originally when I first started looking at Paid to Send Email, as the name suggests, I like many others thought that this system would offer a legitimate email processing job or a list of email processing companies or some sort of opportunity where you would get paid for sending emails.

How is this going to work?  I thought…

When I started looking at the opportunity a lot closer I noticed the same actors that had been hired from Fiverr to perform video testimonials on other scam products bragging about how they had made money with this opportunity.  If we know these people are actors then why would we trust what they say and how much they have earned using Paid to Send Email?

Why would a legitimate system need actors?

Paid to Send Email Screenshot

Take a look at the Paid to Send Email website screenshot above.  The woman in that video testimonial has been in lots of other video testimonials for other products not just Paid to Send Email.  When you review as many digital products as I have, believe me, you see trends, themes and definitely people appearing over and over again.

Below is another friendly and all too familiar face of a guy that must have made hundreds of testimonial videos for countless online products.  I can only imagine that these people are desperate to make money online but with very little skills turn to lying and deceit instead of doing something more productive, more useful.

Paid to Send Email Scam Website Testimonial

Perhaps I should jump over to Fiverr and shoot them a message about my No.1 Recommendation, to help them out.

So I think at this stage of the review we have established that Paid to Send Email isn’t necessarily a scam but what it is doing is misleading people into thinking they can make a lot of money with it.

Paid to Send Email – What are they actually selling?

Have you ever heard the expression ‘The Money is in the List’ or perhaps Email Marketing?  Both of these things refer to a form of marketing that predates the internet and has been used by marketers for an age.

Collecting the contact details of someone who is interested in a specific niche has been proven time and time again to be what’s referred to as a ‘Warm Lead’.  That person is already interested in the niche and information and services that you have on offer related to that niche.

Before the internet people would cut slips from newspapers and send them off to collect some token free gift.  In this modern digital age, people are encouraged to leave their email address so that at a point in the future they can be contacted about some fresh information or an offer related to the niche.

This is marketing 101 and email marketing works period.

What Paid to Send Email is actually selling is an online information course on email marketing.  Nothing wrong in that if done right but there’s the catch.  Paid to Send Emails is essentially a sales funnel so as soon as you buy one product on email marketing you will be pitched another, known as an up-sell or down-sell depending where you are in the sales funnel.  Personally, I’m not against this practice when the products are of substantive quality.  It’s when the products are poor and the content delivered is thin that I have an issue and unfortunately this is the case with Paid to Send Email.

Paid to Send Email – One last tip!

You may not know who ClickBetter are but they are the payment processor being used by Paid to Send Email.  ClickBetter unlike other payment processors like PayPal, for example, don’t have as rigorous vetting procedure when it comes to who uses their processor and as such ClickBetter is fast becoming the partner of choice for some of these fake opportunities like Paid to Send Email.

The good news, however, is that ClickBetter has a pretty tough refunds policy. Up to 60 days from the date of purchase you can ask for a refund and because the risk and cost of not doing refunds are so large that ClickBetter will issue you with a refund very quickly.

My Conclusion that will save you $$$

Is Paid to Send Email an outright scam? No, I don’t think it is.  Are they trying to mislead people and dupe them into buying something that is basic, substandard and could probably be found for free on the internet if you know where to look? Yes, they are.

I think the most disappointing thing about the whole opportunity is that the name suggests that they are offering online jobs or opportunities to do a work from home jobs but they are not this is simply a digital course that teaches you basic Email Marketing.

My Recommendation and a real opportunity!

I think it is pretty obvious, if you have read the full review, but I cannot recommend Paid to Send Emails to my readers and subscribers simply because this opportunity is a waste of money and although you might learn something new it will be at a very low level and isn’t going to get you any closer to where you want to be – making money!

But wait there is Good News!

Before you go today, take 2 minutes to look at my No.1 Recommendation below, right now it is offering 100% free training that teaches you how to build a 5-figure a month online business as an affiliate marketer.

