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Click Paid Review

By on February 28, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 2 Comments

Thank you for checking out our review of Click Paid.  If you are interested in investing in this High Yield Investment Programme then I would recommend that you read this article in full.

This article is one in a series of articles that I have written at the request of our readers.

Click Paid

Its actually quite difficult to write this review because Click Paid currently appears to be in a count down to a pre launch, as of writing this article there is 8 hours and 27 minutes to go.  The website does give interested investors the opportunity to sign up to Click Paid and be one of the first through the doors.

What is extremely interesting Click Paid is that it appears to be from Fredrick Mann the same entrepreneur behind Just Been Paid and JSS Tripler.  Both these programmes closed their doors some time ago with all the active members being sold to Profit Clicking.

Ironically, it states on the Click Paid’s website that Mr Mann wanted to create a legacy when he and a group of business experts designed Click Paid.  One could suggest that given that Profit Clicking is not currently paying its members Mr Mann has already created a legacy of someone who sold his members to a company without much regard to what happened to their investments.

On the Click Paid website it states that you can make money online simply by viewing 3 Ads a day, below is an actual quote from the website:

“Anyone can be a MILLIONAIRE…Click Paid is THE vehicle! We invite you to lean more on this call. Life is a Matter of Choices – Your Success is in Your Hands. See you on the call!”

And below another quote suggesting how the idea of Click Paid was conceived:

“Over the past several months, a group of highly successful, innovative internet business experts have come together to consult on a project known as Click Paid. These internet moguls identified and brought together all of the components needed for success, eliminating all aspects that have not driven success for them in the past and outlined what is being called the next revolution on the internet. This program is Click Paid.

One of these experts, Frederick Mann , a retired, well loved and respected entreprenuer, has made millions of dollars through the internet and helped others to do the same. Mr. Mann is well known for his devotion to helping others achieve the same height of financial freedom and security that he enjoys.

In recent months, Frederick has been looking to do something that would take all of his experience, knowledge, and money making strategies and leave behind a legacy for future generations. helping them transform their lives. Click Paid has provided him an opportunity for him to do just that.”

I find these statements implausible and false and the same can be said for the video that accompanies the Click Paid website.

Click Paid’s website looks quite professional and seems to work quite well.

Due Diligence

If you are seriously thinking about investing in this programme it is important that you do your homework.  Doing due diligence before you part with you hard earned money is extremely important.  It is important for you to know that I am not associated with this programme nor am I a member or an affiliate.

Here are the results of a WhoIs search that I performed on their domain:

Is Click Paid a Ponzi Scheme?

Unfortunately most High Yield Investment Schemes are Ponzi schemes which means they are scams and illegal.  Ponzi schemes use sophisticated methods to get people to invest for high short term returns.  In reality what investors don’t realise is that they have been scammed.  Ponzi schemes use new investor money to pay old investor returns which ultimately means that when new investors slow down or aren’t sufficient to cover old investors returns the scheme collapses and people lose their money.

My No.1 Recommendation

I would recommend that you avoid High Yield Investment Programmes because you are very likely to lose your investment.  If you want to succeed online then please check out this link and sign up to the FREE video that shows you the inside of a system that I personally use to generate a substantial residual income, the same system that made over 7 figures last year paying out millions to its members.

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  1. Alen Myers says:

    I am also waiting to hear about clickpaid and how it is going to be different than JSS, JBP and profitclicking. I visited A site that has set up a chat room and some polls to keep profitclicking members informed, by members, if profitclicking is paying or not. Like what was stated in the post, just be careful if you do decide to join this new site. Good Luck!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Alen.

      Yes, it will be very interesting to see how Click Paid matures and how different it will be. On the face of it it looks very similar to Profit Clicking.

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