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Albion Union Review

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Thank you for visiting my site and taking the opportunity to read over my review of Albion Union one of the latest High Yield Investment Programmes to be featured on a number of the high profile HYIP Monitors.

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If you don t yet understand what a High Yield Investment Programme Monitor is I wrote an interesting article on them called – ‘HYIP Monitor – And why they can’t be Trusted…

And if you don’t truly understand what a High Yield Investment Programme is I wrote a detailed article on them here called ‘What is a Ponzi Scheme Scam‘.

So lets get down to business of reviewing Albion Union and trying to understand if they present a genuine investment opportunity or whether it is just another thinly veiled scam.


Well first impressions aren’t too bad their website certainly looks ok’ish.  Its actually a trend that I am noticing more and more…better looking websites for these HYIP sites.  However when I start reading the content on the website that’s when alarm bells start ringing.

Lets ask ourselves a simple question –

‘Would you want someone managing your money if they couldn’t even write a simple cohesive sentence?’

I’d venture the answer would be no!

Once you get past the home page there really isn’t very much to the site.  Some “News” and “Customer Testimonials” and yes I did use inverted commas on purpose and then of course the investment options and how you can deposit your money.

One thing I love to do on these types of sites is download the images and then use google image search to identify if the images have been used elsewhere on the internet.  Have a look at this website and see if you recognise anyone

The investment options offered by Albion Union are as follows:

Plan – START
Min.Deposit – $100
Max.Deposit – $499
Average Rate – 0.6% Daily

Min.Deposit – $500
Max.Deposit – $4999
Average Rate – 0.8% Daily

Min.Deposit – $5000
Max.Deposit – $9999
Average Rate – 1.2% Daily

Min.Deposit – $10000
Max.Deposit – $24999
Average Rate – 1.5% Daily

Min.Deposit – $25000
Max.Deposit – $49999
Average Rate – 1.7% Daily

Min.Deposit – $50000
Max.Deposit – $74999
Average Rate – 2.1% Daily

Plan – V.I.P.
Min.Deposit – $75000
Max.Deposit – $100000
Average Rate – 2.4% Daily

Is Albion Union a Scam?

Its impossible for me to know if Albion Union is a scam because I do not work for this company nor am I associated with them but I can confirm that a large number of HYIPs are scams.  They are Ponzi schemes that trick people into investing with the promise of quick easy high returns.  And initially they do pay out but investors get drawn back in and its then that you lose everything.

My Recommendation

Honestly, Albion Union doesn’t look like a safe bet for your money so I would avoid investing with them.  I personally make money online every day using a simple system. Click here to watch a free video presentation that explains the simple yet effective system I use.

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