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EZ Money Team Review

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Recently, I have been checking out a brand new system for making money online that has shown up on the Internet, called EZ Money Team. What they are claiming is, that you can make very easy money online with them, but every time a system claims something like this, I start having suspicions about it. There is definitely no easy way to make money, be it online or otherwise. And I also think that EZ Money Team is a big fat lie and a huge scam. Keep reading on to find out more. I will share my completely honest review and opinions with you. But quickly, before we get started, if you are just about fed up with all these money making scams and just want a real and genuine solution to making money online then, please check out my number one recommendation below.

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4 easy to understand reasons why EZ Money Team is a scam

So you might be asking why I consider this whole method a scam. And the very simple answer is, that after just visiting their web page, I got all the signs and that feeling that this thing is just out there to scam you out of your money. The first thing to point out is, that they are using ClickBetter as their payment processor. I have absolutely nothing against ClickBetter themselves because they are one of the better alternatives to PayPal as an e-wallet. They always do process refund requests and are completely on the side of their customers, however, they also accept almost any company or website into their program, and many scam sites out there use ClickBetter as their payment processor, simply because the more well-known payment processors won`t accept them. That was the first, huge warning sign that popped up when checking out EZ Money Team.

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Then I checked out their whole system and their offer and even their sales presentation seems to point to a total scam. They have a handful of testimonials from people who endorse them, but those are really hard to actually verify and check up upon. And there are also a big bunch of companies who recommend the method. But the thing is, I know those companies would never recommend a money making method like this. I personally think those people that wrote the testimonials are actually hired to do just that.

EZ Money Team Screenshot


The website also kept going through changes during the past four years, since it was registered. That is also a huge pointer towards the fact that it is actually just a scam site looking to fill the pockets of the owners and not out there the help you make money online. The reason for this, is, that a real money making method would have more or less remained the same over the years and it would have been proof that it is something that actually works for people signing up to them. Why all these needless changes, I ask? The endorsements are also something that bugs me. Big companies, like the New York Times, would never recommend any type of money making method, be it legit or not. It is just the way things are. But EZ Money Team is claiming just that in big bold letters on their homepage. Another sign that this whole thing is just a blatant lie.

EZ Money Team Screenshot

There are a few things that are positive about EZ Money Team, though. First off, they are not dealing with binary options. There are a lot of binary options scams out there, like Onassis Alliance, or even Click Money System, just to name a few. They are starting to fade away though, which is very good for anyone looking for legit ways to make money online. But the problem is, that many new scams are popping up online all the time, like Extreme Home Paycheck, which I have just exposed last week, and plenty of others that I’ve done over the years. I will keep doing this over and over again, every time I come across scam systems like that. That is exactly what this blog is all about. And EZ Money Team seems very similar to those fake methods.

My EZ Money Team conclusion that saves you time and money

This review here is a bit different from my other traditional reviews and more like me ranting about the whole thing. I flat out refuse to go into detail about what they are actually selling, because it is all a lie and not even worth my and definitely not your own time and effort. These fake systems make me so angry on so many different levels. They are full of lies, misdirection and just flat out trying to fool you out of your money. Even if EZ Money Team had invented the best method to making money online, they present it in such a way, that it instantly comes off as a scam. You could definitely not show their website to your friends and family and say that you are using this to make a living. The only thing you would get is them thinking you are making money by being a scammer. And this is exactly why I hate these systems. There are so many people doing scams like these, that they basically dragging the whole internet marketing industry down and giving it a bad name and reputation. Especially for new people wanting to try it all out.

Get my No.1 Recommendation and start making an income online

The good thing is, though, that there are still a few really good ways to make money online out there, that are neither scams nor attempts to steal your money. I discovered a method that lets me earn a good income online. You can check out my link to my number one recommendation below. That being said, I can`t recommend you scams like EZ Money Team, when I know there are better, and more importantly real solutions to making money online, and if you choose to try EZ Money Team, you will just be throwing away money and making someone else rich.

Before you go, make sure to check out my number one recommendation for a real solution, leave the scams behind and try something that works.

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Home Wealth Club Review

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Home Wealth Club is a new program that has appeared only recently, and it offers you the opportunity to make up to $84 per day with just a couple of minutes of work every day. But is it legit or just another one of those Internet scams? For me, it really does look like a scam, and I will share my opinion and an honest review of the system with you today. But, quickly, before we dive into the review, if you’re tired of all these scams that are floating around, and want a real solution to how to make money online, then check out my number one recommendation below.

