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Easy Money Method Review

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Welcome to my Easy Money Method Review

Easy Money Method is the latest Binary Options Trading product to hit the digital marketplace.  The creator of the product says that it can change your life – You will finally be able to afford that dream car, dream house, dream lifestyle.

I think you’ll agree pretty bold claims.  So lets take a closer look at the Easy Money Method and find out the truth behind this product…

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Easy Money Method Review

Before I kick off my review of Easy Money Method I think its important to first talk about the creator of the product because they have been behind a number of Binary Option Product/Software launches including:

  • Easy Money Method
  • Click Copy Cash
  • Mileys Money Method 2.0
  • Push Button Commissions

to name but a few.  What’s even more surprising is that these products have been launched within the space of a month.

So is Easy Money Method just another Binary Options launch in a long line of launches?  The simple answer is yes!

Products like Easy Money Method are just a clever promotional tool designed to get YOU to deposit funds upwards of $200 with a Binary Option Broker at which point the promoter/affiliate makes a nice juicy Click Per Action (CPA) commission.

Please bear in mind that these commissions are non refundable.

Even more important is the fact that Binary Option Products don’t teach you how to make a sustainable long term residual income.  Placing Binary Option Trades is no different to playing the slots.

Easy Money Method

Easy Money Method

Win or lose the only people guaranteed to make money are the affiliate and the broker.

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Binary Options – The Breakdown

When you trade a Binary Option you are placing a 50/50 bet that the currency pair will either be higher or lower at the end of the trade duration.  Binary Option trade durations are very small ranging from 60 seconds up to 15 minutes.

If you place a trade that says the currency pair will be higher at the end of the trade duration this is called a ‘CALL’

Conversely, if you place a trade that says the currency pair will be lower at the end of the trade duration this is called a ‘PUT’.

If you win the trade you will receive your initial investment back plus a percentage of that initial investment.  The percentage range can vary between 70 to 90%.  This variation depends on the Currency pair you are trading.  Currency pairs that are more frequently traded like the EURO/US Dollar offer higher percentage returns.

Binary Options Brokers Exposed

Before I get into this example you have to understand that more people lose money with Binary Options than win.  How do I know?  Because Binary Option Brokers would not exist as they rely/count on people losing.

So lets use the currency pair EUR/USD in our example and to make it easier to understand we will use 50/50 win/loss ratio.

So lets say 50 people make a CALL trade on EUR/USD and 50 people make a PUT trade.

Of those 100 people the CALL trades are the losers.  After 60 seconds the currency pair closed lower.

Each person placed £100 trade.  So collectively 50 people lost $5,000 ($100 x 50).  However 50 people won but as you only get a 90% return that’s $4500 ($100 x 50 x 90%) so the broker has won $500 in 60 seconds.

But like I said initially the 50/50 ratio is very conservative.  I would expect it to be more like 75/25.

Easy Money Method – The real TRUTH

I hope the above example resonates with you and lets you know that the odds are stacked against you.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

If Binary Option Brokers only make money when people lose money how do they remain in operation?


Why would Brokers pay affiliates commissions upwards of $200 to promote the product to would be investors?

The TRUTH remains that Binary Option Products/Systems are a clever tool to promote Binary Option Trading platforms on which you will be required to deposit a healthy amount in order to trade.

My Conclusion

The product Easy Money Method is another in a long line of Binary Option Products designed to get investors to place deposits on Binary Trading platforms so Brokers and Affiliates can make money.

My Recommendation

I would avoid investing in this product.  I personally make money online every day using a simple risk free system. Click here to watch a free video presentation that shows you proof it works.

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