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Jetcoin Review – Scam ALERT!

By on June 27, 2017 in Cryptocurrency, Reviews with 0 Comments

In this review, I`m going to taking a closer look at Jetcoin and at the end of the review will offer you my honest opinion of this brand new system so please, keep reading…

Jetcoin is a new investment system that deals closely with the most well-known of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC). What it actually does, is to promise a 200% return on investment after a 40 days investment/holding period. Although sometimes it can take up to 50 days.

So…is this new system genuine and a worthwhile investment or is it all too good to be true and just a massive waste of your time, turning out to be just another scam designed to separate you from your money. Keep on reading to get my full and honest review…

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What exactly is Jetcoin anyway?

First off, when you are trying to look up Jetcoin, you will find no phone number or physical address whatsoever. You will also find no information on the owner or operator of the site at all. Usually, companies like these share this information to build up trust in their site and their system, but it is not the case with Jetcoin. This is more than a little but troubling since there is no way you can contact the company in case you have any questions or problems that might arise. This information should definitely be freely available for any potential customers. My suspicion is that this was all done intentionally.

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You cannot even find information about the companies registration. All you can find out is that the site was registered in May 2017 but the domain is private. That`s it. And in my opinion, it might have been a smart move by the person who registered it in the first place, since it makes finding out who they really are all the harder. These things are getting more and more common, as you can see if you read my BitClub Network Review. As well as a lot of other sites like these that I am currently looking into. It seems shady site owners like these are playing on the fact that many people don`t really look up things like these before trying a system out, but when it actually comes down to trying to contact the company they gave their money too, they are left high and dry.

What is the Jetcoin Product?

The thing is, there really is no product. The whole thing presents itself as another opportunity to invest into Bitcoin. That is basically all it is. You have the choice of a lot of packages that Jetcoin offers and can choose to invest into any one of them.

Screenshot from the Jetcoin website

The returns on the investment they promise are usually after 50 days, except two specific investment packages. That clearly goes against their advertising which suggests that you will get your investment back in only 40 days when in truth, only two packages will give you that. I will outline their packages below.

Jetcoin 10.05Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit
Jetcoin 20.10Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit
Jetcoin 30.30Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit
Jetcoin 40.50Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit
Jetcoin 51.00Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit
Jetcoin 62.00Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit
Jetcoin 74.00Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit
Jetcoin 88.00Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit

Only the deposits you make with the Jetcoin 7 and Jetcoin 8 packages actually guarantee a return on investment in only 40 days. The others will take up to 50 days, and the Jetcoin 1 package does not really do anything, except trick someone to deposit that amount of Bitcoin to participate in this scheme.

The Jetcoin “Opportunity”

The company also offers affiliate programs with promises of maximizing the potential earnings of investors. I have seen this trend lately in a lot of other sites like these. There is a binary compensation nature to the sponsoring and recruiting of these affiliates.

screenshot from the jetcoin website

The end result is, that the daily activity of every investor is compiled through the entire structure of the system. The weaker binaries percentage is subsequently paid out as commission in the end. You can check out the rates of the commissions right here:

LevelCommissions %Commissions (BTC)
Jetcoin 19%3 Bitcoins
Jetcoin 210%6 Bitcoins
Jetcoin 311%18 Bitcoins
Jetcoin 412%30 Bitcoins
Jetcoin 518%60 Bitcoins
Jetcoin 620%120 Bitcoins
Jetcoin 722%240 Bitcoins
Jetcoin 825%600 Bitcoins


If you decide to try this system out, it will be nothing less than giving a load of money to a perfect stranger that promises you to double the amount you gave him in only a bit over a month or 40 days. But the truth of the matter is, that any company who asks for your money without providing at least the basics, like clear contact information, is probably a really shady company that you should not trust in any case. JetCoin does not even go so far as to write up a concise article with clear information about how it exactly intends to double your investment in just that small amount of time. They just ask for your money and give you promises without any proof or at least an explanation and expect you to fall for it. Furthermore, we are talking about Bitcoin here. The current value is about $2500 USD. I find it pretty unrealistic that the company can guarantee to provide you with 600 BTC monthly if you buy into the Jetcoin 8 package, for example, and even give you huge commissions. It would basically mean that you would turn into a millionaire in a couple of months. In the world of Internet Marketing, nothing is ever that easy. It is almost crazy to talk about that huge amounts of Bitcoin delivered on a monthly basis, seeing as how hard it is to gain Bitcoin in the first place. Needless to say, the whole JetCoin solution seems very shady and it really looks like just another, so-called, Ponzi scheme. I would definitely advise you to stay as far away as you can from this fake company and look for real money making solutions elsewhere.