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Quick, simple overview that will save you $$$

After checking out Home Wealth Club`s homepage, I could see right from the start that is definitely nothing I haven`t seen before. And the reason for this is, that this type of web page seems to be like a template, that gets copied over and over by all these scam systems and re-used. I have reviewed a lot of money making opportunities and this site type keeps popping up over and over again. Most recently I saw this website template when I checked out Extreme Home Paycheck and Complete Profit Code, and they have this exact model for their web pages as well

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It is very interesting to see this web page show up so many times around the internet, all connected to scammy money making tactics and the question is why? If a system is legitimate they would surely create their own personalized web page and not just copy something and re-use it. My suspicion is that this site just gets renamed all the time because the particular scam is exposed and the owners are renaming it to keep advertising it.

You might think that I am not telling the truth or exaggerating and if so, let me offer some proof with sites that look almost identical to Home Wealth Club. The first one would be Extreme Home Paycheck and you can clearly see that, apart from a few changed pictures and text, it`s almost the same web page. I have recently reviewed Extreme Money Paycheck and revealed it as the fraud that it is, but it has managed to scam a lot of people out of their money already.

You can see that the websites indeed do look very similar. They are designed almost the same way with a big brand logo that is there to make you feel that this is a legitimate system. But if you are still not convinced check out this picture of a system that I exposed a while ago, called Extreme Home Paycheck. You can check out a screenshot right here:

Home Wealth Club Scam Screenshot

Home Wealth Club Website Screenshot

As you can see, this is also almost the same website, with a bit changed here and there, like the name or a small amount of text. The entire thing is designed to trick you into giving away your money and they keep rebranding it to target a new audience and market each time, in my opinion. From what I can see, each re-branded site is changed a bit to target different people each and every time. They go for different audiences to get more exposure for themselves. For example, My Home Job Search and Home Wealth Club are both targeting mostly people that are new to making money online and want to work from home. On the other hand, Complete Profit Code seems to be targeting people that would like to create their own business from home, instead of actually finding work from home jobs. These are all just my opinions of course and the truth is I have no idea what is really going on behind these websites, except that they seem very suspect and shady.

Quickly discover what Home Wealth Club really is

In my opinion, Home Wealth Club is actually a website and system created and promoted by an affiliate of the MOBE business program. Recently almost everything I review turns out to be systems that leads back exactly to this one thing: MOBE. What I find seriously disturbing about this, is that the MOBE opportunity is actually legit and not a scam system, as you can see in my review of MOBE here. But there are a number of affiliates that are trying their best to trick people into joining MOBE by using unethical ways like creating these scam websites and lying about what it actually is.

There are a couple of legit web pages promoting MOBE the right way, like WIFI Millionaire, but there are many more scam pages around like My Millionaire Mentor, which I personally consider the worst site out of all of them. What it all boils down to, is that MOBE is a legitimate business opportunity. And a good one as well. You can sign up, you will receive training and courses which will give you a lot of knowledge about Internet Marketing, and you can also choose to become an affiliate. You can then re-sell the system and earn good commissions from anyone that buys it from you. However, the thing is, that you have to actually buy the products that you want to resell and are only allowed to earn commission from things you purchased and own. Needless to say, you have to pay first and invest, before starting to see a return on investment.

There are a number of top affiliates on MOBE that started their own front end, and they do this by creating all these fake websites, like Home Wealth Club and promise you huge money for joining. What you actually get, is joining MOBE without your consent, and the scam site owner earns a referral commission because you joined MOBE under him. As I said before, there are a number of websites that do this the legit way, without lying to you about what they actually promote. But there are a lot more scam sites, like Home Wealth Club with their promises of a lot of money really fast. Making money online is never that easy.

Get my recommendation and take your next step as an online entrepreneur

Home Wealth Club is just another promoted and advertised a site that in reality, is just a fraud. I definitely won`t be recommending it, because you will not be making the money that the system claims you would and also because I think there are way better ways to make money online than this, like my number one recommendation, which you can check out below.

