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Instant Success System Review

By on November 6, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Looking for a review of the Instant Success System?  If so then keep reading…

Today in my review, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion of the Instant Success System, giving you all the information you need to make up your own mind about this latest online opportunity.

Before I start…

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Instant Success System Review

The first thing that sprung to mind when I reviewed the Instant Success System website was, what a complete contradiction in terms. There is no such thing as Instant Success not unless you are inheriting an already established business or buying one and even those are not guaranteed to be a success.

Instant Success System

Having reviewed 100’s of opportunities, systems, and products on this website I consider myself a seasoned reviewer and can make pretty accurate snap decisions about new offerings and I’m sorry to say that the Instant Success System has got scam written all over it.

Instant Success System Scam

As you can see from the above screenshot the Instant Success System claims that you can make between $5,000 and $10,000 in pure profit a week! And not just that apparently you can do it ‘Quickly and Easily’ like clockwork.

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If you watch the video on the website you will notice that the video features a bunch of people like Tracy Hollis, who is a stay at home mum that is actually making money online, who have absolutely nothing to do with Instant Success System – pretty misleading I’m sure you’ll agree.

Something else that I am pretty angry about and I certainly hope this isn’t a new trend is the fake Social Network (Facebook) testimonials. I’ve taken a screenshot so you can see them, check out the image below.

Instant Success System Facebook

You’ll notice if you visit the Instant Success System website, that these testimonials aren’t actually real. They are screenshots or images that have been added to the website, unlike genuine reviews/testimonials that are part of a plugin that can be clicked on and replied to or liked.

These reviews are all part of building your trust in the Instant Success System, the owners of this opportunity really what you to believe that you can make money instantly and what better way to do this than with testimonials from real people on Social Media. This will also explain why all the reviews are extremely generous and positive.

Instant Success System Fake ‘Featured On’ Endorsements

Something that I’ve seen many times before on a lot of scam opportunities, and it’s a big red flag, are ‘Featured On’ endorsements. And again this is part of the product owners efforts to make you trust them. They want you to feel safe when you buy the Instant Success System and what better way than to trick you into thinking that the product you are about to buy has been featured on some of your favorite channels. But honestly, do you really think CNN, Fox News, NBC, USA Today and ABC are going to feature the Instant Success System. To my mind, this is fake and fraudulent.

Instant Success System Review

How the Instant Success System Actually Works

Instant Success System is a $97 product, which once you have made your purchase will entitle you to access the training portal that teaches you how to make money online. Unfortunately, the quality of the training and the product is not the first thing on the product owners mind. I mean why lie or feel the need to mislead your customers if your training speaks for itself?

If you’re an Affiliate of the Instant Success System then you are in luck because the owner(s) of the Instant Success System are willing to pay you between $100 and $120 for any referrals that buy this $97 product.

This to me speaks volumes. If a product owner is willing to spend more money on a prospect/buyer than the price of the product they are selling then that means they know that lead is worth more to them than the initial $97. And the reason for that is that they intend to promote a lot more products to that person, probably High Ticket opportunities too, and they know that person will buy. If that’s you then it means you are likely to spend 100s or 1000s on products that the owner of the Instant Success System promotes to you.

My Instant Success System Conclusion

I am definitely not going to be promoting the Instant Success System to you, my readers, because I simply feel that the product is misleading and you will literally be wasting your $97.  Its clear that the owners of Instant Success System are not interested in training you to make money they simply want you to buy the product and join their emailing list so they can promote further, higher priced, products to you.

So before you leave…

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