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Copy Success Review

By on September 7, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Looking for a Copy Success Review or trying to work out if the rumors of a Copy Success Scam are true then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been taking a good look at Copy Success and in this review, I am going to share my honest opinion about this opportunity so keep reading to find out the truth.

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My Copy Success Review

When I first started to look at the Copy Success website I thought I was looking at another scam site as the opportunity had all the usual hallmarks of a scam, similar to sites like Millionaire Profit Club Review.

But when I started to look closer I realized that Copy Success was following a similar style and pattern to a product I had recently reviewed called Lifestyle Lady.

That put my mind at rest a little bit and I’ll explain why in a moment. For now, it’s good to say that Copy Success isn’t a scam so keep reading to find out why.

The Truth Behind Copy Success

The owner of and the narrator in the video on the website is an online entrepreneur called Paulo. Paulo is one of the good guys and as of writing this review I do not know of any scam opportunities that he has been involved with, however, that’s not the main reason that we should take comfort.

The main reason that I take comfort from the Copy Success opportunity is that it is actually promoting an opportunity called Aspire also known as Digital Altitude which I have previously reviewed on this site and also recently as part of my Lifestyle Lady review.

Digital Altitude is an online opportunity that for a mere $1 offers people the opportunity to join and get started with building an online business however despite the very low $1 joining fee Digital Altitude is one of the most expensive products in the industry where you can spend upwards of $50k.

Once you join you will be assigned a business coach who will take you through the 21 steps. The 21 step by step training is delivered via instructional video and teach you the steps involved, how the products within Digital Altitude work, how you can make commissions and what it really takes to make it online as a digital entrepreneur. When you are completing the 21 steps you will be presented with the opportunity to purchase ‘upsells’ that will enhance the training but in addition once purchased you yourself will be able to sell these to others with the opportunity to make commissions.

This side of the Digital Altitude opportunity is what I like to call the ‘Pay to Play’ opportunity whereby you purchase a whole range of training which is delivered online which you can then sell to others. The more products within the 21 steps that you own the more opportunity there is to make affiliate commissions.

The Copy Success Products

The products within Copy Success or Digital Altitude are actually digital products delivered via a sophisticated members area and LIVE events. The lower priced products in the Digital Altitude product line are the digital training products delivered via the member’s area, for example Training Videos, whereas the high ticket items are LIVE events which the Digital Altitude Team hold at luxurious Hotels and resorts around the world. You get the opportunity to be trained by Successful Online Entrepreneurs that fly in from all over the world, some of which are top affiliates in Digital Altitude, which proves there is big money to be made.

As I mentioned above this type of opportunity I refer to as ‘Pay to Play’ because if you want to use the Digital Altitude product to its fullest potential then you need to buy the product line. Understandably a lot of people don’t like this type of opportunity because in the past the products themselves have been worthless, Empower Network is a very good example of this. But fortunately, the industry is changing and now the training delivered is getting better, is more relevant and worth the investment. And don’t forget you don’t have to buy the $50k product but you can if you want to perhaps when your online business is able to fund such a purchase.

My Copy Success Conclusion and Recommendation

Love them or hate them MLM and Network Marketing products are not going away but fortunately, the industry is changing and now opportunities like Digital Altitude represent a real opportunity and with a $1 starting price it’s easy to see why people sign up. Personally, I don’t like the Copy Success angle as it’s not necessary to purchase Digital Altitude via Copy Success. I’m not saying Paulo is trying to scam people I’m just highlighting that it is an unnecessary layer to entry.

Copy Success and Digital Altitude are not my No.1 Recommendation because they do not meet my very high standards so I won’t be recommending Copy Success to you today.

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