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30 Day Millionaire Review

By on April 24, 2015 in Binary Options with 0 Comments

Thanks for checking out my review of 30 Day Millionaire.

Right now you are probably trying to figure out if 30 Day Millionaire is actually a legitimate opportunity or another make money online scam.

So is 30 Day Millionaire worth investing your time and money into?

Lets take a closer look…

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30 Day Millionaire came to my attention because like a lot of people I was emailed the opportunity.  Making 1 million in 30 Days seemed pretty far fetched so I thought I’d check it out.

The 30 Day Millionaire website isn’t anything sophisticated in fact its nothing more than a simple webpage with a sales video and popup that tries to collect your email address.

The video on the website is pretty convincing because it has what looks like video testimonials from satisfied users claiming that they have had success with this system.  However, one of the customers I recognise from another Binary Sales Video so my guess is he is an actor.

30 Day Millionaire Review

30 Day Millionaire Review


The Truth about 30 Day Millionaire.

30 Day Millionaire is actually an affiliate offer for a Binary Trading System.  So here’s how it works…

Binary Trading Brokers pay large commissions to affiliates (circa $250) if they can get people to deposit funds with them.  That’s right.  When they say its Free it is to sign up but if you want to trade you will need to open an account and deposit funds.

At the very point that you open an account and deposit funds the affiliate isn’t really interested in you any more as they have earn’t their commission.

Now you are at the mercy of the Broker and the Markets.

I don’t know if you have Traded Binary Options before.  I have and I can tell you if you don’t know what you are doing you will lose thousands in seconds. And even if you do know what you are doing YOU can still lose.

Is 30 Day Millionaire a Scam?

30 Day Millionaire is another product in a long line of Binary Option Software products.  These offers are just an elaborate way to make a $250 non refundable commission out of you when you sign up and deposit funds.

The software behind 30 Day Millionaire is legitimate and you will be able to use it to Trade Binary Options.

However, that isn’t a game for the naive or inexperienced.  Binary Options Trading is a very skilled and one of the easiest ways to lose thousands if you don’t know what you are doing.

My Recommendation

30 Day Millionaire is another Binary Options Software that is designed simply to pay the affiliate a juicy CPA commission.  I can’t recommend this software to anyone.

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