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Martin Make Money Profit System Review

By on August 23, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Are you looking for a completely honest review of this brand new system called, Martin Make Money Profit System?

Then you are definitely at the right place!

I’ve been taking a really close look at this system and will be sharing my completely honest and unbiased opinion with you today.

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What Exactly Is Martin Make Money Profit System?

I recently discovered this new method and their website and decided to take a really close look at it for myself. It claims that you can make up to one hundred dollars every single day, so I got really curious. Could this be a real way to make money, or is just another get rich quick scheme that promises you huge bucks right from the comforts of your home. I have exposed a lot of these scams right here on this blog and was wondering if this one is just another one of those or not. After signing up and going through the registration process, I got redirected to a landing page that claimed not $100 but $200 that you could make with them daily. You can check out a screenshot of that page below. That is definitely a lot of money right there and definitely huge for anyone looking to make money online.

Martin Make Money Profit System

The landing page looks alright and is actually very simplistic looking. They will ask you for your e-mail address, which is just a standard tactic for anyone looking to build up a mailing list. This is not illegal, nor a fraud. It`s just a way of e-mail list building, so they can send you offers later on if anything new comes up. Email marketers do this all the time. There is nothing wrong with this. What I have a problem with, though, is their claim that you can actually make two hundred dollars every day with them. That is definitely something to take a closer look at.

After you provide your email address, you will be taken to a very basic Thank You page that instructs you to check your email to find out all the information you would need about this method. You can check out the page right here. Notice how they also promote an affiliate program called Warrior Plus.

Martin Make Money Profit System Review

While the whole page looked very basic, as I mentioned, it`s very curious that instead of redirecting you to their own method of making that huge amount of money daily, as they claimed, they instead advertise a new method, called Eight Minute Profits, which claims that you can make two hundred every day as well.

You can check out the page you get redirected to, below.

Martin Make Money Profit System Scam

While the goal of this review is not to investigate 8 Minute Profits, I’m very skeptical that you could make the money they claim you can with 8 Minute Profits. They are claiming that you can earn up to $300+ daily with an eight-minute setup time, from basically free traffic. There is no such thing as free traffic and that entire method looks like another fraud like all the others out there. I really cannot understand why Make Money Profits System would choose to advertise something like this.

The Inside Look At The Martin Make Money Profit System

After checking my inbox and opening the email they sent me I finally got taken to their proper website. Unfortunately, it is not really a website but rather a collection of videos that you can watch. What the videos show you are as follows; You can watch a video about a guy called Martin who invented the whole method and check out his reputation on the well known Warrior Forum boards. Then you can watch another video which will show you how to set up a system to make money through affiliate marketing and also, what affiliate marketing is all about. The third video deals with so called funnels and why they are important to affiliate marketing, including a link to an e-book that you can grab in the process. The final video is just a typical sales pitch which tries to convince you why you should definitely work with this Martin guy. There are also two additional bonus videos, which show you how it is like to work with this guy, and the other is a case study on how you could learn from an actual ongoing campaign that you can follow.

The Real Truth About Martin Make Money Profit System

The real truth about this system is actually very simple. The entire system can be very easily cloned. Either by yourself, or Martin. And if you buy into their upgrades, you will basically pay Martin to clone his websites and he will also instruct you on what to do exactly. What it all boils down to, is you making money from advertising and reselling the entire method to other people around the Internet. You can definitely make money out of this if done right but would you really want to?

Is Martin Make Money Profit System A Scam?

In my opinion, this system is a scam or if not a scam an extremely misleading system and sales presentation. It’s clear that the biggest winner here is the product inventor Martin. Once you pay for the upgrades and let him do all the work for you, you will effectively become an affiliate and he will earn from every sale you make. Also, after you make a sale, you will get an have your own affiliates and you will earn commissions from him or her, but so will Martin as well.

My Conclusion & Recommendation

I think the system is a scam so I will not be recommending it to you. It does give you access to value after you invest into it and you can possibly make some money with it, I highly doubt you will be able to make the amount of money they promise, per day, though. To actually make upwards to $200 daily, you will need much better training and a much better system, in my opinion. You should probably not waste your time with this method and rather take a look at my number one recommendation.

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