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Investifield Review

By on March 28, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Investifield is a brand new High Yield Investment Programme that has been bought to my attention by one of my readers.  Investifield are currently shown on the popular HYIP Monitors as paying.  As asked I’ve put together this review so you can better understand this company and the investments they offer.  At the end of this review you can read my recommendation.

Investifield was launched on 8th March 2013 and looking at their website I was very pleasantly surprised by the design and layout.  It looks like a lot of care and attention had gone into the design which is typically unusual for High Yield Investment Programmes.  The content on the Investifield website does look to be comprehensive but when you actually start to read it there isn’t much substance to it and there is a lot of repetition across a lot of the pages.

Investifield, according to their website, invest your funds in new age fuels such as wind, solar and bio fuels, this is how they describe what they do:

“The scheme is pretty simple: a. we accept investments from different individuals across the world, b. we use the funds to further re-invest into construction companies and purchase their ideas for cutting edge technologies, c. we receive profit from our investments, d. we share our profit with you for your help in the first place.”

Investifield currently offers the following investment options:

  • IF Novice – Minimum Investment $10.00 – 2.00% daily returns for 30 days – Principal investment returned
  • IF Optimum – Minimum Investment $500.00 – 2.50% daily returns for 60 days – Principal investment returned
  • IF Superior – Minimum Investment $1000.00 – 3% daily returns for 90 days – Principal investment returned

These are quite modest returns for a HYIP so at the moment Investifield are doing a good job at not drawing to much attention to themselves, good website design, reasonable content and modest investment returns are more likely to attract investors that the opposite.

I even did a check against the Companies House register (Companies House Web Check) and they are a Limited Company formed in the UK on 23rd January 2013.

Is Investifield a Scam?

I think Investifield have done a great job presenting their opportunity but are they a scam?  Its too early to tell at this stage but I can tell you that a lot of HYIPs are scams.  I recently saw a statistic on a popular HYIP Monitor that there were over 1600 HYIP scams currently in operation.  That worried me a lot because a lot of good people will have lost a lot of money to these scam investments.

I would urge anyone thinking of investing in any HYIP to complete their own due diligence but be aware a lot of programmes make their investors affiliates so it maybe difficult to get honest review like this one.

To assist your due diligence I have conducted a WhoIs search against their website, you can see the results here:

My Recommendation

Don’t get involved with high risk High Yield Investment Programmes, to higher percentage of them are scams to make them a legitimate investment.  If you really want to make long term residual income online then click here to sign up to a Free video presentation that shows you the simple 3 step formula that I personally use to make money online.  This same system paid over 30 million dollars in commissions to its members in 2012.  Click here to get started today.

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