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Rodan and Fields Review

By on August 8, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Looking for a Rodan and Fields Review?

Heard about this opportunity from friends, an email or maybe another form of promotion and wondering if Rodin and Fields is a scam or a legitimate business opportunity?

Well, you are in the right place.

So many people join Network Marketing companies based off hyped up emails and never actually do their homework before getting involved. Unfortunately not all Online Business Opportunities are like my No.1 Recommendation. Not all of them are legitimate, offer good training and exceptional customer service. A lot of them are scams and even worse designed to rip you off.

With years of Network Marketing experience and 100’s of systems, products and opportunities reviewed, here at IM Insider Reviews, we think we are well placed to advise you on what’s working right now.

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In this Rodan and Fields Review, we will be taking a look at the company, its products and of course it’s compensation plan. So let’s begin…

Rodan and Fields – Company Overview

Back in 2002 Rodan and Fields was created by Doctors Katie Rodan and Katy Fields. Rodan and Fields, as the company is known, specializes in skin care products but specifically skin care products in the Multi Layer Marketing (MLM) Niche.

Rodan and Fields Review

Although in real terms 2002 might seem like a long time ago, 15 years as of writing this review, in the world of MLM skin care opportunities it’s actually still an establishing company. Companies like Jenuesse and Nerium have been around a lot longer and are much more established in the market.

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Some positives for Rodan and Fields is that they are building momentum and getting good reviews in large publications like Better Homes and Gardens.

The Rodan and Fields Product Line

Rodan and Fields product line is very clever because they target specific skin relates issues and target them with an appropriate treatment or course of treatments.

The products require a long term commitment from the user so this could have a long term benefit for your business with repeat orders.

Rodan and Fields Products

And unlike other companies in the niche Rodan and Fields are sticking to their core products and not diversifying, essentially they know what works and they are sticking to it.

Let’s take a closer look at a typical product.

The Redefine Regimen and Enhancements Lash Boost is a 3 stage product line which is made up of the following.

  1. Daily Cleansing Mask
  2. Pore Tone
  3. Overnight Restorative Cream and Triple Defence Treatment SPF Cream

This product line retails at $280 which isn’t cheap and I would suggest that someone might take some convincing to buy that little lot.

Additionally, there is the Reverse Lighting Regimen and Enhancement Lash Boost which claims that it can combat and restore skin that has been affected by age specifically ‘age spots’ and dark patchy skin.

The company doesn’t offer samples so if you are going to get involved with Rodan and Fields and you want to test the products you are going to have to buy them yourself which at $280 is quite an initial outlay.

Before you consider either using the products yourself or getting involved with Rodan and Fields there are a few things that you need to know.

  • The products require a long term commitment, there are no quick fixes here, both in terms of use and financially.
  • The products are simpler in formulation to other cheaper brands in that they are mainly glycol and water based
  • The products may not be suitable for people suffering from allergies, please check the Rodan and Fields website for more details.
  • None of the products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration although they way they are marketed may be compliant.

The Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan

When you sign up to the Rodan and Fields programme you become an independent consultant/contractor and earn direct commissions by selling their products.

In a Forbes article written by Kate Vinton in June 2016 edition, she reported that not many of the Rodan and Forbes consultants were actually making any money.
There could be a huge number of reasons for this such as consultant training, product desirability, market conditions, or even competition.

Rodan and Fields have a large 85-page document that explains, in detail, their compensation plan but rather than me trying to explain that I’ve located a video that simplifies the whole thing.

Rodan and Fields Conclusion

Rodan and Fields are an established real business with a legitimate product line that consultants can sell and be rewarded financially for doing so.
There are a couple of downsides to Rodan and Fields in that;

A) The 2016 Forbes article suggested that many affiliates are not making a lot of money
B) The product line is expensive in a highly competitive market
C) The products themselves use low-quality ingredients
D) To test the products yourself it’s going to cost you $280

I hope you enjoyed our review and if you have any experiences with Rodan and Fields to share or any questions, please post them in the comments section below.

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50 Cent Freedom Review

By on August 5, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Looking for a 50 Cent Freedom Review?

If you’re looking for an honest, unaffiliated review of this latest Multi-Level Marketing business opportunity then you’re in the right place.

In this review, I’ll take you through the business, their products, and their compensation plan so you can get the inside track before making any life changing decisions.

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The People behind 50 Cent Freedom

50 Cent Freedom is currently in pre-launch at the moment but according to their website they already have 36679 members. I don’t know about you but any company that has 36679 members before its even launched must either have a killer marketing strategy or be a scam.

