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6 Figures with Chris Review

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6 Figures with Chris or Six Figures with Chris is the latest product from Chris Freville which launched on 21st March 2013 so I’m sure by now your inbox is probably full of emails from his affiliates promoting this product for him.  Nothing wrong with that I guess (?) lots of people make money online building lists full of people who want to learn how to make money online and then send emails to those people about the latest and greatest products about how to make money online.

Unfortunately, not all products are created equally and by that I mean some products will actually teach you something and some products will be an utter waste of your time and money.

Before we go any further I think it’s important to make you aware that I am not an affiliate of Chris.  Unlike so many other product review websites I am not affiliated to any of the products I review which means that I’m not selling anything and you’ll get me honest opinion.  I do make money online but I do it using a very simple 3 step system which you can read about below.

So, is Chris Freville a real person or another Actor?

Well, I’m very pleased to say that Chris Freville is actually a real guy and if someone who makes a lot of money online is referred to as a Guru, then Chris is a guru because he has made over 9 million dollars online.

Chris is from the UK where he lives with his wife and 4 children and has been an internet marketer since 2005.  Not only has Chris made a lot of money online for himself he also claims to have an Inner Circle, people he has personally trained, that are now running 6 figure businesses.

So what do you get with 6 figures with Chris?

Well Chris definitely isn’t guaranteeing that you’ll make 6 figures but he is guaranteeing that if after the 8 weeks of personal coaching and mentoring from him that you aren’t making money you can email him and ask for a full refund.  That’s an additional guarantee to the 60 day money back guarantee that comes with every purchase.  One thing I will say on this point is that Chris is using his own payment processor, not ClickBank, so refunds will be controlled by Chris and his Team not a third party.

Chris’ system which is designed for newbies or those that have been online for a while and haven’t seen any results teaches you how to sell other peoples products using a 3 step methodology:

  1. Find a Top Loaded Offer
  2. Drive Targetted Traffic to that Offer
  3. Leverage your Success for Big Money

This is the same system Chris personally uses because he has made a substantial proportion of his income promoting other people’s products to his list.  And because Chris confirms that this product is nothing to do with Google or Facebook it must be about promoting to a list something that will require some additional investment.

The price point for the product is $39 which is monthly but there are also additional ‘Upsells’ and ‘Downsells’ priced at $196, $96, $197 and $97 so $39 wont get you the complete system.

The Simple 3 Step System that I use to Make Money Online

If you’re really serious about making money online then the only system I can recommend is the system that I use to make money online every day.  If you want to build a residual long term income then I recommend that you click here and watch the free video presentation from Mack that explains the system in full.  This same system paid out over 30 million dollars to its members last year alone.  Click here to get started today!

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