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iCoin Market Review

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iCoin Market is one of the newest cryptocurrency money making opportunities. Cryptocurrencies and the markets around them are the latest things right now so more and more opportunities are springing up. But the big question is ‘Are they really legit and can something like iCoin Market really help you make money online?’ I have been taking a closer look at this system and I`m going to share my review with you. But, quickly, before I do, if you’re sick and tired of online scams and are looking for a really good way to make money online, check out my number one recommendation below.

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The iCoin insight for a quick, simple overview

After reviewing iCoin Market it is clear to see that they are still in their pre-launch phase and have not yet fully completed the system, but there will definitely be a lot of marketing and hype going on around this cryptocurrency opportunity in the future, for sure. There is currently a huge trend going as a lot of these kinds of opportunities are being created, while others have almost completely disappeared. In the past, most of them were based on revenue sharing, but almost all of them have proven to be total scams and it is no wonder that they have already collapsed. Nowadays, as Bitcoin and other currencies are getting more and more popular, a lot of similar systems have appeared. Like iCoin Pro, which I have recently reviewed.

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Understand how iCoin works and save yourself $$$

First of all, the whole thing is still in pre-launch and will be officially launched only in about a month. I found out about iCoin Market from an associate of mine who is promoting the latest money making opportunities and trends. He earns a good living by promoting all of these systems, but I am more interested if they are legitimate or not and if they can really help someone new earn money online. It is very easy for just about anyone to promote opportunities like these and earn, but the question remains if someone new can actually join iCoin Market and make money through the system.

iCoin Market Website Screenshot

A good thing I noticed first, is that they offer you $10 when you first sign up. That is a very good way to get people to sign up because you get rewarded right from the get go. You will need to spend money on this system eventually because it requires money to make money, as the saying goes, but we are talking about cryptocurrencies here, and you have a really genuine opportunity to even double your investment overnight in some cases. On the other hand, there is also a good chance you lose all your investment because it all heavily depends on the market and the current value of the currencies you are investing in. And the market can change really fast in the world of Bitcoin.

But that is the whole idea of iCoin Market. They promise to help you make money with cryptocurrencies without actually having any experience on what currency to buy and when. You are basically just investing into the system, and they will do the work for you. And by work, I mean, analyzing the market, checking out the best days to invest, when to sell and how to generate you a good amount of profit. There are risks involved for sure, and you will definitely see days without any income at all, but if iCoin Market can deliver on their promises and if they know what they are doing, you should surely see a good return on your investment.

The iCoin Market simple sneaky secret that explains the “Why?”

There have been a lot of emails sent around by people asking other people to join iCoin Market, and you might be wondering why you might even have gotten one yourself. And the answer is, that iCoin Market has a referral system, that lets you earn a commission from any people that sign up to the program under you. You will earn a commission from basically everything they make themselves.

Quick! Skip to my conclusion to save yourself time.

According to what I have seen so far, the program is not a scam and seems very legit, however, I won`t be sure until they really launch themselves on the market. As I have said before, they are still in the pre-launch phase and have no record whatsoever of success or failure. The cryptocurrency industry is all the trend right now and booming like crazy. Other opportunities like these show up everywhere, like iCoin Pro, which I have already reviewed. The main question remains, how do we know if these systems are legit or just scams and Ponzi schemes? Do we really know if the people behind systems like iCoin Market are really trading and investing your money or not? And the answer is, there is no way to be sure and almost impossible to tell. It is alright if you want to invest money into something and see how it goes. You might or might not see success, but definitely, do not invest a lot of money into it. Just invest as much as you are prepared to loose. Just like with a gamble or if you are betting. I personally would not invest any money into systems like these, because I would loose control over my money and I much rather like to make money through other methods that I know work very well, are sustainable and don`t rely on other people or methods.

My recommendation and how it could be the kick-start you need.

After taking a really close look at the whole system, I am currently not recommending it, simply because it is too new, untested and there are too many unknowns out there yet. I think it is way to risky to invest money into this system right now. On the other hand, if you want to know what I would really recommend, make sure to check out the link below. You will get access to a completely free training course that shows you a method I have used and implemented.

