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HYIP Monitor – And why they can’t be Trusted…

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In a number of the reviews I have written on High Yield Investment Programmes I have referred to HYIP Monitors, you may even be referencing this article from a link in one of my reviews because you’re wondering what a HYIP is?

There are a number of website that monitor High Yield Investment Programmes.  When you look at these websites you will be staggered by the number of HYIP there actually are on the internet.

The way that an HYIP Monitor works is that they list the HYIPs on their website giving such details as:

  • HYIP Name
  • Paying or Not Paying
  • Rating based on Customer Feedback
  • Daily Profit
  • Period of Investment
  • Plan
  • Withdrawal Type
  • Days Online
  • Payment Methods

Then, according to their websites, they make an investment in the HYIP and ‘Monitor’ the results to see if the HYIP is actually paying its investors or not.

What’s wrong with HYIP Monitors?

The trouble with HYIP Monitors is that they are promoting the HYIPs as affiliates at the same time as reporting on their performance so there is a massive conflict in interest.  Also if you’re a High Yield Investment Programme you’re going to make sure that you pay the Monitors of your programme first because you know if you don’t before long you will be on that monitor’s Non Paying List and then their Confirmed Scams List.

So although HYIP Monitors are useful I personally wouldn’t use them in any due diligence because of the huge conflict of interest that exists.

Why you should avoid HYIPs

Unfortunately a large number of HYIPs are Ponzi schemes which means initially you might make some money but ultimately a Ponzi scheme will fold leaving all the investors without their investment(s) and any potential returns.

If you’re interested in making money online you don’t need HYIPs.  I make money online using a very simple 3 step process which is explained in full in a Free video that you can get instant access to by clicking here.  Get started today!

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