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Bitpetite Review

By on November 9, 2017 in Cryptocurrency with 0 Comments

Looking for a review of Bitpetite?  If so then keep reading…

Today, in my review, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion of Bitpetite, giving you all the information you need to make up your own mind about this latest online opportunity.

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Bitpetite: My Honest Review

Here goes, my completely unbiased review of this new Bitcoin opportunity that I came across recently. Is it real, or just another Bitcoin scam like so many others I have exposed on this website? Read on to learn the real truth.

Bitpetite Logo

Once you head to their landing page, you will immediately notice how well done and very professional it looks. But in the world of marketing online, even good looks can be just there to trick you into another scam. This review will clear it all up for you and let you make up your own mind about whether you want to join this system or not.

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To be honest, this thing looks very much like the last three opportunities dealing with Bitcoin that I have reviewed just recently. They will all entice you to join, telling you that this is exactly the right time to invest into Bitcoin, seeing as how the cryptocurrency has become so big in the last few years. They are definitely right about that, but the way they say this method works, seems a bit scammy. You are basically told that once you invest, there is zero work on your side needed and that the method will do everything for you on autopilot. You will just be waiting for the big cash to roll into your bank account. Needless to say, I`m a bit skeptical whenever I see huge claims like these. They are usually lies and a big warning sign that we have a scam on our hands. This is true for a lot of other scam opportunities out there as well. They promise you tons of money, without any effort, just so you sign up and invest.

Bitpetite: How Does It Work?

While the whole opportunity looks really legit at first glance, once you dig a bit deeper, you will find out that it is just another one of those schemes that prey on people`s investment money. This time, they are using Bitcoin as a way to lure you in. Just check out this image right here. It`s a picture I took of their site and I will explain their huge claims in case you don`t understand what they are all about.

Bitpetite Review

You are required to invest in 10 Bitcoin, right off the bat. If you do the math, you will find that it is a huge sum of money right from the get-go. Then, they go ahead and promise you a return of up to $2000 every day, which would get your investment back really fast indeed, if it was real. I mean, just think about it. That amounts to about $14000 every week. And that is a lot of cash.

You might ask yourself how exactly they could do it. Well, they explain the fact that they can pay you so much back for your initial investment, through profits that they make from your investment money. They are telling you that you are helping their business grow with your own money and that you are going to get a share of the profits that they will be making. I`m going to tell you this right here and now. After checking out hundreds of opportunities and reviewing them on this blog, promises like these are almost always a lie. People who have very little experience or are very new to opportunities to make money online might easily believe something like this, and those are exactly the people these scammers are targeting. The truth is, these guys are making their profits from people signing up and basically donating their cash to them, falling for these huge claims in the hopes of getting rich very fast without absolutely any effort. You will not be helping this, so called, business grow, you will actually be making the owners rich.

Bitpetite: The Gigantic Sign That Its A Scam!

First of all, the biggest warning sign is the fact that the guys involved in this opportunity have a past history of being involved in scams. I know you cannot automatically judge something based on what the site owner was involved in but it is definitely something worth mentioning and something you should keep in mind when thinking about investing into this thing or not. The first time I found out about this new opportunity, was from someone who was involved in another method in the past, which was quickly exposed a total scam. The guy was, in fact, their biggest marketer. That opportunity dealt with ad packages, which people would be required to buy, and in turn, the method would share it`s revenues right back to the investor. Needless to say, it did not really work that way. Those guys were basically making their money off of everyone who would sign up and buy those ad packages, nothing more. And Bitpetite looks almost exactly like that scheme. Once people started to not buy into the method anymore and their income stream stopped, they naturally disappeared leaving a lot of people wondering were their investment money had gone. Maybe a couple of people were able to trace these guys and get their money back, but with something that works through Bitcoin, that would be completely impossible, since cryptocurrency cannot really be traced. So if you invest in this opportunity, be aware that there will be almost no way to get your money back if something goes wrong.

Bitpetite: My Conclusion

You should definitely avoid this so-called method and move on. This is a scam through and through and you will not only be wasting your time with it but also your money. These guys are just using the term Bitcoin and the hype that it has gotten over the last few months, to trick you into investing and making them rich in the process. If you are looking for a real opportunity, check out my number one recommendation, which will teach you and give you valuable knowledge on how to make money online.

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