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Malaysian Inc Review

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Malaysian Inc is a High Yield Investment Programme that caught my attention because currently it is shown as paying on many of the popular HYIP Monitors.  I have conducted a review of Malaysian Inc so that you may better understand the investment options they offer and to provide information on this company.  Read my Investment Recommendation at the end of this review.

Looking at Malaysian Inc’s website it is actually difficult to tell when they first started.  Most HYIP actually add this to the home page of their website, like a kind of counter.  In the text on the about page it does suggest that they have been in business for over 5 years but when conducting a WhoIs search against their website it states that the site was registered on 10th September 2012.  You can see the results of the search here:

On visiting Malaysian Inc’s website I wasn’t partcularly impressed by their website design although on reading the content it has to be some of the best I have read on any of the HYIP websites I’ve reviewed.  Malaysian Inc, according to their website, invests deposits in several lines, short-term lending, stock exchange, equities, dividends and note brokerage, in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

The investment options offered by Malaysian Inc are actually quite modest by High Yield Investment Programme standards which generally seem to be a lot higher.  The options are as follows:

  • Basic – 1.61% to 2.16% after 15 days – min $5 max $99
  • Regular – 1.80% to 2.30% after 30 days – min $100 max $999
  • Premium – 2.15% to 2.55% after 60 days – min $1000 max $4999
  • Excellent – 2.62% to 3.10% after 120 days – min $5000 max $unlimited

As you can see from the above you are really encourage to keep your investment in for longer and to deposit larger amounts in order to receive the bigger returns.

On reviewing Malaysian Inc’s Terms of Service I wanted to bring point 8.3 to your attention and to remind you of how important your own due diligence is.  It is your money you are investing so make sure you are not placing it at risk.

8.3 Although Terms of Services may provide information and/or content related to investment opportunities to buy or sell securities, You should not construe any such information as investment, financial, tax, legal, or other advice. You alone will bear the sole responsibility for evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any data, information, or content on the Company website before making any decisions based on such data, information, or content.

Is Malaysian Inc a Scam?

It is very hard for me to categorically say that Malaysian Inc is a scam but what I would say is that a large number of these HYIPs are in fact Ponzi schemes that are designed to look very attractive and make the decision to invest very simple when in fact they are elaborate frauds designed to con you out of your money.

My Recommendation

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