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Ogden Organization Review

By on April 21, 2015 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out my review of Ogden Organization.

Right now you are probably doing your own due diligence trying to work out if Ogden Organization is actually a real business with a legitimate service or a scam.

Is Ogden Organization worth your time or money?  Lets take a closer look…

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Ogden Organization came to my attention because it is currently listed on the High Yield Investment Programme (HYIP) Monitor ‘HYIP Explorer’.

HYIP Explorer also have Ogden Organization listed as ‘Paying’ so I thought I’d take a closer look.

First off I want to say “What an awful name” lol.  I’m not sure who came up with Ogden Organization but it is a branding disaster right ‘out of the gate’.

Anyway, moving swiftly on…

…lets take a closer look at the website and services.

On the About Us page there is a small overview of the company who appear to be Foreign Exchange Traders with some 12 years experience.  This is what the website says:

And We have a team at the highest level and a professional in Forex Trading and we are working in this field since 12 years even though foreign exchange trading is a highly lucrative field

Hmm.  12 years experience in Forex Trading but can’t string a sentence together.  Would you give your money to these people?


Lets take a look at the Investment Options available to prospective clients:

Min-Max Investment Duration Daily Interest Total Returned
$25 – $250 15 Calendar Days 0.80% 112%
$251 – $2,500 30 Calendar Days 1.10% 133%
$2,501 – $10,000 60 Calendar Days 1.40% 184%
$10,000 – $25,000 90 Calendar Days 1.70% 235%
$25,000 or more 120 Calendar Days 2.00% 340%

These look like very typical investment plans for a High Yield Investment Programme.  Small initial amounts with short durations then larger sums have longer durations.

Will you ever see your $25,000 after 120 Calendar Days?  I’m not sure you would if I’m totally honest.

Is Ogden Organization a Scam?

It’s very difficult for me to categorically state that Ogden Organization is a scam because I do not work for them, I’m not affiliated with them and I do not have funds invested with them however what I can say is that most, if not all High Yield Investment Programmes, are Ponzi schemes and therefore scams.  Investing in them is not an investment it is gambling, a game of risk.

My Recommendation

Ogden Organization doesn’t look like a safe bet for your money so I would avoid investing with them.  I personally make money online every day using a simple system. Click here to watch a free video presentation that explains the simple yet effective system I use.

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