Let’s dig into this a little deeper…

50 Cent Freedom Scam

If you inspect this part of the website using the Google Chrome Inspect tool you can see that this part of the website is hard coded, it’s not dynamic to the membership system and was added when the site was built. Alarm bells are ringing.

50 Cent Freedom Website Code

According to 50 Cent Freedom, you can turn $0.50 into $8,256.30 in a month and that ‘Earning a monthly income is easy a child can do it’ and apparently all this can be done with only 3 referrals.

Taking a look at the domain in a WhoIs tool like shows us that the domain is registered to a Sheri Vine from Thailand but the administrator email address is for a company called a now closed business that was renting apartments in Malacca City, Malaysia.

On the website for Horizon Home Stay there is a Facebook link that takes you to a Facebook profile for a John Williams. Williams, an online entrepreneur has promoted or been associated with companies like M2M Funds, Amazing5, Global Moneyline, Out Matrix Club, Quick Cycler, and Ultimate Bitcoin Builder.

Right now, at this point in the review, I’m not feeling very comfortable about the 50 Cent Freedom business opportunity. The people behind it, the offer, and the website are all indicating that this could be a possible scam.

50 Cent Freedom – How it Works

50 Cent Freedom Logo

According to the ‘How it Works’ section of the 50 Cent Freedom website once you place your $0.50 you are placed in a forced 3 x 4 step matrix which from your $0.50 has an earnings potential of $8,256.30.

I have to admit I’ve been an online entrepreneur for a while now and this is pretty unheard of. To build a successful business either online or offline it takes time, effort and investment far great than $0.50.

50 Cent Freedom is a numbers game so you are encouraged to promote this to your friends and family, add banners to any websites you may have and post banners and links on traffic exchanges, Facebook, and Twitter.

Essentially the more members you get into 50 Cent Freedom the higher your earnings potential within the Payment Plan Matrix.

Strangely, you are given access to a website rotor link which rotates 10 websites that you are able to promote. I wasn’t actually sure how this fitted into the offer but thought it worth mentioning.

50 Cent Freedom – The Payment Plan Matrix

When you get started with 50 Cent Freedom you are required to purchase $0.50 or 50 Cent positions inside the 3 x 4 matrix which you can see in the image below.
As you can see from the Payment Plan matrix there are 4 Levels of the matrix and 81 positions that you can hold.

In the matrix in order to unlock a level which will then qualify you to earn commissions from your downline you have to make the necessary ‘donation’ or payment. These are set out below:

Level Donations Affiliates Earnings per Affiliate Earnings

LevelDonationsAffiliatesEarnings per AffiliateEarnings

50 Cent Freedom Compensation

50 Cents Freedom – The Cost to Join

The cost to join 50 Cent Freedom starts at $0.50 and rises through $1.50, $5.40 and finishes at $100 depending on what levels of commissions you want to unlock.

My 50 Cent Freedom Conclusion

Having looked at the 50 Cent Freedom website and studied the offer I don’t get a lot of comfort from this company. They aren’t actually selling anything other than positions in a virtual or online business. This strikes me as a classic pyramid or Ponzi scam.

Money paid into the matrix by new members or affiliates will be used to pay existing members and the cycle will continue until the number of new members joining slows to a rate that the company will fold running off with all the cash left in the matrix.

My Recommendation

I won’t be recommending 50 Cent Freedom to my subscribers and readers. After reviewing 100’s of make money online systems I can easily spot bad systems and products.

I have been a successful online entrepreneur for many years and after all those reviews this is the only system I use and recommend.

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Too Damn Easy Cash Gifting Review

By on June 21, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Welcome to my Too Damn Easy Cash Gifting Review. First of all, I want to tell you that Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting program or system that’s been around for many years, over 19 now I think, but the question is, is the whole thing real or just another Internet scam? I recently saw a banner ad for it online and was amazed that Too Damn Easy was still going strong. If I recall correctly the first time I saw the scheme advertised was in a magazine about 19 or so years ago.

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Basically, Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting program that has been developed by a guy called just Q. I stumbled upon it 10 years ago, when I first started to look for opportunities to make money online. At the time and I could obviously afford what Q was offering, but I was still mesmerized by the amounts of money he claimed he was making with this very simple scheme.

Too Damn Easy Cash Gifting website screenshot

After researching the whole thing a bit, I found out that the system started way back in 1998, which comes as no surprise since cash gifting was just starting to get big at the time. Nowadays, it is kind of considered old school by experts and some might say it is not quite legal anymore. I won`t really go into the legal part much, it`s just safe to say that it heavily depends on your location and your local laws.