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Millionaire Profit Club Review

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A very new system that I have only recently checked out is Millionaire Profit Club. I have created a free account on the site myself, just because it is free and allows me to give you a better review, and here is what I have to share with you. But before we start, if you are really tired of all these scams on the internet look at my solution to making good money online and check out my number one recommendation below.

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Overview of Millionaire Profit Club

I have taken a very good look at it and one of the things I noticed was, that the man that explains the whole system to you in the video is actually Bob Beckett. I don`t really know him personally, but I know he ran a pretty successful business selling traffic for money a while ago with his partner James Starr. I`m not really sure if Bob is still in that business or if this his new thing now.

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The image above shows the company website, You are required to enter an email address and a name, enabling you to register for your free account. After that, a video shows you how to confirm your email address to really activate your account. It is really all step-by-step instructions. Once you successfully confirm, you will get taken to another page that looks like the one below.

The page is a simple thank you page, but it will swiftly and automatically redirect you to an affiliate offer of some kind. This is a tactic that is usually used to get people to sign up through some kind of affiliate link, creating revenue for the site owner. I`m not sure why Bob Beckett would apply a tactic like this because it takes people`s attention away from his main offer, but maybe he is just looking for other ways to generate side income. I think what he should have done instead, is popping up another instruction video to tell people to check their email address for their membership login details, which only get emailed to you after you confirm your email address.

What exactly do you get out of this system?

After first logging into your account, you can start your training and take part in the offer. The training is actually pretty good and teaches you a couple of basic things that work very well in theory and could give you a kickstart for your business. I was surprised by this and the course is totally legitimate. I did not like a couple of things about it though and I will share my opinions with you below.

6 steps to success with Millionaire Profit Club

Number 1: Free Mentorship

The first step is watching a video in which Bob Beckett invites you to his personal Facebook group. It is a member`s only group that is only for people who joined the program. And also a good way to get new info on updates and makes it easier for Bob to communicate with you.

Number 2: The Overview

It is a video that shows you a general overview of the whole system and keeps reminding you to check out each part of the method and keep implementing each step as you go on.

Number 3: Signing Up For Clickfunnels

This video teaches you all about having your own free website and how to sign up for something called Clickfunnels. It is a funnel building website that I use myself and after you join up using Bob`s link, you will get a bunch of pre-made funnels to use right from the get go. After signing up you will basically get a handful of website templates that will enable you to create your first site efficiently. Keep in mind though that a membership at Clickfunnels costs around $97 monthly.

Number 4: Setting Up Your Emailing System

Here you get a recommendation to join up with New Lifestyle, which is an email marketing system developed by someone called Joel. Joel has had his hands in very similar email marketing systems and training courses before, one of the best know of them being GOGVO. While I never used Now Lifestyle before, I found out that it has an opportunity to make money attached to it (similar to an MLM system), which could be a good side income for you.

Number 5: The Icing On The Money Cake

In this video, it is all about the money. Bob is introducing you to email marketing and recommends you to join a system called Email Coalition. It is basically a paid course that shows you the basics of email marketing and how to be successful with it.

Number 6: The Art Of Getting Traffic

The last video revolves all around traffic generation and Bob recommends Traffic For Me. They are selling traffic for money in the form of solo ads. I invested a lot of money with them in the past and attest that they are among the best sources of paid traffic and ads around. I don`t really pay for traffic anymore, though because I don`t think it does not compare to having actual organic traffic. What I was surprised about, was the fact that Bob is actually recommending this, seeing as how he himself used to own a traffic selling company in the past. It seems he has moved on from that business altogether.

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My final thoughts about Millionaire Profit Club are these: The system in itself is legit and not a scam, and also, the membership is completely free, which is a huge plus. However, the way I see it is Bob is looking for people to sign up and then he sends them over to other websites and programs, which he recommends and he is earning money from everyone he sends over. The entire thing looks like a funnel to move people to sites like Now Lifestyle and others I have shown you.

