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Omnia Tech Review

By on August 17, 2017 in Cryptocurrency with 0 Comments

If you are asking yourself if Omnia Tech is a legit multi level marketing system or just another crypto currency scam, I am right here to tell you my honest and unbiased opinion about the whole method. I have been taking a really close look at the whole thing and will share everything I have learned, with you, in this review.

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Omnia Tech – The Review

Given that there are a lot of multi level marketing, or simply MLM methods out there right now, the only way to make sure what is real and what is a fraud is proper research. I have reviewed a lot of these systems lately, like Essante Organics and My Next Aim. It is a really good idea to inform yourself well before deciding to join any of these programs. And that is what this review is for.

Omnia Tech – The Company

Omnia Tech Review

What this company basically is, is called a crypto currency based MLM company that also deals with affiliate marketing. They are based in Malta, according to the company info, but the exact same address belongs to a couple of other such companies that are very similar. I highly suspect that Omnia Tech only exists on paper is not really a physical company. A guy called Thomas Hintermaier is listed as the only executive of the company, but if you check out social media platforms, you will find that he does not really appear to be an executive of anything. Also, if you do a little research on the website itself, you will find that the company website was registered only in July of this year and it seems it belongs to someone completely different but having the same address in Malta as the company. A guy called Scheibener apparently owns the website and he seems to be a real expert on MLM. However, I found out that Hintermaier actually operates the entire company out of Austria and not Malta.

Check out his personal info

Hintermaier has worked as a production planner and quality manager for different companies for the better part of the last ten years. He was also active in the insurance niche which gained him a lot of experience in dealing with clients and customers as well as how to do consultancy right. During the last decade, he was also into developing guides for projects based on the Internet. Currently, he is the CEO for two Austria based companies.

Omnia Tech – The Products

The entire method does not offer any products that you could buy and resell, like traditional MLM methods. As an affiliate, you can only market the method and get other people to join up, earning commissions in the process. It is all very similar to systems like iCoin Market, which I have already reviewed and exposed.

If you and affiliates under you decide to invest into Omnia Tech, there are a couple of different investment levels. You can basically start out at $100 and go up as high as $25000 for the highest tier. Your earnings will come in the form of crypto currency and they promise a daily ROI, which is based on what type of currency you decide to invest in. It can be Bitcoin or Ethereum, but other options are available as well.

Omnia Tech – Commissions

How it all works, is as follows. You will be getting a 10% commission from what affiliates under you invest. Any affiliate under you can have two affiliates on his “left” and on his “right”, which equates to four affiliates, and those can then do the same thing with people they recruit under them. There is virtually no real limit as for how far this can go. If affiliates generate a total of $100 dollars worth of investment on each side, it`s called a cycle and you could possibly see forty cycles daily, which could amount to sums up to $40k.

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Omnia Tech – The Bonuses

There are a couple of bonuses you can earn as well. Residual bonuses can be generated by your affiliates that are under you ranging from tier one to tier four and are around 4% to 1% commissions. There is also a monthly bonus if your affiliates can make those they sponsor invest more during a month and that flows back directly into your account. The last bonus that is available is called rank achievement bonus and it has several levels of achievements you or your affiliates can strive for. Earnings could start at $100 and go as high as almost $25k depending on the level you or your affiliates would achieve.

My Verdict

The method is definitely not a scam and is actually pretty complicated to learn as a beginner, which is further proof that a lot of thought was put into this system. However, it is really not for anyone starting out and you should take great care before deciding to invest into it. You need to learn how affiliate marketing works as well as all that you can about crypto currency. If you don`t, you can lose a lot of money. And this is exactly the reason why I won`t be recommending Omnia Tech.

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