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Blazing Trader Review

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Thank you for checking out my personal Blazing Trader review.

Can you really make money with Blazing Trader? Is this hottest Binary Options System a genuine way to earn money online or is it yet another scam. Let’s take a closer look at my review.

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Blazing Trader – We want to understand the facts! Will Blazing Trader really work? Is Blazing Trader real good value? Is it possible to generate an income with the Blazing Trader product?

Blazing Trader Summary

Product Name: Blazing Trader
Product Type: Binary Trading System
Price: Price = FREE

Blazing Trader Review

Blazing Trader is the newest Binary Options Trading product to hit the digital marketplace. The actual inventor of the system claims it is going to change your lifestyle – You will finally be able to make unlimited amounts of cash on line.

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So should you trust the hype behind Blazing Trader and its bold claims? Let’s get a closer look and find out the reality about this particular system.

What is Binary Options Trading?

Binary Options are a specific kind of Option in which the benefit has only two possible results, either a set monetary amount or absolutely nothing at all. Ordinary financial options are a total contrast as they have a spectrum of pay off.

There are 2 key types of binary options: asset-or-nothing, and cash-or-nothing. An asset-or-nothing binary option pays out an amount equal to the underlying price of the security; a cash-or-nothing binary option will generate a return if it ends while “in the money”. In the world of trading, binary options are actually easy to comprehend.

How do Binary Options work?

To be able to trade Binary Options you need to get into the market via a Broker. You sign up for a trading account at which point you are able to place your trades.

To trade you will have to either place a CALL or a PUT on a specific option for example Apple stock. A CALL trade is when you think the stock may rise in price and a PUT trade is if you believe the stock will fall. You can pick different expiry times from A minute up to and including a couple of hours or even days but typically binary options work on short time periods.

Trading Binary Options is essentially a guess albeit you would hope an educated one where you’re putting a 1/1 trade on a stock that will either increase CALL Trade or fall PUT Trade.

These 3 steps describe Binary Option Trading:

1 – Choose an Asset (Any Stock, Currency, Commodity or Index) to trade.
2 – Choose a direction you think the market price of the asset will go – CALL for up or PUT for down.
3 – Your trading budget will certainly dictate how much you invest on your trades at this stage.

CALL Trades are trades where you believe the asset will probably be higher in price at the end of the trade timeframe. PUT Trades are trades in which you believe the asset is going to be lower in price after the trade duration.

At the end of the trade timeframe if you’re successful you will receive your initial investment back along with an investment profit. Investment earnings can vary between Seventy and Ninety percent. You often find that assets like forex pairs which are traded regularly offer greater investment returns.

Binary Options Brokers Exposed

Binary Brokers want you to lose – it’s a simple truth that I will uncover within the following illustration. You see the terrible fact is that Binary Brokers couldn’t endure if you and hundreds like you weren’t taking a loss

So this particular illustration is easy for me to demonstrate I’ll make use of the forex pair EUR/USD along with a win to loss ratio of 50/50.

In the illustration 50 individuals place a CALL trade on the asset and 50 individuals make a PUT trade.

Once the trade timeframe has ended the CALL Investors have won so the PUT Traders have lost. 50 winners and 50 losers.

If every single individual traded $100 that would mean that 50 individuals lost $5,000 ($100 x 50 trades) and 50 investors won. However those that win only win between 70 to 90% so let’s be generous and utilize 90Percent. So percent
that is$100 x 50 x 90% $4,500. Therefore the broker has made $500 and of course if the trade duration was 60 seconds that’s $500 in A minute.

Even so, I’ve mentioned previously that the 50 to 50 Win to Loss rate is quite conservative and we would actually expect it being similar to 25 to 75 in the Binary Broker’s preference.

Could you earn money with Blazing Trader?

I sincerely believe that in the previously mentioned example allows you to realise that trading Binary Options actually is fool’s gold since the chances are firmly stacked against you.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you think it really is within the interest of the Binary Option Broker to have traders win?


Just how lucrative do you think Binary Option Trading is if Brokers are prepared to pay $200 commissions for every brand new customer?

The Fact remains that Binary Option Products are a clever tool to promote Binary Option Trading platforms on which you’re going to be required to deposit a healthy amount in order to trade.

Scam Alert! – Blazing Trader

Blazing Trader is definitely a sophisticated marketing tool built to convince you of the offer for you to then deposit cash with a Binary Broker, after which the System Owner will get a commission payment of upwards of $200.

If you didn’t know already the deposited funds necessary to open your Trading Account is non-refundable.

A lot more crucial is the truth that Binary Option Systems don’t coach you on exactly how to generate a lasting long-term recurring income. Making Binary Option Trades isn’t any different to playing the slots.

Win or lose the only real people guaranteed to earn money will be the affiliate marketer and the broker.


Blazing Trader is only an additional Binary Options Trading System in a long line of systems, Systems and Apps meant to produce New Customers for Binary Option Brokers who are paying their Affiliate marketers $200 per brand new account.

My Recommendation

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Generating money with Blazing Trader will be based upon luck as opposed to talent because of the nature of how Binary Options operate. My recommendation would be to keep away from Blazing Trader.

If you opt to buy Blazing Trader after reading my review make sure you write about your experience by leaving your feedback below. Thanks! Simon

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