This system is a good place for people just starting out, to join and learn a bit about affiliate and email marketing, but I don`t think it is worth investing into because you won`t really be seeing much success without further training and someone experienced to guide you on. That`s one of the reasons I won`t recommend this method and the other being that I think you would see a lot better results if you try out my number one recommendation below.

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Force Factor Review

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Force Factor, which runs from the website is a very new system that currently promotes a relatively new business method called Digital Altitude. I`m going to share my review and opinions of the system with you, so you can get an idea if this is something you would want to try out or not.

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Force Factor’s Secret Exposed!

The name of the system, Force Factor seems to be a little strange at first, but there is a good reason for that. The creator of the Digital Altitude business method is called Michael Force. Basically, Force Factor is not really a new opportunity, it is just a site that is promoting that very method. Read on to find out more about Digital Altitude.

Since I have already done a very comprehensive review of the system, I will not go into full detail again. Just click this link to read my original review. But I will cover the most important things as I go on. What it all boils down to, is Michael Force creating a brand new presentation of his old system, that it can be used by affiliates to keep marketing it under a different name and brand. The whole thing is set up as a funnel for affiliates to convince people to sign up for Digital Altitude. There have been a couple of other sites like these around, like Digital Millionaire Secret or WiFi Millionaire.

Get the low-down on Force Factor and save $$$

As I said previously, Michael Force created Digital Altitude as a new way to earn money online. The system basically deals with digital products, like online courses and learning materials that will teach you how to successfully market online and get your own business started. The entire thing is very similar to the MOBE system, which I have reviewed in detail and also made connections to it from other reviews that I have written. There is almost no difference between this and MOBE, as MOBE is offering access to live courses as well as digital products exactly like Digital Altitude. However, the price to buy into these opportunities is almost the same as well. You are required to spend quite a lot of money, often five figures, to buy the materials which you can then resell yourself and make a profit. People who choose to join will first be offered training in online marketing and then get the opportunity to buy products named Apex, Rise, Ascend and so on.

For example, the products called Apex, Ascend and Peak are events that are held live and offer a good opportunity to learn a lot of skills about what the entire internet marketing world is all about. They are paid in full by the company, and you will get the chance to learn from top affiliates that will share their success stories and methods with you. You also get the opportunity to become an affiliate and start your own business reselling these digital products to other people. However, as I mentioned before, you will need to buy the products which cost a lot of money before actually being able to earn full commissions from your resales. It`s a completely “pay-first earn-after” system. You need to have investment money to hand.

2 Reasons to Avoid Force Factor and Digital Altitude

Force Factor is not a scam at all, but there are various negative parts of it, that will turn off many people. The prime example would be the fact the $1 fee for a trial run of the program can quickly turn into you spending thousands of dollars on the different products that you would need to buy. I think if you were to buy all the products, you would possibly need to spend around $50k on all of them. It is true that if you apply all that you learn, you could quickly make a good return on your investment, but if you don`t, you can also very quickly end up in debt if you invest more than you can afford to loose.

Another point would be the fact that many people will buy the products, only to resell them, without getting much value out of them or maybe even without needing them. It is the way these business opportunities are set up. People will usually buy into it with the idea of reselling and earning that commission only. I know this from first-hand experience, as I have done the same a couple of years ago with an MLM system that was very similar. You had to invest a lot of money, buy the products and then you could start earning as an affiliate. Although I made quite a lot of money back then, I was still bugged by the fact that I had to buy all those products without really needing them with the sole purpose of reselling.

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I can attest that Digital Altitude is definitely not a scam system. There are a lot of success stories from affiliates out there. I also know how these opportunities work and they are not there to scam you out of your money. People will probably think it is scammy because they lure you in with a $1 investment to join and then you would be required to invest up to $50k to reach your full potential, but this is simply a business type that requires you to invest before making profits yourself. As simple as that.

I found it a bit strange though that they pop up a huge banner on the site stating that you could now join the program for $1 instead of $497. I have never seen this before and neither was the method ever on sale for $497 in the past. I`m not really sure why they would do this now, but that is not that important anyway.

