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Binary Wealth Bot Review

By on December 5, 2012 in Binary Options with 0 Comments

Product: Binary Wealth Bot

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Binary Wealth Bot is the latest Binary Options trading software to be released.  If you’re thinking of investing in the new Bot then I recommend that you read my review in full.

Binary Option Trading has grown in popularity over the  last year because there has been a sharp increase in the number of products being produced that enable traders to be more successful/profitable when trading binary options.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Binary Wealth Bot you are given access to a great member’s area where you are able to download the software.  You also get full access to a number of training videos that show you how to use the software and place trades and instructions on which Broker to use and how to sign up.

How does the software perform?

At first glance the software looks great and a novice might think wow this software is going to make me a millionaire in months.  The software works by allowing you to pick the Currency or Stock you want to trade then it makes the trading decisions for you.  We ran the software past an experienced Binary and FX Trader and he said that on close inspection there really was no sense to how the software placed trades.  And more importantly there were no clear signals (signals are the points when traders consider placing their trades) when the software was telling you to execute a trade.

Prolonged use of the software did not yield very good results and further analysis suggests that the trades are being placed randomly.


Based on the opinion of our good friend and trader and from the results of the testing we cannot recommend the Binary Wealth Bot.

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