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BSA | Blue Sky Asset Review

By on January 26, 2015 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Hey and thanks for checking over my review of Bluesky Asset.  I’m sure at this stage you are searching the internet trying to find out a little more detail about this opportunity, what they offer and whether it is legitimate or not.

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Bluesky Asset came across my desk because they are using paid advertising on the popular HYIP Monitor (Read my article on why you can’t trust HYIP Monitors) called HYIP Explorer.

First thing I do with HYIPs that I review is take a look at their website and oh boy is Bluesky Asset a doozy!

This is classic HYIP territory!  This is a really poorly put together website that has the worst photoshopped picture of a private jet on it, supposedly with the companies logo on the side – hysterical.

Bluesky Asset are offering some really generous investment packages:

  • BAS Life 0.3% daily
  • BAS Compound 0.8% daily
  • BAS Year 3% daily
  • BAS Mutual 6% daily
  • BSA Premium 12% daily
  • BSA Signature 15% daily
  • BSA Growth 30 12% daily
  • BSA Growth 30 Pro 15% daily
  • BSA Wealth 25% daily
  • BSA Fortune 35% daily
  • BSA Prestige 60% daily
  • BSA Day 130% daily

I find the above plans absolutely ridiculous.  If it was that easy to make these types of returns online with a very small investment most people would be fighting over which tropical island they were going to buy.

When you look at the Bluesky website it has very little detail about the business, how they make money or how you, as an investor, are protected.  This is stereotypical of a HYIP.

Is Bluesky Asset a Scam?

It’s hard for me to say categorically that it is a scam but what I can say is that I have reviewed lots of HYIPs and I see nothing different or new here.  Bluesky Asset could be any HYIP and I wouldn’t be surprised if the people behind it haven’t created other HYIPs.

If you don’t know what a Ponzi Scheme is then I would suggest that you read my article on them here.

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