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Even though I used to be a former affiliate of Digital Altitude, I eventually moved away from them because I knew there was better and simpler way to make money online, systems like my No.1 Recommendation which you can check out here:

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Millionaire Methods Review

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Millionaire Methods dot biz is a new system that sprung up rather recently, which claims that you can make around $1000 every single day by using their method. But in all honesty, it just looks like many other scam systems that are around the Internet nowadays. I am going to take a really close look at this system, today and will share my honest opinion with you about it. But before we get into the review, if you have seen enough scams and are sick and tired of them by now, check out number one recommendation, a real solution to making money online:

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The Quick Route to understanding Millionaire Methods

So you might be wondering what this new system is all about. After checking their website out, I was definitely not impressed by it. It`s entire design and presentation just screams out “Scam”. It is very similar to the websites of other scam system that I have exposed in the past, like Extreme Home Paycheck and Fast Lane Lifestyle. It`s full of content and bold claims that you can make $1000 daily, but how can you trust this website? And are the owners even real or just out there to trick you out of your money?

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The guy that appears in their introductory video definitely looks like a hired actor. Someone who is either paid to say those lines or does it out of pure self interest. He does not seem real or honest in the least. Not like people like Tai Lopez or AWOL Academy, which offer real and genuine courses and with real, honest people behind their respective methods and systems.

It looks to me like Millionaire Methods is just a business in a box. A style of system which offers training, tools, and courses to teach you how to make money, but from what I have seen, they are not very good or effective.

Millionaire Methods and why you shouldn’t waste your money

After taking a closer look, it is a business in a box style system, as I have already mentioned. In essence, these systems offer you everything you would need to start making lots of money, as they claim. Also, the websites of these systems, where you would sign up to become a member, are usually interlinked with other sites that offer other ways and resources to build up your business online. I have seen a lot of these sites over the years of me being active online, and most of the them are a complete waste of your time and money. The training they offer is often copied from other systems and of low quality, and the resources are usually only there to help the owners themselves make money and not you. They link around to hundreds of different resources that you don`t really need at all and it just leaves you all confused and without a clue on what to do.

A few Simple Steps to £1,000s a day! Really?

It really is a matter of personal opinion. The fact remains that the system offers you access to a full membership, that in turn gives you access to training courses and resources. This you could theoretically use to build up a successful online business from scratch. In essence, they do offer you at least something in return of you becoming a member. But in my opinion, this system can be called a scam, because of it`s bold claims of you being able to make huge amounts of money in just a few simple steps. This is just misinformation and serves only to mislead people and customers. Making $1000 a day is lot of money, and this will not just come in a few days of work. It requires a lot of time, dedication and hard work to achieve this kind of income and it is really hard to build up a successful online business even if you have the right training and tools at hand. Making people believe that they can achieve this so easily is both unethical and unrealistic. Basically they are just tricking you into signing up for their own gain, without any doubt.

Millionaire Methods Website Screenshot

The training you get is also not of the highest quality and, as I mentioned before, could be a simple rehash of some other system out there. This entire thing seems like a simple money grab method. They make you sign up through the website and become a member, and then they lead you around with big claims on how you can become rich really fast, by buying into the different training courses and resources. What you are doing in reality, though, is making the site owners rich, while you will constantly loose money and be left confused and having seen no success whatsoever. These systems work very well for the owners, because you would be required to pay for the training courses to the different resources each time. And they will claim that only that small investment will make you rich. It`s all lies and misinformation.

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So after having checked the system out, I will definitely not be recommending it. Making money online is not easy, and it can not be achieved just by following a few easy steps. You can also not become rich in just a couple of days, apart from winning the lottery. I have reviewed hundreds of websites and systems over the years, and not even the best of them would allow you to make thousands right from the get go. Millionaire Methods is surely not the worst system I have seen, but I will not go on and recommend it to you. What I can do instead, is recommend to you something that I can guarantee will work for you, simply because it has worked so well for me and other people as well, in the past. Why don`t you go ahead and check my number one recommendation out below? You will get information about a method and training that has allowed me to earn money online. Check it out right here:

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Fast Lane Lifestyle Review

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I just found out about Fast Lane Lifestyle a short while ago and I found it very interesting that it basically claims to let you earn $1,500 daily with just a small starting investment of $47. Naturally, this sparked my interest. Could this really work? Is it just another scam system? I`m going to share my completely honest opinion and a full review with you in this article post.