What you are, in essence, getting with Too Damn Easy is Q`s marketing system and program. His entire system for selling his program. This includes marketing materials like postcards and such. His postcard marketing services are also included, which would let you receive huge numbers of referrals and even bigger numbers of cash delivered right to your mailbox. It sounds very good for sure, but is it too good to be true or is Too Damn Easy just another Internet scam?

The simple truth of the matter is, that most review sites that you will find if you Google up a review about Too Damn Easy, are going to drag the system through the dirt. The tactic here is to say that the system is fake and a scam, so that they can promote their own system in the process. I also like to promote my number one recommendation for making money, but I will still strive to give a fair and real review of programs that I look into. And could you really call Too Damn Easy a scam when the whole thing has been going strong for the last 19 years?

How Does It Work?

If you like the presentation and the general idea of the system, the first thing you will need to do is to join. Different membership options are offered, starting at about $2k. Q, the founder, operates the whole program a bit like a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programme, offering different packages and entry options to prospective members. You could easily compare it to what other companies like these do, for example, MOBE or Digital Altitude. You are basically required to buy in at a certain level for you to be eligible to earn good commissions on that particular level. Otherwise, your commissions would get passed up to the next rank above you, which is usually the one that referred you. In case you signed up under Q, for example, all your commissions would go to him unless you had purchased the package that entitled you to receive the commissions at that level.

A Too Damn Easy screenshot

Here is another good example: You buy the $2k package, which means you will only earn commissions up to $2k from which is gifted. That`s it. You cannot go beyond that. Now, if you would refer someone who buys in at $10k, you would still only earn at the $2k level, no matter what. The rest of the money would go into the pocket of the one that referred you or into Q`s pocket if you signed up directly with him. That means that you would pass on a lot of potential income and make someone else richer in the process. What it boils down to, is that you have to pay to really play. If you don`t invest enough, you won`t earn all you possibly could from your referrals.

The fun part begins when you are actually in. You can start sending out postcards and marketing right off the bat. If you do it right, you will quickly see people joining and starting to gift you cash, exactly the same way you did it when you first joined up. The system is pretty easy to understand and you can clearly see how it works. Just like an MLM without investing into a ton of products that might or might not be legitimate. Here, you start gifting cash and see how it goes. It seems very much like a pyramid scheme, which it might be but not all pyramid schemes are bad.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are 4 levels within Too Damn Easy and the entry level is very high at £2,000 climbing all the way up to an invitation-only level of £100,000.  So the levels are as follows:

Cash GiftTeam Leader BonusMembership FeeTotal Cost

As you can see from the above table the Too Damn Easy Cash Gifting Scheme is very expensive to join and is really something that you don’t join lightly.

Is Cash Gifting Illegal?

The legality of Cash Gifting may or may not necessarily be illegal because in essence you a gifting your own cash to someone else however in the UK and the US the Inland Revenue and the IRS have rules in place to ensure that if you are gifting cash over a certain amount (For example $14,000 at the time of writing this blog post for the US) that you pay taxes on the amounts over those limits.

However, pyramid schemes are definitely illegal and pyramid schemes are defined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as:

“Pyramid schemes now come in so many forms that they may be difficult to recognize immediately. However, they all share one overriding characteristic. They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public. Some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure. There are two tell-tale signs that a product is simply being used to disguise a pyramid scheme: inventory loading and a lack of retail sales.”



From what I am thinking, the program seems to be outdated. But that is no wonder, seeing as how it has been going on for the last 19 years without much modification or change, even though the Internet and marketing, in general, has changed a lot over the last 19 years. There is also the fact to consider that cash gifting might or might not be legal anymore. You really have to make sure that you are not breaking the law if you decide to join up with the program. There is also the thing that I, personally, would not really feel safe sending out a bunch of cash through snail mail to someone. There are so many risk factors that the money could get lost on the way.


Taking all of the risks into account, I would not be happy to recommend Too Damn Easy Cash Gifting scheme to you. Just because a system has been going for 19 years does not mean that it is a) Legal and b) Ethical

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Digital Millionaire Secret Review – Scam or Legit?

By on April 22, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 1 Comment

Digital Millionaire Secret is a completely new system that launched only a few days ago and will be hitting the email inboxes of many people interested in how to make money online as the big affiliates get behind this launch.

If you’re looking for a frank, open and honest review of Digital Millionaire Secret then keep reading because I’ll be sharing all the details including my opinion.

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What is Digital Millionaire Secret?

