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Crypto Strategy Review

By on January 26, 2015 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my review of Crypto Strategy.

Crypto Strategy came to my attention because it is listed on many of the HYIP Monitors and according to a very popular monitor know as HYIP Explorer the programme is in profit and paying.

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This type of information does surprise me because HYIP Monitors are not to be trusted.  I wrote an article on why not here: Why HYIP Monitors are not to be trusted but also one of the very common features of a Ponzi scheme is that the scheme pays out.  You can read why in an article I wrote here:  What is a Ponzi Scheme

So lets take a closer look at the Crypto Strategy website.  As with most HYIP websites there seems to be little detail about your protection as an investor and even more worrying is that your initial investment is locked in for 90 days which means you can get your initial investment back for 3 months.

The investment plans offered by Crypto Strategy are:

  • Bronze 3%
  • Silver 3.5%
  • Gold 4%
  • Pro 750%
  • Max 850%
  • CEO 1000%

With the minimum deposit ranging from $50 to $10,000.

Is Crypto Strategy a Scam?

Its impossible for me to know if Crypto Strategy is a scam because I do not work for this company nor am I associated with them but I can confirm that a large number of HYIPs are scams.  They are Ponzi schemes that trick people into investing with the promise of quick easy high returns then the website and the investors money disappear leaving people without their investments or promised returns.

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