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Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) Review

By on June 23, 2017 in Make Money Online with 2 Comments

Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) can basically be characterized as a start-up business opportunity, one that I have been researching closely as of late. After looking at the information on their website I found myself thinking, after only a couple of seconds, that it was a fraud, mainly because of the insane income claims being made. I must say though, once I had a closer look at the Lifestyle Now opportunity I’ve come to the realization that it isn’t a fraud, and within this review, I will share more in-depth detail about the Lifestyle Now opportunity.

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In fact, just precisely what is the new Lifestyle Now opportunity? After I had reviewed their website it came to my attention that they are basically issuing absurd claims in terms of income estimates. They are essentially providing an offer of the Lifestyle Now services, suggesting that they can help clients bring in a hundred thousand dollars or more! This really was a massive red flag in my humble opinion, mainly because I initially thought it just looked like a basic system for committing fraud. Only after I had researched more and watched more information about what Lifestyle Now is offering their clients did I begin to see that their product is not fraudulent in any way, and can actually be extremely helpful.

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Shown below is the screenshot that I saw offered in the Lifestyle Now information options, and I have to admit that at first, it gave me a very bad impression about their services, although I have gotten past that part by now. Once I saw all of the various people who have staked their own reputations on endorsing the Lifestyle Now system I finally understand that their services genuinely do constitute effective and legitimate methods for money making. Their services are actually comparable to other competitive outlets, such as Freelance Digital Secrets and AWOL Academy. Behind the Lifestyle Now concept is a man named Joel, who has already been quite successful in terms of building a career as an internet entrepreneur and professional. This is an individual who knows what he is talking about, especially since he has proven his worth by building a huge eight or nine-figure business over the last ten years.

Lifestyle Now website screenshot


At the present time, the Lifestyle Now opportunity is still in the phase of being in pre-launch. While this is the case right now, fortunately, it is still possible to join and even start making money while Lifestyle Now is still in pre-launch phase. By joining on with the Lifestyle Now, it will be possible to almost immediately begin making serious money from four different streams of income. These four streams of income are highly advantageous, and they are why Lifestyle Now can promote their service as being one that can send you 3-4 paychecks at a time.

Now Lifestyle Review LogoOnly a few years back, I recall helping to promote a comparable system to Lifestyle Now, which had the ability to provide clients with the capacity to promote multiple products from only one system. This model is fantastic since it diversifies income streams and allows users of the service to receive multiple paychecks at a time instead of only one. Joel is back at it again, bringing clients this exceptional system that allows for multiple paychecks every time.


Looking more closely at the various products and opportunities offered by the exceptional Lifestyle Now system, we find offerings ranging from health and wellness to traffic boosting:

1. Professional Grade Auto Responder
2. General Wellness And Health Product
3. Huge Traffic Co-Op
4. Body Boss In-Home Workout

Now Lifestyle Website Screenshot

Basically, through access to the Lifestyle Now system, clients will be gaining access to a range of products that can help people improve their health and lifestyle (the reason for calling it “Lifestyle Now”). Also, this program will offer clients a lucrative business opportunity that can provide impressive stream incomes over time. One of the Lifestyle Now’s product offerings is the huge traffic co-op service that is capable of providing clients with the ability to massively boost their overall web traffic statistics for the purpose of enhancing product sales and boosting the commissions you make from them. Another huge advantage of the Lifestyle Now system is that not only can you make money on commissions, but you can also boost your earnings and get paid by successfully referring new people to working within the Lifestyle Now program.

The Lifestyle Now is actually quite clever overall, primarily because the products they offer are truly high-quality products that can genuinely improve people’s quality of life, well-being, and long-term health. Lifestyle Now is definitely not the kind of get rich quick scheme that is just designed to defraud people and take their money, instead, it is both legitimate and based on a solid business model. This is definitely a relief since so many of these programs get a bad reputation because of the people who actually do run scams and pyramid schemes to defraud people. Once you understand the Lifestyle Now model, it is easy to see that this program is for real and can actually earn you money.

Is Lifestyle Now Is A Fraud

At first, I do admit that I felt like Lifestyle Now could be a scam, but after doing a lot more research into the program I do not feel this way anymore. I have checked all the fine details of this program and looked at similar programs to compare and contrast them against each other. I have reached the conclusion that Lifestyle Now is totally legitimate, unlike other programs which actually are scams. Some of the true scam programs that I have reviewed and exposed recently include Automated Daily Income and Extreme Home Paycheck, so I definitely know how to spot an actual fraud. Lifestyle Now is very different from these scamming programs, since it can actually make people real money and provide life-improving products.

Lifestyle Now Banner


My conclusion relating to the Lifestyle Now program is that I am very happy to report that this is a legitimate operation that can truly make clients money and improves wellness.


Although I believe Lifestyle Now to be legitimate, I am unfortunately not recommending it because I am not an affiliate at this time. Also, I feel that my no.1 recommendation can help people find the level of income they wish to achieve more effectively than the Lifestyle Now program can. For example, I began working with my no.1 recommendation only a couple of months ago and I have already made more than ninety thousand dollars! Check it out at the link included below.

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Review by Simon

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  1. Debra Barry-Parson says:

    I thank you Simon after trying different work from home jobs and not getting any good results.It is pleasing to know that this one is not a scam.

    • Simon says:

      Thanks Debra. As I said in my Conclusion although Lifestyle Now isn’t a scam I still wouldn’t recommend it ahead on my No. 1 Recommendation.

      Please come back and let us know how you get on.


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