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Fast Lane Lifestyle Review

By on July 6, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

I just found out about Fast Lane Lifestyle a short while ago and I found it very interesting that it basically claims to let you earn $1,500 daily with just a small starting investment of $47. Naturally, this sparked my interest. Could this really work? Is it just another scam system? I`m going to share my completely honest opinion and a full review with you in this article post.

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Get the inside track on Fast Lane Lifestyle

Right off the bat, after taking a good look at the whole thing, Fast Lane Lifestyle looks like a typical scam that is just out there to get your money, like many, many others that I have exposed over the years. These include Extreme Home Paycheck, as well as My Home Job Search, which I have reviewed and exposed only recently. Their main claim, as I mentioned above, is that you can start making $1,500 per day just by following a couple of simple pointers and tricks that they would offer you and you would get that huge chance by investing a measly $47. However, if you try to leave the page, they go down with the price to just $37 with a pop-up. Very suspicious, if you ask me.

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Their main eye-opener is the fact that you can possibly make $1,500 daily and live the easy life real fast. They also underline this with a blatant lie that they only have about 50 spots available for people looking to join up. It is the most blatant lie in the book. In truth, I`m sure they would be more than willing to accept an unlimited number of people into their “system” if they would pay the $47 per sign-up.

Understand how Fast Lane Lifestyle works and save 000’s

I could write a ton of text right now about how and why I think that Fast Lane Lifestyle is a scam that you should avoid, but I think it is much better to answer the simple question about what the whole thing is and if you can actually make any money out of it. In my opinion, you won`t be making a single cent with this. The entire website is just set up to convince you how easily you can make tons of money every single day by using them, but what actually would happen, is, you will be giving your money to Internet scammers. I have seen a lot of these methods in the past and they are all the same. What you get are a bunch of useless products and teaching materials that, in theory, would help you create your own business online and earn those huge numbers. In truth, those products are mediocre at best, with no guarantee that you can implement them for a successful business.

fast lane lifestyle website screenshot

To top it all off, after you initially join with your $47 “donation” to receive access to the member`s area, they will try to sell you another round of useless products, with the idea of getting as much money as they can out of you. And even before you actually get in, they pop up a couple of up-sells that you could also buy. It is really incredible how much this reeks of a scam system. I`m not against up-sells in any way if they even remotely offer some kind of value, but what they offer you is just useless garbage without any value whatsoever.

The best part of Fast Lane Lifestyle will surprise you

You probably would not have thought of this, if you read this far, but there is actually a good part of this whole scam system. It is definitely not what you would think and I say it out right now, you won`t be able to earn those huge numbers with this method in any case. But the good part is, that they use ClickBetter as their payment processor. And ClickBetter makes it really easy to get refunds through their system. If you’ve already bought into this scam and found out that all they offer you are lies and useless products, you can just search for the receipt you received from your initial purchase in your email and ask for a refund from ClickBetter.

The products Fast Lane Lifestyle offers, have a hard time being accepted by traditional payment processors like PayPal, so they use alternatives. ClickBetter has no problem with these kinds of products, but they are also in charge of eventual refund requests. And this is a great thing for anyone that made the mistake of buying into this scam, and bad for the scammers themselves. They will usually refund you very fast so as to avoid bad reviews and chargebacks, which would make them look bad to their customers.

Did you draw the same conclusion?

Even after taking only a small look at their website, checking out their high claims and promises, I knew that this was not really a way to make money online and just there to make the website owners rich and to fool people. This is not really a solution for earning money at all, much less $1,500 dollars daily, which is a lot of money. There is no such method that allows you to become a millionaire in a couple of months just by following some kind of easy steps. Never buy into things that promise something like this, especially without any proof or previous reviews and opinions. Making money online requires a lot of work, time and dedication and it can be sometimes even harder than having a day job. It`s definitely not something that you can get instantly like they claim at Fast Lane Lifestyle.

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