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My Millionaire Mentor Review

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My Millionaire Mentor is all over the internet at the moment but the big question is whether this online system is really helping people make money online or is it just another online scam.  I’ve been looking into this system and honestly, I have very mixed views on this product.  In this review, I’ll share the findings of my research and my honest opinion on this latest product.  Keep reading to understand how this system works and to get my verdict on My Millionaire Mentor.

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My Millionaire Mentor – Overview

Okay, so what is My Millionaire Mentor and how does it work?  My Millionaire Mentor, put simply, is a product made of two parts and this is the very reason that I have a mixed opinion of it.  The first part of the product is the My Millionaire Mentor sales funnel or system.  Now this part looks scammy and misleading but I’ll get to that in a minute.  The second part of the My Millionaire Mentor product is MOBE or My Online Business Education which is a direct sales business that I have mentioned numerous times in this blog.  MOBE is a genuine business which does have its own issues and isn’t for everyone but at the end of the day, it’s real, its been around for a long time and many people (with a lot of investment capital) have made successful online businesses with it.

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If we return our focus back to My Millionaire Mentor and talk about why I believe this product or sales system is a scam and that’s simply because of all the fake testimonials and fake over-inflated earnings claims – I mean, come on, do they think we are stupid?

The sales video on the My Millionaire website is full of fake testimonials made by actors from Fiverr.  If you go onto Fiverr and search for video testimonials you can see the same actors offering their services for, yep you guessed it, a $5er.

My Millionaire Mentor Fake Testimonials

So if this product is so damned good why do they need actors and fake testimonials, surely you get the real people to give testimonials, the ones that actually made the money.  And this is what MOBE does.  MOBE has real testimonials from real customers that have actually made money with their system.

Also, something else that I need to point out and clarify is the claim that you will be paid $500 for signing up to My Millionaire Mentor which is technically not correct.  Yes, MOBE do offer a $500 incentive for anyone that signs up to their programme and completes a number of steps BUT guess what?  In order to complete those steps, you need to spend a hell of a lot more than $500.  MOBE is very well known as being a really expensive system to be a part of with products costing £1,000s without any guarantee of making a single sale.

My Millionaire Mentor and Ryan Matthews?

‘Will the REAL Ryan Matthews, please stand UP!” No?  Anyone?  Okay, so if you’re wondering who Ryan Matthews is or are interested in understanding how he became so successful with My Millionaire Mentor then don’t because the guy doesn’t exist.  Like all of the other information and people on their website Ryan is made up and a figment of the creator of the imagination.

It’s a real shame in some respects because MOBE is a real business and Matt Lloyd who founded MOBE has a great ‘rags-to-riches’ story to share with people so it’s a shame the creator of My Millionaire Mentor didn’t take the time to talk to Matt and share his story instead of creating this fake persona and background story.  It actually makes me wonder if Matt knows that his system is being sold in such a way.


Knowing how smart my readers are I know by now you will understand how the My Millionaire Mentor system works and how it links to the VERY expensive but very real MOBE.

I do not recommend MOBE and you can read more about that and why in my full review of the My Online Business Education (MOBE) system.

So the 5 reasons you should avoid My Millionaire Mentor are:

  • Reason 1:  My Millionaire Mentor is not a real product it’s a sales system that sells MOBE
  • Reason 2: There are too many false and over inflated earnings claims on their website.
  • Reason 3: The use of paid actors and false testimonials in the sales video.
  • Reason 4: False promises about $500 commissions payments for simply joining.
  • Reason 5: Fake personas and background stories to trick people into buying the product.


I’m not going to be recommending My Millionaire Mentor to any of my readers because of the reasons I have discussed in the above post if you want to see a real system that works, please check out my personal recommendation below. I have used this system for years and it never failed me. If you want to invest in the right place, do it with something that is not fake and full of lies and misinformation that is just out to get to your money.

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