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Forex Share Review

By on April 7, 2015 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out my review of Forex Share.

Forex Share came to my attention because it is one of the top High Yield Investment Programmes (HYIP) on a HYIP Monitor called  You can find it here:

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Forex Share is currently shown as being in a ‘Paying’ status.

I took a look at the Forex Share website and it is hugely disappointing.  The website itself is scant of detail with very few pages even the main or home page has less than 100 words on it.  This strikes me as very lazy and unimaginative.

Forex Share claims to have been formed in 2005 yet according to a WhoIs check the website was only registered in 2013.

Forex Share Review

Forex Share Review

I think its safe to say that most businesses that have been around since 2005 would have at the very least registered their domain name way before 2013.


This makes me very cautious and concerned about any potential investment.

Forex Share offers 4 Investment Plans:

  • Basic Partner – 0.6 Daily
  • Advanced Partner – 1.2% Daily
  • Pro Partner – 1.8% Daily
  • Royal Partner – 2.4% Daily

Minimum and Maximum deposits are actually quite high for HYIPs with Basic starting at $5 but going up to $6,000, Advanced goes up to $20,000, Pro goes up to $50,000 and Royal goes up to $200,000.

^^ Those are quite big numbers for a website with less than 100 words to describe its business on the home page.

Is Forex Share a Scam?

Its very difficult for me to categorically state that Forex Share is a scam because I do not work for them, I’m not affiliated with them and I do not have funds invested with them however what I can say is that most, if not all High Yield Investment Programmes, are Ponzi schemes and therefore scams.  Investing in them is not an investment it is gambling, a game of risk.

My Recommendation

Forex Share doesn’t look like a safe bet for your money so I would avoid investing with them.  I personally make money online every day using a simple system. Click here to watch a free video presentation that explains the simple yet effective system I use.

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