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Digital Millionaire Secret Review – Scam or Legit?

By on April 22, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 1 Comment

Digital Millionaire Secret is a completely new system that launched only a few days ago and will be hitting the email inboxes of many people interested in how to make money online as the big affiliates get behind this launch.

If you’re looking for a frank, open and honest review of Digital Millionaire Secret then keep reading because I’ll be sharing all the details including my opinion.

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What is Digital Millionaire Secret?

Digital Millionaire Secret is very similar, if not the same, conceptually as a product that I reviewed only yesterday called WIFI Millionaire from Matt Lloyd.  The only difference here is that Digital Millionaire Secret isn’t promoting MOBE but in fact, a very similar product or system called Aspire.

So there seems to be a bit of a new trend currently with marketers or product creators where they are creating, not their own products, but simply new front ends or sales funnels for already existing products and in particular, at least in the case of the last two reviews I have completed, high-end Multi-Level Marketing companies.

And I think I know where this trend is coming from and that is iPAS.  IPAS was a front-end sales product or system created by Chris Jones for an MLM company that you have probably heard of called the Empower Network.  IPAS was incredibly successful because it bolted straight onto Empower Network and made the process of selling Empower Network child’s play for affiliates.  This made iPAS an overnight success and Chris Jones very wealth, something that I guess other marketers want to copy.

Anyway, so back to Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire; so if Digital Millionaire Secret is the front end sales funnel or sales system what is Aspire and how does it work?

I often group Aspire with other Multi-Level Marketing companies because it has the same ‘Pay to Play’ model as a true MLM but what Aspire doesn’t have is a commission structure like an MLM company so there are no pass ups or lost commissions to your sponsor.

What is ‘Pay to Play’ you ask.  Pay to play is a model or structure that is adopted a lot by digital and other Multi-level marketing companies whereby you have to have actually purchased the product in order to sell it.  Typically, and this is true of Aspire, the digital products you are buying are actually training which should teach you affiliate marketing or digital entrepreneurship but inevitably they don’t all these courses do is teach you how to sell the products you have bought.

Digital Millionaire Secret – Pros

If you want to know if you can make money with Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire then the answer is sure, yes you can and I know people who were affiliates of Aspire or Digital Altitude as it used to be called who made a lot of money.  Not 7 figures but solid 6 figure numbers.

The reason people or affiliates can make such solid numbers is because the product prices are very high.  To go all in and own all the products on offer you are looking at a total investment, on products alone, of $56K.  Now, if you are an affiliate who owns all the products and you make a sale that results in a prospect buying all the products then you are going to have a very good day.

Digital Altitude or Aspire as it is now called, despite being a relatively new company is very polished.  They have a great website and the member’s area is jam packed with training albeit this training is, as I said before, geared towards reselling the Aspire products and the Aspire Events.

In the screenshot below you can see the different product lines that Aspire / Digital Altitude has, starting with Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex.  SMMU is additional Social Media Training and AGENCY is digital branding essentially both SMMU and AGENCY are unnecessary upsells.

Digital Millionaire Secret – Cons

My biggest issue with Aspire, formally Digital Altitude and as a consequence Digital Millionaire Secret is the ‘Pay to Play’ model.  Essentially, to make money or affiliate commissions from Aspire you have to have purchased the products you sell yourself.  Given the cost of the products this represents a huge amount of money for most normal people; sadly this can often be people’s life savings.

More fundamental than that though is the fact that people are paying a lot of money for a product that they don’t really want.  Imagine spending $2,000 of your hard-earned money on a product that you don’t really want just so you can sell it to someone else who doesn’t want it.  I don’t know about you but this strikes me as a bit twisted and fundamentally wrong.

The High Ticket nature of Aspire is a real issue for me also.  Although Aspire’s products are expensive their affiliate commissions are very low by industry standards or any bodies standards come to think of it.  So, although you can make good money you are going to have to work your butt off to earn those commission checks and essentially this is where it all goes wrong.

People new to Aspire and Affiliate Marketing buy into the Aspire dream and eventually sink a load of money into their business, taking the plunge and buying a bunch of products.  Because the training they have just bought is rubbish or at best lacking they now feel lost and alone and unable to produce.  Before long they become even more lost and now angry because they have lost a big chunk of money with literally nothing to show for it.

That’s why successful marketers continue to make money from these systems and beginners continue to lose money; essentially the training purchased doesn’t support the beginner in becoming successful.

Additionally, a short while ago I heard from a successful affiliate who was promoting Aspire that they were continually not paying affiliates.  Weeks would go by and affiliates weren’t getting paid.  When support tickets were raised they were either ignored of excuses were made.


Having reviewed Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire formally Digital Altitude I would say that if you are currently a successful affiliate marketer looking for another income stream then Digital Millionaire Secret could be for you.  Once you have the range of products you can use your tried-and-tested methods to make money.

If you are new to affiliate marketing then Aspire is not for you.  You won’t find the training you desire or need and for that reason, I am not recommending Digital Millionaire Secret.

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