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Nano Prospectus Review

By on March 22, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Nano Prospectus is a High Yield Investment Programme that has come to my intention because it is being shown on many of the popular HYIP Monitors as paying.  I’ve put together this review so that you can better understand this company and the services they offer.  At the end of this review you can read my investment recommendation.

Nano Prospectus’ website looks very professional this is something that I don’t often find with High Yield Investment Programmes, generally, as a rule-of-thumb, their websites tend to be very poor and a lot of time look like templates that can be bought from websites like

Nano Prospectus, according to their website, appear to be investing in Nano Technology and I have to say this site is very credible, they have obviously taken a lot of time over this website and the content is some of the best, if not the best I have seen and read to date.

However, something that I noticed on this site is that a lot of text items are actually images which is quite an unusual practice in web design so out of curiosity I Googled the quote by CEO Stewart Edelson which is held in an image on the website.

This is the result I found:

“Nanotechnology is the base technology of an industrial revolution in the 21st century. Those who control nanotechnology will lead the industry.”
— Michiharu Nakamura, Executive VP at Hitachi

Interesting hey!

Nano Technology offer the following investment opportunities:

  • Nano Medicine – Invest $10 to $100,000 – 12% Daily interest – Investment Period 10 days
  • Nano Molecular – Invest $50 to $100,000 – 40% Daily interest – Investment Period 5days
  • Nano Robotics – Invest $100 to $100,000 – 300% Daily interest – Investment Period 3 days

Strangely I looked for Nano Prospectus’ Terms and Conditions and couldn’t find any.  There is a Service Guide and a set of FAQs but as far as I could see no T&Cs which is highly unusual for a HYIP website and something that should be available to prospective investors.

Is Nano Prospectus a Scam?

I cannot say categorically that Nano Prospectus is a scam but I have mentioned a couple of things in my review which should make you think long and hard before proceeding.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to complete your own thorough due diligence but be warned that Nano Prospectus operates an affiliate scheme so any members will be rewarded if they attract new members.

I can confirm that I am not associated with nor am I a member or affiliate of Nano Prospectus.

To assist you further with your due diligence I have conducted a WhoIs search against their website. You can see the results here:

My Investment Recommendation

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