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Freedom With Writing Review

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If you are looking for more information about this new method called Freedom With Writing, you have made the right choice, Right here I will share my completely honest and most importantly, unbiased, opinion about this system that has appeared on the Internet lately. Keep on reading and you will find out all about this new system, if it works or not, and if it is the real thing or just another one of those scams.

But before we get to the real review…

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Freedom With Writing – The Review

The general idea is that the system connects writers with clients through an e-zine platform, better known as an electronic magazine system. There is a huge minus to the entire thing, though, as you would need to provide your services as a writer for free at first before you could potentially land big contracts with clients that would earn you money. The platform does indeed do a good job though, at connecting clients with writers. However, I would much rather recommend iWriter as a better alternative to this.

The method costs nothing to subscribe to, basically, which is a huge plus, and all it does it suggest writers visit other websites where they could find potential clients. It works just like your average job board. However, a big downside is, that most of the sites the method suggests are nothing more than content farms which pay only pennies for articles and any potential writer would earn only a fraction for a well-written article as they would anywhere else. Most clients on these sites are looking for writers than can be trendy rather than actually write a really high-quality article.

How Does Freedom With Writing Actually Work?

One site that the method usually recommends, is a site called Constant Content. However, the writing platform has very specific rules about articles that it would or would not accept, and if you get rejected by them multiple times, you stand a good chance to get banned from the platform altogether. This little piece of information is conveniently left out when the method links you to Constant Content.

Freedom with Writing Review

Other sites the method promotes are sites that require basically zero knowledge in article writing and those sites are basically only out there to collect your contact information, so they can spam you later with offers into your provided e-mail address. You have to make sure to read the ToS for every site you would join through this system to make sure you know what you are getting into.

But looking at the negatives, the platform does provide good articles that you can read and learn about how to write high-quality content that people will buy and which will enable you to earn through writing online.

The general consensus on Freedom With Writing is two-fold. There are those writers who feel that the info they get from the platform, as well as the job opportunities, are awesome. Even if it means that they earn very little, compared to other writers that work on different platforms. And then there are those people who think that the pay for the jobs offered is way too low, considering the time and effort required to put into them.

The method in itself does clearly state that they are not responsible for the offered jobs and that they are just there to link writers with clients, but I think they could up their game a bit and filter out jobs that pay only a fraction of what a good quality article would be really worth. I think it would attract a lot more people to use their platform to find work.

Joining this system is completely free, which is a huge bonus, but you have to keep in mind that any terms and agreements are between you and your client and not subject to the method in general. They just refer you and that is all. And as long as your clients are not spammers who are just looking to get your contact information, it is all well and good. But you never know. It`s the Internet after all, right?

Personally, I think it is quite impossible to make a decent living by using this method. Most jobs pay only pennies and they are very similar to survey sites and such, in which you can make a dollar or two here and there completing surveys. Definitely not something that can pay your bills. And you should always take the effort you put into your work into account as well. Writing a good quality article is not a small thing and might require hours of work. If you would be paid only a couple of dollars for your work, you would probably not like it at all. But it all depends on what you want to do. You have to ask yourself the question if the effort you put into it is worth the money you are paid, after all.

My Freedom With Writing Conclusion & Recommendation

Freedom With Writing cannot really be considered a scam method, that`s for sure. But I will still not recommend it to you, simply because the potential earnings are so very low. As mentioned before, sites like iWriter are much better alternatives if you are looking to make money online writing articles. However, you should probably forget the idea of earning a lot of money writing articles altogether, because it is extremely hard, and besides a lot of competition, you would also need to be extremely good to get all those high-paying gigs. You should rather check out my recommendation to you below, which is a stable method to making money online.

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