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Millionaire Profit Club Review

By on July 8, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

A very new system that I have only recently checked out is Millionaire Profit Club. I have created a free account on the site myself, just because it is free and allows me to give you a better review, and here is what I have to share with you. But before we start, if you are really tired of all these scams on the internet look at my solution to making good money online and check out my number one recommendation below.

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Overview of Millionaire Profit Club

I have taken a very good look at it and one of the things I noticed was, that the man that explains the whole system to you in the video is actually Bob Beckett. I don`t really know him personally, but I know he ran a pretty successful business selling traffic for money a while ago with his partner James Starr. I`m not really sure if Bob is still in that business or if this his new thing now.

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The image above shows the company website, You are required to enter an email address and a name, enabling you to register for your free account. After that, a video shows you how to confirm your email address to really activate your account. It is really all step-by-step instructions. Once you successfully confirm, you will get taken to another page that looks like the one below.

The page is a simple thank you page, but it will swiftly and automatically redirect you to an affiliate offer of some kind. This is a tactic that is usually used to get people to sign up through some kind of affiliate link, creating revenue for the site owner. I`m not sure why Bob Beckett would apply a tactic like this because it takes people`s attention away from his main offer, but maybe he is just looking for other ways to generate side income. I think what he should have done instead, is popping up another instruction video to tell people to check their email address for their membership login details, which only get emailed to you after you confirm your email address.

What exactly do you get out of this system?

After first logging into your account, you can start your training and take part in the offer. The training is actually pretty good and teaches you a couple of basic things that work very well in theory and could give you a kickstart for your business. I was surprised by this and the course is totally legitimate. I did not like a couple of things about it though and I will share my opinions with you below.

6 steps to success with Millionaire Profit Club

Number 1: Free Mentorship

The first step is watching a video in which Bob Beckett invites you to his personal Facebook group. It is a member`s only group that is only for people who joined the program. And also a good way to get new info on updates and makes it easier for Bob to communicate with you.

Number 2: The Overview

It is a video that shows you a general overview of the whole system and keeps reminding you to check out each part of the method and keep implementing each step as you go on.

Number 3: Signing Up For Clickfunnels

This video teaches you all about having your own free website and how to sign up for something called Clickfunnels. It is a funnel building website that I use myself and after you join up using Bob`s link, you will get a bunch of pre-made funnels to use right from the get go. After signing up you will basically get a handful of website templates that will enable you to create your first site efficiently. Keep in mind though that a membership at Clickfunnels costs around $97 monthly.

Number 4: Setting Up Your Emailing System

Here you get a recommendation to join up with New Lifestyle, which is an email marketing system developed by someone called Joel. Joel has had his hands in very similar email marketing systems and training courses before, one of the best know of them being GOGVO. While I never used Now Lifestyle before, I found out that it has an opportunity to make money attached to it (similar to an MLM system), which could be a good side income for you.

Number 5: The Icing On The Money Cake

In this video, it is all about the money. Bob is introducing you to email marketing and recommends you to join a system called Email Coalition. It is basically a paid course that shows you the basics of email marketing and how to be successful with it.

Number 6: The Art Of Getting Traffic

The last video revolves all around traffic generation and Bob recommends Traffic For Me. They are selling traffic for money in the form of solo ads. I invested a lot of money with them in the past and attest that they are among the best sources of paid traffic and ads around. I don`t really pay for traffic anymore, though because I don`t think it does not compare to having actual organic traffic. What I was surprised about, was the fact that Bob is actually recommending this, seeing as how he himself used to own a traffic selling company in the past. It seems he has moved on from that business altogether.

Skip to my Conclusion to save $$$

My final thoughts about Millionaire Profit Club are these: The system in itself is legit and not a scam, and also, the membership is completely free, which is a huge plus. However, the way I see it is Bob is looking for people to sign up and then he sends them over to other websites and programs, which he recommends and he is earning money from everyone he sends over. The entire thing looks like a funnel to move people to sites like Now Lifestyle and others I have shown you.

This system is a good place for people just starting out, to join and learn a bit about affiliate and email marketing, but I don`t think it is worth investing into because you won`t really be seeing much success without further training and someone experienced to guide you on. That`s one of the reasons I won`t recommend this method and the other being that I think you would see a lot better results if you try out my number one recommendation below.

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