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Insured Trading Review

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Hi and welcome to my Insured Trading review.

Let’s dive into Insured Trading and take a good look at this Binary Option Product. Is it a rip-off or perhaps a legitimate method to make money with Binary Options?

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What is the real truth about Insured Trading? Will Insured Trading really work? Is Insured Trading real good value? Is it possible to earn money with the Insured Trading product?

Insured Trading Summary

Product Name: Insured Trading
Product Type: Binary Trading System
Price: Nil Cost

What is Insured Trading?

Insured Trading has finally launched so we are delighted to provide you with another Binary Options product review. Is the massively hyped system worth the price ticket? Does it perform and actually deliver good results or is it just yet another Binary Trading scam?

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So should you believe the buzz behind Insured Trading and the bold claims? Let’s take a closer look and see the truth about this particular system.

What is a Binary Option?

Binary Options Trading is very simple to understand which is the reason why they’re very popular. In essence there are only ever two possible results – You will win the trade or you lose the trade. Unlike regular financial options that have a consistent range of payoff or pay out.

There are two key types of binary options: asset-or-nothing, and cash-or-nothing. An asset-or-nothing binary option will pay out a sum equivalent to the underlying price of the security; a cash-or-nothing binary option will earn a return if it expires whilst “in the money”. In the world of trading, binary options are actually not hard to comprehend.

How does Binary Options Trading work?

To trade Binary Options you sign up to the Binary Options Broker where you’ll have accessibility to the market where you are able to place trades.

To trade you will have to either place a CALL or a PUT upon a specific option for example Apple stock. A CALL trade is if you believe the stock will increase in price and a PUT trade is if you believe the stock may fall. You can pick different expiry times from A minute up to a several hours or even days but typically binary options work on short time frames.

When placing a PUT or CALL trade on a Binary Option you are putting a 50/50 risk or trade that that Option will either increase or drop in price.

These 3 steps outline Binary Option Trading:

1 – Pick a Stock, Currency, Commodity or Index).
2 – Choose a direction you believe the market price of the asset will go – CALL for up or PUT for down.
3 – Your trading budget will determine how much you invest on your trades at this point.

Placing a trade that says the asset will be higher at the end of the trade duration is known as a ‘CALL’ Conversely, when you place a trade which says the asset will be lower at the end of the trade timeframe; this is known as a ‘PUT’.

Should you win the trade you will get your initial investment back plus a proportion of the original investment. The percentage range can vary between Seventy to 90Percent. This variance relies on the asset you are trading. Currency pairs that are more frequently traded such as the EUR/USD often offer higher percentage returns.

Binary Options Brokers The Facts

In the below example I will uncover the facts about Binary Option Brokers and open up your eyes to the truth that Binary Option Brokers simply exist because more people generate losses than win.

So let’s use the currency pair EUR/USD within our illustration and to make it simpler to understand we’ll use 50/50 win/loss rate.

So in this illustration we’ll say that 50 traders place a Put trade and 50 people make a Put trade.

This means that 100 traders have made trades. So once the trade finishes were instructed that the pair closed higher so those that placed a CALL trade have won and those who placed a PUT trade have lost.

Each trader placed $100 trade. So collectively 50 individuals lost $5,000 ($100 x 50). However 50 people won but because you only get a 90% return that is $4500 ($100 x 50 x 90%) therefore the broker has won $500 in 60 seconds.

Yet like I mentioned initially the 50/50 relationship is extremely conservative. I would certainly assume it to be a lot more like 75/25.

Can you truly make money with Insured Trading?

I sincerely hope that in the previously mentioned illustration allows you to realise that trading Binary Options is really fool’s gold because the chances are firmly piled against you.

These questions are IMPORTANT:

Do you think it’s in the interest of the Binary Option Broker to have traders win?


How lucrative do you reckon Binary Option Trading is when Brokers are going to pay $200 commissions for each brand new individual?

The fact is that Binary Option Trading systems including Insured Trading are just clever tools to get people to open accounts with Binary Option Brokers and for the affiliates to get paid commission fees.

Fraud Alert! – Insured Trading

Binary Option Trading Products like Insured Trading are only smart promotional tools or sales funnels that get average men and women just like me and you to open up Binary Option Trading Accounts thinking that we are going to become rich. Little do we know that that is far from the truth and the only people getting rich are the Binary Brokers as well as their Affiliates

You need to understand that the actual monies deposited with the Binary Options Broker are non-refundable.

Even more important is actually the truth that Binary Option Systems don’t teach you the best way to create a lasting long term recurring income. Placing Binary Option Trades is not any different to playing slot machines.

Win or lose the only people assured to earn money will be the affiliate and the broker.

My Summary

Like] those various other Binary Option products before it Insured Trading is a clever tool designed to get you ‘the lead’ to register and transfer funds with a Binary Options Broker earning the affiliate marketer a very pleasant commission (Approx. $200).


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Insured Trading isn’t something that I can recommend to you personally. Based on the in-depth examination of my review it is apparent that Insured Trading would be a waste of your energy and money.

If you choose to ignore my review and buy Insured Trading remember to talk about your own experience by leaving your opinion below.

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