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cBank Review

By on March 15, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

cBank is a High Yield Investment Programme that incepted on 25th June 2012 and has been running for 263 days as at the date of this review.  According to many of the popular HYIP monitors cBank is currently paying so I’ve written this review so you can better understand what this company offer. At the end of my review you can read my recommendation.

It is important to make you aware that I am not associated with nor am I am a member or affiliate of cBank so this review is my honest opinion of this High Yield Investment Programme.  To assist you with your due diligence I have conducted a WhoIs check on the cBank website and you can see the results here:

cBank currently offers investors 3 investment plans:

  • cBank Daily which offers between 2.5% and 3% a day for 90 days
  • cBank After which offers between 300% and 900% a day after 30 to 90 days
  • cBank VIP which offers 7% a day for 30 days

and according to cBank’s website they have received $36,479,374.81 in deposits and have paid out $9,413,183.14 which given the time that this programme has been running are unbelievable figures and I mean unbelievable.

cBank’s website looks very professional and first impressions are good however when you dig deeper you find that the English isn’t very good which really isn’t what you expect from a professional organisation in the Financial Service industry sector.  Below is an extract from cBank’s About Us page:

“Knowledge Is Power. Learn About Us Glad to see you still around here! Since you are reading this, apparently you got interested after a short company description on our homepage. Now it is probably a good time for you to learn more about us to get a better understanding of who we are and what we do… even though you will not need the latter since we will do everything for you.

Cbank.CC was incorporated as an investment company in United Kingdom in the year of 2012. What we started at were a couple of traders, our founders, Tarik Carson and Kirk Fitzpatrick. These guys were college buddies and then they teamed up and started trading on Forex market a little bit. Trading has soon become their major source of income and all this stuff has shortly escalated into a company with its brand and a small office.”

cBank were also kind enough to put their Certificate of Incorporation on their website so I ran a check with Companies House and the results returned no matches.  You can do the same check yourself here:  Companies House.  I also found it strange that a company incorporated in the UK has their website domain registered to a US address.

My Recommendation

I do not recommend that you invest in cBank because I have concerns about the legitimacy of this company and like many High Yield Investment Programmes I fear they may actually be a Ponzi scheme.

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