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Oil of Asia Review

By on February 26, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Welcome to the first article in a series of reviews that we are conducting on High Yield Investment Programmes.  These programmes have come to our attention in recent months because people have contact us about these types of programmes.

Oil of Asia

Is a relatively new High Yield Investment Programme (HYIP) certainly in the UK only incorporating in 2012.  As the name suggests they are an Investment House that deals in buying Oil and  according to their website they buy Oil Futures which they resells at a considerable profit.

Currently their membership stands at 7000 and is growing monthly basis.  Investing in this programme appears to be quite simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Choose a plan and funding account
  3. Promote Oil of Asia to Friends and Family to earn more income

once your investment has matured you can withdraw your funds.

Oil of Asia’s website looks very professional but a Whois check provides us with the following information:

Due Diligence

Before we go any further we would like to express that we have no association with Oil of Asia nor are we a member or an affiliate.  Its important to make that clear because if you are considering investing in this programme you need to do your due diligence and seek out unbiased unaffiliated information.

Is Oil of Asia a Ponzi Scheme?

If you aren’t aware of what a Ponzi scheme is it is essentially a scam and illegal.  Investors are invited to join a high paying investment scheme with the promise that they will see very high returns in a very short period of time, all they have to do is deposit funds.  What investors don’t realise is that their returns are being paid for by new investors joining the scheme and that the funds are not being invested at all.  These types of schemes are illegal because ultimately they are not sustainable when the influx of new members slows or stops the scheme collapses and people lose their investments.

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