Quickly, before I get started on this review, if you’re sick of all these online scams and are looking for a genuine way to make money online then, please take a look at my personal No.1 Recommendation below.

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Get the inside track on Fast Lane Lifestyle

Right off the bat, after taking a good look at the whole thing, Fast Lane Lifestyle looks like a typical scam that is just out there to get your money, like many, many others that I have exposed over the years. These include Extreme Home Paycheck, as well as My Home Job Search, which I have reviewed and exposed only recently. Their main claim, as I mentioned above, is that you can start making $1,500 per day just by following a couple of simple pointers and tricks that they would offer you and you would get that huge chance by investing a measly $47. However, if you try to leave the page, they go down with the price to just $37 with a pop-up. Very suspicious, if you ask me.

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Their main eye-opener is the fact that you can possibly make $1,500 daily and live the easy life real fast. They also underline this with a blatant lie that they only have about 50 spots available for people looking to join up. It is the most blatant lie in the book. In truth, I`m sure they would be more than willing to accept an unlimited number of people into their “system” if they would pay the $47 per sign-up.

Understand how Fast Lane Lifestyle works and save 000’s

I could write a ton of text right now about how and why I think that Fast Lane Lifestyle is a scam that you should avoid, but I think it is much better to answer the simple question about what the whole thing is and if you can actually make any money out of it. In my opinion, you won`t be making a single cent with this. The entire website is just set up to convince you how easily you can make tons of money every single day by using them, but what actually would happen, is, you will be giving your money to Internet scammers. I have seen a lot of these methods in the past and they are all the same. What you get are a bunch of useless products and teaching materials that, in theory, would help you create your own business online and earn those huge numbers. In truth, those products are mediocre at best, with no guarantee that you can implement them for a successful business.

fast lane lifestyle website screenshot

To top it all off, after you initially join with your $47 “donation” to receive access to the member`s area, they will try to sell you another round of useless products, with the idea of getting as much money as they can out of you. And even before you actually get in, they pop up a couple of up-sells that you could also buy. It is really incredible how much this reeks of a scam system. I`m not against up-sells in any way if they even remotely offer some kind of value, but what they offer you is just useless garbage without any value whatsoever.

The best part of Fast Lane Lifestyle will surprise you

You probably would not have thought of this, if you read this far, but there is actually a good part of this whole scam system. It is definitely not what you would think and I say it out right now, you won`t be able to earn those huge numbers with this method in any case. But the good part is, that they use ClickBetter as their payment processor. And ClickBetter makes it really easy to get refunds through their system. If you’ve already bought into this scam and found out that all they offer you are lies and useless products, you can just search for the receipt you received from your initial purchase in your email and ask for a refund from ClickBetter.

The products Fast Lane Lifestyle offers, have a hard time being accepted by traditional payment processors like PayPal, so they use alternatives. ClickBetter has no problem with these kinds of products, but they are also in charge of eventual refund requests. And this is a great thing for anyone that made the mistake of buying into this scam, and bad for the scammers themselves. They will usually refund you very fast so as to avoid bad reviews and chargebacks, which would make them look bad to their customers.

Did you draw the same conclusion?

Even after taking only a small look at their website, checking out their high claims and promises, I knew that this was not really a way to make money online and just there to make the website owners rich and to fool people. This is not really a solution for earning money at all, much less $1,500 dollars daily, which is a lot of money. There is no such method that allows you to become a millionaire in a couple of months just by following some kind of easy steps. Never buy into things that promise something like this, especially without any proof or previous reviews and opinions. Making money online requires a lot of work, time and dedication and it can be sometimes even harder than having a day job. It`s definitely not something that you can get instantly like they claim at Fast Lane Lifestyle.

The recommendation that will set you free

If you are looking for a real solution, I will recommend you a method that will not only save you money but create real results for yourself and the business you want to create online. I personally know that it works, because I have been using it for months now and it has generated me quite a bit of money so far.If you check out the link below, you will get access to my number one recommendation.

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