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Code Fibo Review

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Thanks for visiting my latest review. This occasion we’re taking a look at Code Fibo.

Code Fibo is the newest Binary Options system to be released and I’ve been taking a close look to discover whether it’s hype or a legit way to generate an income online.

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Code Fibo – We want to understand the truth! Does Code Fibo really work now? Is Code Fibo real good value? Will you really be able to make money by using Code Fibo?

Code Fibo Review

Product Name: Code Fibo
Product Type: Web-Based Software
Price: £0

Code Fibo Review

Code Fibo has finally recently been made available to buy. I know lots of people are actually waiting for this as there is a large amount of hype about the performance of this system but can it actually live up to the hype – is it possible to generate your on line fortune?

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So you had all the e-mails telling you to purchase and become involved however is all the hype and extravagant claims about Code Fibo accurate?

Let’s take a deeper dive into this particular system and see.

What is Binary Options Trading?

Binary Options are a form of Option when traded there’s only ever 2 feasible results. The trader is either successful and wins the actual trade or they’re unsuccessful and they will lose. This is in contrast to ordinary financial Options which normally have a continuous range of payback.

In the world of trading Binary Options are pretty straightforward because of the simple results. Asset Options compensate an amount equal to the underlying asset and Cash Options will compensate in cash. Of course these two scenarios assume that you’ve won the trade. Of course if you lose the trade then you have lost any potential gain and your trading funds.

How does Binary Options Trading work?

Trading Binary Options is very simple. You will first need to register with a Broker by opening a trading account. Once the account is actually open you can make your trades.

To actually place a trade on a stock like Microsoft you need to place a PUT or CALL trade. If you think the stock may rise in price you’d place a CALL trade and if you believe the price may drop you place a PUT trade. Binary Option Trades are normally placed over small durations from One minute to a few of hours or perhaps a couple of days.

When you trade a Binary Option you are placing a 50/50 bet that the currency pair will either be greater or lesser at the end of the trade period.

How to Trade Binary Options in 3 simple steps:

1 – Choose an Asset (Any Stock, Currency, Commodity or Index) to trade.
2 – Place your trade (PUT or CALL) based on the direction the trade will go.
3 – Allocate your funds for the trade.

Placing a trade that says the asset is going to be greater at the end of the trade duration is known as ‘CALL’ Conversely, if you place a trade which says the asset is going to be lower at the end of the trade duration; this is known as a ‘PUT’.

Should you win the trade you will receive your initial investment back along with a proportion of the initial investment. The percentage range can vary between 70 to Ninety%. This variation relies on the asset you’re trading. Currency pairs which are more often traded such as the EUR/USD frequently offer higher percentage returns.

Binary Options Brokers The Facts

Before I get in to this example you have to realize that lots more people generate losses with Binary Options than win. How do I know? Because Binary Option Brokers would not exist as they count on people losing.

So let’s use the currency pair EUR/USD in our example and to make it easier to understand we will use 50/50 win/loss ratio.

So in this example we will say that 50 traders put on a Put trade and 50 people make a Put trade.

This means that 100 people have placed trades. So when the trade ends were instructed that the pair closed higher so those that made a CALL trade have won and those who placed a PUT trade have lost.

If each person traded $100 that would mean that 50 traders lost $5,000 ($100 x 50 trades) and 50 investors won. However those that win only win between 70 to 90Percent so let’s be generous and utilize 90%. So that’s$100 x 50 x 90% $4,500. Therefore the broker has generated $500 and of course if the trade duration was A minute that’s $500 in 60 seconds.

But just like I mentioned at first the 50/50 relationship is very conservative. I would certainly expect it being a lot more like 75/25.

Are you able to generate an income with Code Fibo?

Hopefully you will see from the previous example that the chances of making money in the Binary Trading industry are really bad. Even your own Broker needs you to lose.

Ask yourself these questions:

If more individuals won making Binary option trades than they lost Binary Option Brokers would go broke.


When a Trading Broker pays an affiliate marketer a commission payment of $200 upwards that’s a very strong indication that the Broker is going to make more than $200 from the introduced individual.

The painful truth about Binary Option Trading products is that they are simply extremely ingenious incentives to get wannabe investors signed up with Brokers and in exchange the affiliate gets paid a big commission.

Is Code Fibo a Scam?

Code Fibo is simply an intricate promotional tool intended to persuade you of the offer for you to then deposit money with a Binary Broker, at which point the System Seller will get a commission of in excess of $200.

You need to know that the actual funds deposited with the Binary Options Broker will be non-refundable.

Please be aware that Code Fibo isn’t a sustainable business. You will not receive guidance and when you have placed your cash and made your trade that is the conclusion of the relationship until you make your subsequent trade.

Win or lose the only people assured to earn money are the affiliate marketer and the broker.


Code Fibo is just another Binary Options Trading Product in a very long line of systems, Systems and Apps created to produce New Business for Binary Option Brokers who are paying their Affiliates $200 per brand new account.

My Recommendation

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In line with the specifics of my review I am unable to endorse Code Fibo to you personally because I know you would be wasting your money. Please steer clear of Code Fibo.

If you opt to acquire Code Fibo after reading my evaluation make sure you write about your experiences and leave your feedback below. Cheers Simon

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