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Automated Daily Income Review

By on June 20, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Automated Daily Income is a very new work from home opportunity for everyone looking to make money online, and I am going to review it to make sure it is not a scam. There was a lot of advertising going on about this system recently, so I will share my honest opinion with you and show you why I would not recommend it.
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So what is Automated Daily Income? What is the system all about? I have had this on my review list for a long while now, and I actually thought I already reviewed it, but it must have slipped under my radar and I might have skipped the review I intended to do. But the first thing to talk about, is, that Automated Daily Income is being promoted through some very shady ways, like advertorials that just seem fake. If you don`t know what an advertorial is, it is basically an advertisement video in which a new brand or company is being endorsed by bigger brands or celebrity figures like Elon Musk or Donald Trump. Advertorials in themselves, not all necessarily fake, but most of those I have come across in the money making niche sadly are. The news stories are not real and are covered by fake endorsements to entice you to try the system out.

The Automated Daily Income website shows that it has been endorsed by huge names like Fox News and even USA Today, but if you take a closer look at it, you will see that this is just fake advertising. It also looks like an exactly like other sites in the money making niche I have reviewed recently, like Extreme Home Paycheck. I am heavily suspecting that all these sites belong to the same people and that they just use different names.

What is it?

If you ask yourself what exactly this new system is all about, here is the answer. It actually promotes the MOBE business system and opportunity that I reviewed a while ago. You can read my review on the MOBE system right here. MOBE is a business opportunity developed by Matt Lloyd, and Australian entrepreneur. You are basically required to sign up, become an affiliate partner, and then you would earn by making other people sign up to the site as well.

Automated Daily Income website screenshot

After a bit of research, I found out that Automated Daily Income is actually owned by one of the Mobe affiliates. A good guess would be that the site is owned by a very high earning, if not, the highest earning MOBE affiliate and that he or she owns other such sites as well, like Extreme Home Paycheck and others that look extremely similar. The plan here is, that they go out of their way to advertise new and revolutionary money making system through fake websites and get people to sign up, but they are actually signing up for the MOBE business program and the site owners would earn commission for every product purchased by affiliates signed up under them.

What are the Products?

Without going into much into detail, the products are teaching materials for digital marketing. This includes live events and such, as well. The hook here is, that you have to actually buy all the products as an affiliate to start making money, or at least, to earn the best commissions. Think of it as a pay to play program.

It is important to mention that the products do indeed provide good content and value, because if you decide to visit any live events and buy the products, you can learn a lot of methods to apply to any business, besides your MOBE business. They will even provide experts in the field of marketing, lead generation and sales that will teach you great ways to be successful online and what you need to do to achieve that success.

Scam or Legit?

It is a very tricky question to really answer. The most important thing is to take a look separately at both Automated Daily Income and MOBE. MOBE itself is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program that is not illegal by law and it really depends on your personal preference if you want to try out such opportunities or not. And Matt Lloyd`s system is surely not a scam, in my opinion. Personally, I don`t really like these systems, but that is only my take on it.

On the other hand, sites that promote systems like Automated Daily Income are just underhanded ways to get you into Mobe itself without your realizing it. It makes big claims about the amount of money you can make really easily, but the reality is a whole different matter. It`s like a car salesman tricking you into buying a car, and after you bought it, you find out it is by far not what he promised it would be. And I think that is exactly what is happening with MOBE and its affiliates who are promoting the system through underhanded and unethical means to trick you to sign up and become and affiliate yourself, so they can earn money.


I am not recommending Automated Daily Income at all. In my opinion, this product is nothing more than a scam making false promises making buyers think that they are going to get something much more than what is actually delivered. Avoid!


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