Digital Millionaire Secret is very similar, if not the same, conceptually as a product that I reviewed only yesterday called WIFI Millionaire from Matt Lloyd.  The only difference here is that Digital Millionaire Secret isn’t promoting MOBE but in fact, a very similar product or system called Aspire.

So there seems to be a bit of a new trend currently with marketers or product creators where they are creating, not their own products, but simply new front ends or sales funnels for already existing products and in particular, at least in the case of the last two reviews I have completed, high-end Multi-Level Marketing companies.

And I think I know where this trend is coming from and that is iPAS.  IPAS was a front-end sales product or system created by Chris Jones for an MLM company that you have probably heard of called the Empower Network.  IPAS was incredibly successful because it bolted straight onto Empower Network and made the process of selling Empower Network child’s play for affiliates.  This made iPAS an overnight success and Chris Jones very wealth, something that I guess other marketers want to copy.

Anyway, so back to Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire; so if Digital Millionaire Secret is the front end sales funnel or sales system what is Aspire and how does it work?

I often group Aspire with other Multi-Level Marketing companies because it has the same ‘Pay to Play’ model as a true MLM but what Aspire doesn’t have is a commission structure like an MLM company so there are no pass ups or lost commissions to your sponsor.

What is ‘Pay to Play’ you ask.  Pay to play is a model or structure that is adopted a lot by digital and other Multi-level marketing companies whereby you have to have actually purchased the product in order to sell it.  Typically, and this is true of Aspire, the digital products you are buying are actually training which should teach you affiliate marketing or digital entrepreneurship but inevitably they don’t all these courses do is teach you how to sell the products you have bought.

Digital Millionaire Secret – Pros

If you want to know if you can make money with Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire then the answer is sure, yes you can and I know people who were affiliates of Aspire or Digital Altitude as it used to be called who made a lot of money.  Not 7 figures but solid 6 figure numbers.

The reason people or affiliates can make such solid numbers is because the product prices are very high.  To go all in and own all the products on offer you are looking at a total investment, on products alone, of $56K.  Now, if you are an affiliate who owns all the products and you make a sale that results in a prospect buying all the products then you are going to have a very good day.

Digital Altitude or Aspire as it is now called, despite being a relatively new company is very polished.  They have a great website and the member’s area is jam packed with training albeit this training is, as I said before, geared towards reselling the Aspire products and the Aspire Events.

In the screenshot below you can see the different product lines that Aspire / Digital Altitude has, starting with Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex.  SMMU is additional Social Media Training and AGENCY is digital branding essentially both SMMU and AGENCY are unnecessary upsells.

Digital Millionaire Secret – Cons

My biggest issue with Aspire, formally Digital Altitude and as a consequence Digital Millionaire Secret is the ‘Pay to Play’ model.  Essentially, to make money or affiliate commissions from Aspire you have to have purchased the products you sell yourself.  Given the cost of the products this represents a huge amount of money for most normal people; sadly this can often be people’s life savings.

More fundamental than that though is the fact that people are paying a lot of money for a product that they don’t really want.  Imagine spending $2,000 of your hard-earned money on a product that you don’t really want just so you can sell it to someone else who doesn’t want it.  I don’t know about you but this strikes me as a bit twisted and fundamentally wrong.

The High Ticket nature of Aspire is a real issue for me also.  Although Aspire’s products are expensive their affiliate commissions are very low by industry standards or any bodies standards come to think of it.  So, although you can make good money you are going to have to work your butt off to earn those commission checks and essentially this is where it all goes wrong.

People new to Aspire and Affiliate Marketing buy into the Aspire dream and eventually sink a load of money into their business, taking the plunge and buying a bunch of products.  Because the training they have just bought is rubbish or at best lacking they now feel lost and alone and unable to produce.  Before long they become even more lost and now angry because they have lost a big chunk of money with literally nothing to show for it.

That’s why successful marketers continue to make money from these systems and beginners continue to lose money; essentially the training purchased doesn’t support the beginner in becoming successful.

Additionally, a short while ago I heard from a successful affiliate who was promoting Aspire that they were continually not paying affiliates.  Weeks would go by and affiliates weren’t getting paid.  When support tickets were raised they were either ignored of excuses were made.


Having reviewed Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire formally Digital Altitude I would say that if you are currently a successful affiliate marketer looking for another income stream then Digital Millionaire Secret could be for you.  Once you have the range of products you can use your tried-and-tested methods to make money.

If you are new to affiliate marketing then Aspire is not for you.  You won’t find the training you desire or need and for that reason, I am not recommending Digital Millionaire Secret.

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WIFI Millionaire from Matt Lloyd – The Truth Exposed!

