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EZ Money Team Review

By on July 8, 2017 in Make Money Online with 2 Comments

Recently, I have been checking out a brand new system for making money online that has shown up on the Internet, called EZ Money Team. What they are claiming is, that you can make very easy money online with them, but every time a system claims something like this, I start having suspicions about it. There is definitely no easy way to make money, be it online or otherwise. And I also think that EZ Money Team is a big fat lie and a huge scam. Keep reading on to find out more. I will share my completely honest review and opinions with you. But quickly, before we get started, if you are just about fed up with all these money making scams and just want a real and genuine solution to making money online then, please check out my number one recommendation below.

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4 easy to understand reasons why EZ Money Team is a scam

So you might be asking why I consider this whole method a scam. And the very simple answer is, that after just visiting their web page, I got all the signs and that feeling that this thing is just out there to scam you out of your money. The first thing to point out is, that they are using ClickBetter as their payment processor. I have absolutely nothing against ClickBetter themselves because they are one of the better alternatives to PayPal as an e-wallet. They always do process refund requests and are completely on the side of their customers, however, they also accept almost any company or website into their program, and many scam sites out there use ClickBetter as their payment processor, simply because the more well-known payment processors won`t accept them. That was the first, huge warning sign that popped up when checking out EZ Money Team.

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Then I checked out their whole system and their offer and even their sales presentation seems to point to a total scam. They have a handful of testimonials from people who endorse them, but those are really hard to actually verify and check up upon. And there are also a big bunch of companies who recommend the method. But the thing is, I know those companies would never recommend a money making method like this. I personally think those people that wrote the testimonials are actually hired to do just that.

EZ Money Team Screenshot


The website also kept going through changes during the past four years, since it was registered. That is also a huge pointer towards the fact that it is actually just a scam site looking to fill the pockets of the owners and not out there the help you make money online. The reason for this, is, that a real money making method would have more or less remained the same over the years and it would have been proof that it is something that actually works for people signing up to them. Why all these needless changes, I ask? The endorsements are also something that bugs me. Big companies, like the New York Times, would never recommend any type of money making method, be it legit or not. It is just the way things are. But EZ Money Team is claiming just that in big bold letters on their homepage. Another sign that this whole thing is just a blatant lie.

EZ Money Team Screenshot

There are a few things that are positive about EZ Money Team, though. First off, they are not dealing with binary options. There are a lot of binary options scams out there, like Onassis Alliance, or even Click Money System, just to name a few. They are starting to fade away though, which is very good for anyone looking for legit ways to make money online. But the problem is, that many new scams are popping up online all the time, like Extreme Home Paycheck, which I have just exposed last week, and plenty of others that I’ve done over the years. I will keep doing this over and over again, every time I come across scam systems like that. That is exactly what this blog is all about. And EZ Money Team seems very similar to those fake methods.

My EZ Money Team conclusion that saves you time and money

This review here is a bit different from my other traditional reviews and more like me ranting about the whole thing. I flat out refuse to go into detail about what they are actually selling, because it is all a lie and not even worth my and definitely not your own time and effort. These fake systems make me so angry on so many different levels. They are full of lies, misdirection and just flat out trying to fool you out of your money. Even if EZ Money Team had invented the best method to making money online, they present it in such a way, that it instantly comes off as a scam. You could definitely not show their website to your friends and family and say that you are using this to make a living. The only thing you would get is them thinking you are making money by being a scammer. And this is exactly why I hate these systems. There are so many people doing scams like these, that they basically dragging the whole internet marketing industry down and giving it a bad name and reputation. Especially for new people wanting to try it all out.

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The good thing is, though, that there are still a few really good ways to make money online out there, that are neither scams nor attempts to steal your money. I discovered a method that lets me earn a good income online. You can check out my link to my number one recommendation below. That being said, I can`t recommend you scams like EZ Money Team, when I know there are better, and more importantly real solutions to making money online, and if you choose to try EZ Money Team, you will just be throwing away money and making someone else rich.

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