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My Daily Choice Review

By on August 16, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Looking for a My Daily Choice Review?

I’ve been taking a closer look at this new opportunity to learn more about it and now I’m sharing my honest findings in this review.

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My Daily Choice Review

If you are looking for more info about this new system called My Daily Choice, then you are at the right place. I am going to share with your my completely unbiased and honest review and opinion about this method right here.

My Daily Choice Review

You are probably here to find out the real truth behind My Daily Choice, so let`s get to it. I will tell you what this method actually is and if it is a scam or not, right here in this review. Basically speaking, My Daily Choice is another MLM method, better known as Multi Level Marketing. They are in the health and wellness niche, just like other methods I have reviewed like Essante Organics and It Works. Their main product is an extract of deer antlers called deer antler velvet, which they claim can reverse aging and has a ton of other health benefits as well. If this is true or not, is another question entirely. The important thing is, that the company offers an opportunity for anyone to earn money by becoming affiliates and distributors. And they can make money through this opportunity through a couple of different methods, which I will cover later on in this review.

My Daily Choice – Is It A Scam?

While I cannot really say if this method is completely legit or not, it definitely looks more legitimate than straight up scam methods and systems that I have reviewed in the past. Good examples would be Entrepreneur Jobs Club, Get More Free Time, Home Earning System or Financial Money Times. There are many more as well that turned out to be utter fraud methods. My Daily Choice has legitimate products that can possibly be useful to you besides the fact that you are selling them and it does not really seem to be just another run of the mill get rich quick scheme like so many others. These are all big pluses in my book. On the other hand, there is no way to verify if the system is truly legit, and as with all other MLM methods out there, special care must be taken before you actually decide to invest into a system like this.

My Daily Choice – The Products

When you first join My Daily Choice, you get four products that you can promote and advertise. Sprays are the most important. Then you have Hemp Worx, Brain Bears, and Brain Fuel Plus. They are also offering cash back on travel expenses and discounts for their main product line that you can use for daily savings.

Their main product is their sprays, which the company chose to produce instead of pills because not everyone is a big fan of pills, especially older people and sprays are much easier to use. Almost all of the sprays have Deer Antler Velvet as the main ingredient, which is an alternative medical product used to treat a lot of illnesses and ailments. It is also the substance that lets deer grow their huge antlers. All in all, the substance is pretty controversial at this point.

My Daily Choice

The five types of sprays My Daily Choice offers include a lot of beneficial substances besides Deer Antler Velvet, like a lot of vitamins, valerian root, glycerin, maqui berry as well as stevia leaves. All used in alternative medicine to cure a lot of problems. The other products, like Brain Bears, for example, are nutritional supplements for children that look just like Gummy bears. They claim they are really healthy for kids as they boost their immune system. Hemp Worx contains a line of hemp products that are completely free of THC and include a wide range of products including herbal drops as well as products to help with pain relief. Brain Fuel Plus are capsules that are supposed to improve mental health, packed with a ton of ingredients just for that purpose.

My Daily Choice – The Business Opportunity

My Daily Choice offers a very attractive business opportunity for anyone joining up, even though their products are questionable at best. However, they don`t seem that much different from any other MLM company out there. They do offer some twists to the standard MLM model though.

My Daily Choice Scam

Basically, after you join them, you will become a distributor and marketer and are allowed to promote their products. You would need to buy their products at 25% retail price and are also allowed to build a team under you, from whom you can earn a percentage from each of their respective sales. But to become a member, you need to buy a starter package which will set you back 70$ per month, as well as pay an activation fee of $20. The starter package will provide you with a website that you can promote, as well as 3 sprays you can try and sell, along with promotional materials and access to the members only area of My Daily Choice. Besides that, you will also get unlimited access to all of their products. If you decide to invest more and buy more packages, you will also upgrade yourself to receive better commissions for each sale as well as other benefits from the company.

My Daily Choice Conclusion

My verdict is, that the commissions and the potential income that you could make with the company are decent enough, however, their products are highly overhyped and cost way too much. The different ways to generate income, as well as all the details on how to actually earn something, can also be overly complicated for someone just starting out. You could earn money with My Daily Choice, but I won`t be recommending them, because I know of much better ways and products you can use to earn money online, such as my number one recommendation to you, which you can easily check out below.

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