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Money Generating Methods Review

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Akash Malviya’s – Money Generating Methods is a really new system that claims to allow you to make really easy money online. In this review, I will take a really close look at it and the entire method they are advertising.

There are definitely a lot of websites and companies claiming the same thing and you can check out a lot of them that I have reviewed before, right here on this website. Keep on reading and find out my honest opinion about Money Generating Methods.

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Seeing as how many money making methods are out there right now, the real question is, which ones are real and legit and which ones are just there to scam you out of your money and are totally fake. Everyone looks for ways to make a good passive income online. But at the same time a lot of people are becoming targets of scammers, simply because it became really easy to scam someone. The way scammers do it is simple: They offer quick money for the minimum effort, many times passively, and a lot of people are buying into these scams, making the scammers all the richer. It is really easy to scam someone who has had very little experience in the Internet Marketing world and once you buy into one of these scams, it is impossible to get your money back. The scammer will just disappear.

So what about Money Generating Methods? Is it a scam or legit? Read on.

How Does Money Generating Methods Work?

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Created and launched by Akash Malviya, this system is a really new product on the scene right now. What it actually promises is a quick, easy and guaranteed way to grow your business through Pinterest. The tutorial package promises you tips and tricks on how to grow through this social media platform, along with others like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and even Instagram. Pinterest has become a viral social network throughout the years and this program is focusing on it.

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The obvious reason for using Pinterest is the fact that you can quickly and easily add links to your site on every image you post on the platform. Even if it is just dealing with images, it is a place for people to collect images about things they like, be it a hobby or otherwise. If your image, with your link, get`s shared around the platform, it has a chance to go viral, creating huge amounts of backlinks for yourself, your business or your site. You don`t really need to actively promote like on other social media platforms. Pinterest does this for you.

If you take the word of beauty retailer Sephora, the Pinterest community as a whole spends almost 15 times more than the Facebook equivalent. If you manage to connect with the right kind of people in your niche, your traffic, sales, and profits will definitely go through the roof. It also takes a lot less effort to maintain your flow. Just share a picture with your backlink and people might share it around for months, even years, to come. And the funny thing is, the entire platform is still largely untapped since most businesses have not quite grasped its true potential. Pinterest has been overlooked almost as much as Google+ by internet marketers. Which is a good thing for anyone who knows how to use these platforms.

What Akash Malviya and Money Generating Methods promise, is to teach you how to effectively use Pinterest through a very large catalog of guides, a lot of tips and even videos. These will show you how to build up a good follower base, which in turn, directly translates into traffic and sales. The whole thing costs exactly $7,97. Akash has dedicated his entire experience in Internet Marketing to this guide and it will show you how to gain a very competitive edge on this much-overlooked platform. At a price tag of less than $8 dollars, this will seem like pennies once your business picks up on Pinterest and you will start earning a ton of money off of the platform.

In regards to costs, I personally think that this is a really good investment that you can make if you want to learn more about marketing. However, keep in mind that this program was just launched on May 31st, so you might want to wait a bit and see how it works out before buying into it. The product is definitely new and untested.


Taking all of what it offers into account, I can say that it is definitely not a scam. Seeing as how I have reviewed a lot of systems and methods on this site so far, I have a lot of experience in detecting obvious scam sites, like Complete Profit Code or Home Jobs Now, which I have reviewed before. But Money Generating Methods is definitely a legitimate product in my opinion. Do I actually recommend it? Just read on.


The course is very cheap and accessible to just about anyone, for sure and the entire system can give you good tips on how to increase your online presence and exposure. It will help you generate extra income for yourself. But is it enough to really change your life? Making a few extra dollars here and there can be well and good, but it won`t be enough to really make a difference and definitely not long term. You should always try and look ahead and ensure that you have a steady income not only for years but for life. There are a lot of methods like this that work, but they are mostly short term and not really passive. If you are really sick of all the scams and fake sites that are around and are looking for a real way to make money online long term, check out the method I have been using for a while now below. This is also my number one recommendation for making money online.

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