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How to Backup your WordPress Blog

By on March 25, 2013 in Tutorials with 0 Comments

So today I got myself into a situation where this blog, something that I have spent quite a while working on and have certainly put a lot of effort into, was at risk of being lost to the ether for good.

The previous evening I had written an article for this blog and had published it to the world so when I jumped on my laptop the following morning I had this blog open in the admin screens.  Nothing too bad there.  Then I started to look at an older redundant blog I had, I was thinking maybe I could start writing on that blog again so run two blogs.  Once I had decided that ‘yes’ that was a good idea (running two blogs) I grabbed myself a coffee, had a chat with my wife and played with my young son.

When I decided to jump back on my laptop I started updating the old blog, first job was to clean it up by removing themes, comments, old posts etc. which I happily did whilst drinking my coffee.  Suddenly it dawned on me that my old blog was intact and I had just decimated this blog.  My first reaction was blind panic, I think I actually shouted out ‘you idiot!’ but then as I regained my composure I remembered that weeks prior I had installed a nifty little plugin that should reduce this mountain to a mere mole hill.

Literally 10 minutes later and this blog was restored to its previous nights glory and because of the way the plugin works I didn’t even lose the article I wrote the previous evening.

A Plugin that will Backup your WordPress blog

The plugin that I’m referring to is the creation of a WordPress Agency called Human Made ( and it’s free to download from the Plugin Directory here

Once installed and activated this clever little plugin will take backups of your WordPress site and the Database (<< Recommended) every night and save the files on your hosting.  The plugin will also send you an email to confirm that the backup has been taken and that it is available to download.  It’s important that you do download the backups to your hard drive just in case your hosting is compromised and the backups are lost along with your WordPress files.

It’s important when setting up the plugin that you choose Backup Database and Files as Files, the default setting, is not enough to fully restore your WordPress site.  When I restored this blog I simply uploaded the Database file using MyPHP Admin in my hosting and the blog was fully restored.  Below is a screenshot of the settings window and Backup drop-down is what you need to update from the default.


That’s it, a great little plugin made by the guys and girls over at Human Made that can really save your skin.  I’m very grateful that this plugin exists and that I have it installed on my blog.

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