By on April 19, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 2 Comments

Want to find out the truth about WIFI Millionaire the latest product from Matt Lloyd?  Is WIFI Millionaire a scam or a legitimate way to make money online?  Keep reading because we will be covering everything that you need to know in this review.

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What is WIFI Millionaire?

Okay, before we get into ‘What is WIFI Millionaire’ we need to get a few facts laid out.  If you’re new to online marketing or trying to make money online chances are you will have never heard of Matt Lloyd however if you have been around for a while you’ll know Matt is the founder and creator of My Own Business Education or MOBE for short, a very successful online program.

MOBE is reported to have generated over $115 million dollars in sales and paid out over $75 million to affiliates or ‘consultants’ who have promoted the program.

I’m happy to report that MOBE is not a scam although there are pros and cons to their business model something that will be covered in my MOBE review in the coming weeks.

So back to the main question, ‘What is WIFI Millionaire?’ and what on earth does it have to do with MOBE and more important why would someone as successful as Matt Lloyd need to create a new product?

Well, the answer is very simple, really.  WIFI Millionaire isn’t another product or system it is, in fact, a sophisticated sales funnel that helps Matt and his affiliates/consultants sell MOBE.  In this case, it’s a video sales letter that is designed to sell MOBE.

It’s very similar to The Money Academy and the 21 Step Millionaire Coach in that it is a video sales funnel although unlike The Money Academy and 21 Step Millionaire Coach, WIFI Millionaire doesn’t use false testimonials and false income claims it actually tells the truth.

Full reviews on The Money Academy and 21 Step Millionaire Coach coming very soon.

How WIFI Millionaire and MOBE Works

As I have already touched on WIFI Millionaire is a front-end sales system or sales funnel that promotes MOBE and the MOBE suite of products using real testimonials and real income proof from existing MOBE members.  However, what this does means is that WIFI Millionaire on its own does nothing and needs MOBE at the back end to make digital sales.

MOBE teaches you how to make money online as an affiliate marketer promoting the very products that you have purchased in MOBE yourself.  It is essentially multi-level marketing that teaches you to sell the products that you have purchased.  You can’t sell products that you don’t own and you are in a leveled commission’s structure which means sales of products that you make that you don’t own pass up to the member that sold you on MOBE.

MOBE is referred to as a “High Ticket” opportunity or program because the products are expensive.  We aren’t talking $39 here or even $297 this is training that requires real financial commitment; 4 and 5 figure commitment.  Nothing wrong in that as quality training is expensive and investing in yourself and your business is recommended BUT is MOBE worth that investment?  That’s a whole other story and a whole other review. 😉

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Is WIFI Millionaire/MOBE a scam?

I’m not sure you can call WIFI Millionaire/MOBE an outright scam because Matt Lloyd’s intention is to train people and make them successful digital affiliate marketers.  The only twist to that is that he wants his trainees to become successful recruiters and affiliates of the MOBE products and nothing else.  This is classic Multi-Level Marketing or MLM an industry that has x10 losers to winners which is why it has such an awful reputation.

Matt himself would say that MOBE isn’t an MLM company but there are many people who would argue that it is.  Recruiting people to become affiliates of the very training they are buying is an MLM model that has been used time and time again.  MOBE, Empower Network, and Aspire are to name just a few of the big ones MLM companies in the digital space.

One of the biggest problems with the MLM Industry and in particular the digital space is that the products and training that people buy in order to sell are themselves of very low quality and actually teach the members very little.  This means that the winners are normally affiliates who have already been successful and are just repeating that success with the knowledge they have already acquired.  Anyone new to affiliate marketing usually becomes confused and lost and after several months and several 000’s spent gives up on the whole venture only to be back at square one albeit with a lighter bank balance.


When I review products and more importantly warn people to avoid them or recommend them I like to think about it in the context of ‘Would I recommend this to a member of my immediate family?’  Would I feel comfortable saying to my mom, dad or brother “Yes, I recommend that you invest your money in this product or business.”

When it comes to WIFI Millionaire and MOBE I wouldn’t recommend these products and the simple reason is that more people fail in the MLM Industry than succeed.  They get drawn in by the great website, the flashy lifestyle and the big money testimonials and forget about the real reason they are investing in the first place, quality training.

MOBE and most other MLM products are so focused on recruiting affiliates to sell their own products that the actual training tends to be garbage simply designed to keep you paying your monthly membership fee, you’ll be pitched new products every day and the events will be unnecessary and expensive.

IM Insider Reviews is committed to providing frank, open and honest reviews that you can trust and rely upon and for that reason, I do not recommend WIFI Millionaire and MOBE.

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