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FREE Traffic Boom Review

By on March 6, 2013 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Product:  Free Traffic Boom

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Free Traffic Boom is a new product that is being released on 18th March 2013 by Harry Ross through Clickbank.  According to the sales video this is a simple system for generating heaps of free traffic.  The system is a set of simple instructions that if followed can see you set up in 15 minutes.

Harry confirms in the rather freshing video, I say freshing because it actually appears to be Harry and not an actor, that this system deals with FREE traffic and not things like PPC, PPV, Classified Ads, Media Buys etc… and that you don’t need any real experience to get started.

Traffic is the life blood of any website from the biggest sites like YouTube to the smallest niche site so any product that deals with how to get more traffic is interesting.  However, Harry doesn’t give too much away in the sales video so I will buy a copy when the product is released and come back and update my review.

Please come back on the 18th to read the updated review.

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