If you have read the above review it doesn’t take a genius to work out that I won’t be recommending Jetcoin. To put it simply this is just a nasty scam very similar in style to many of the Binary offers that I have reviewed in the past.

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BitClub Network Review

By on June 12, 2017 in Cryptocurrency, Reviews with 3 Comments

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time out of your day to read my review of this latest product to hit our email inboxes – BitClub Network!

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What are Cryptocurrencies?

Before we start to look at the BitClub Network I thought it might be useful to provide you with some basic detail about Cryptocurrencies which BitClub Network uses to make money.

In 1998 a description of ‘b-money’ was published by Wei Dai which described an anonymous electronic cash system. Shortly after this, ‘Bit Gold’ was launched by computer scientist Nick Szabo. Many people say that ‘Bit Gold’ was the precursor to ‘Bitcoin’ and other Cryptocurrencies like Namecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin to name but a few.

Cryptocurrencies are essentially a digital currency free from the controls of states and treasuries that use cryptography and ‘Proof of Work’ to be exchanged or transacted.

If you think about it this isn’t too far removed from the digitalisation of what we might consider traditional money. Imagine you get your wages paid directly into your bank account and you spend all your money either at online stores, through Paypal or via a debit or credit card. In this scenario, you have neither seen nor touched physical money.

Although the legal status of cryptocurrencies is still classified as undefined some countries are allowing it to be used while others have banned the currency outright. It clear that central banks and governments are worried about the use of Cryptocurrencies with many reports being commissioned on the impact and future of the currency. With little to no control over the currency Treasury’s that have traditionally been responsible for the production and control of a countries, money and economy have good reason to be concerned about the growing market capital of Cryptocurrencies.

What is the BitClub Network?

BitClub Network is as the name suggests a Club or Network of people that have come together from different industries; entrepreneurs, professionals, network marketers, programmers and cryptocurrency mining. All experts in their fields they have come together to give you the opportunity to get involved with and earn money from BitCoin Mining. By using the club or network model BitClub Network is able to buy new mining hardware using the pooled resources of the members allowing the network to grow exponentially.

How you earn money?

BitClub Network currently has 3 mining pools that you can participate in, simply called Mining Pool #1, Mining Pool #2 and Mining Pool #3. The initial investment and amount you earn is different for each pool. Your share is used to purchase new mining hardware or computer servers in simple terms. All Bitcoins earned as a result of the mining is split across the pool members and paid daily. A proportion of the mined Bitcoins is reinvested back into the mining equipment. I suspect if you didn’t have this model the mine would eventually stagnate and die as equipment fails or reaches capacity.

  • Mining Pool #1 – Each share costs US$500. 50% profit. 50% reinvested in mining equipment and shares.
  • Mining Pool #2 – Each share costs US$1,000. 60% profit. 40% reinvested in mining equipment and shares.
  • Mining Pool #3 – Each share costs US$2,000. 70% profit. 30% reinvested in mining equipment and shares.

What’s the catch?

The only catch I found with BitClub Network is actually how hard it is to join and how difficult it is to get hold of or contact them.
It would appear that when you go to their website there is no easy or obvious way to actually join directly and it appears that you need a sponsor to bring you into the Network. That’s something that normally occurs in Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing so although the website doesn’t confirm this I would suspect that there are differing commission levels between sponsor and participants.

When I tried to Contact BitClub Network to discuss this with them I found that neither their Contact Form nor their ‘Live’ chat was working which was a bit concerning (no pun intended).


Often when reviewing products you can easily tell the scams from the legitimate products and programmes, they stand out a mile. BitClub Network was different and this makes it difficult for me to be negative about them. From their site, you can clearly see that they have a legitimate working operation and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are here to stay.

The only thing that did concern me about BitClub Network was the inability to actually be able to contact them via their Contact Form and ‘Live’ chat.


Right now I don’t feel like I am in a position to recommend BitClub Network to you simply because I don’t know enough about cryptocurrencies and I certainly don’t know enough about BitClub Network. As none of the founders and partners behind the club are mentioned on the website it’s hard to know who they are and what pedigree they bring and for that reason and those outlined above, I will not be recommending this product to you.

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