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Novax Invest Review

By on February 28, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Novax Invest is a High Yield Investment Programme that is currently shown on popular HYIP Monitors like (read my article on why you shouldn’t trust HYIP Monitors) as paying so I’ve put this review together to give you my honest opinion of Novax Invest, the services they offer and at the end of this review you can read my recommendation of whether you should invest or not.

Novax Invest incepted on 8th January 2013 so at the time of writing this review they have only been operating for just over 2 months.  On visiting their website I found myself a little disappointed as the site looked quite basic, the logo looks particularly childish, almost like it had been created using MS WordArt.  Why is this important?  Well I like to use the design and professionalism of a companies website as an indicator to the type of organisation behind it.  A very professional website suggests investment and professional people running a business.  Unprofessional sites suggest unprofessional individuals with no money to invest in their business.

Another indicator for me is the spelling, grammar and punctuation on these HYIP websites and Novax Invest is particularly poor moreover the explanation of how they invest your money and build your returns is unsuitably vague.  This vague approach to investment suggest to me that potentially there might not be any investment at all.

Novax Invest’s current investment opportunities are as follows:

  • Life Term – Invest Min $10 Max $500,000 returns 1% daily – Principal Investment available after 365 days
  • Long Term – Invest Min $2,500 Max $5,000 returns 1.5% daily – Principal Investment available after 365 days
  • Fixed Long Term – Invest Min $250 Max $50,000 returns 3% daily – Principal Investment available after 365 days

These returns actually seem quite modest for a HYIP but the length of time that you are required to leave your principal sum invested is quite a concern for me as many HYIP don’t have very long life spans.

Is Novax Invest a Scam?

It difficult for me to say categorically if Novax Invest is a scam or not but lets look at some of the things I have identified:

  1. Poor website design
  2. Poor English
  3. Investment details are vague
  4. Long periods of principal sum retention

I’d also like to draw your attention to this paragraph in Novax Invest’s Terms of Service:

This website is regarded as an independent investment platform. It is meant to give users information on Novax Invest. and familiarize them with the Novax Invest’s services and investment strategies. This website doesn’t deal with the investment opportunities, it provides no proposals, or recommendations, or advice on buying or selling securities which can be considered illegal. Users act of their own free will, though they are strongly recommend consulting some professionals and experts before taking any investment decision.

If you are considering investing in Novax Invest I would heed the warning in the last sentence of the above paragraph and seek professional advice.  Many HYIPs are Ponzi schemes so your money is at risk.

My Recommendation

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