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Online Millionaire System Review

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Are you looking for a review of Online Millionaire System?  If so then keep reading…

Today in my review, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion of the Online Millionaire System, giving you all the information you need to make up your own mind about this latest online opportunity.

Before I start…

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Online Millionaire System: The Review

So, after looking into this latest opportunity to hit email inboxes, I’ve discovered that it’s basically another online system, method or, if you prefer, sales funnel for promoting a method called MOBE. I’ve reviewed a lot of opportunities that promote MOBE and shared them with you, in the past, and this is just another one of those. MOBE is a high-value or high-ticket ‘pay to play’ opportunity and in this review, I’ll be with you the full details of Online Millionaire System. But first I want you to take a good look at their website.

Online Millionaire System

As with other promotional systems like this, their claims are huge. In their sales pitch video, they even go so far as to promise you around $20K on a daily basis without you doing anything, as they claim that all the work is done for you automatically, once you join. I can tell you that claims like these are completely far-fetched and almost impossible. They are just there to draw you and your investment in.

And the worse thing is, sites like these are generally the reason people think money making opportunities are all scams and get rich quick systems that are just fake. Even those opportunities that work. Claims like these are giving a bad name to the online marketing industry as a whole, but the funny thing is, they keep popping up over and over again all the time and they even do convert well (Meaning people actually buy these products). This will definitely not stop as long as the people behind them can keep on fooling people out of their money.

One Millionaire System: How Does It Work Exactly?

Like other opportunities of it`s kind, this system is all about affiliates. They even show up on a lot affiliate marketing websites and are listed there for anyone to join. Once you join, you become an affiliate yourself and can start promoting this thing on your own, earning commission for anyone you get to sign up. Affiliates also use huge email lists that send out emails all over the world. And the truth is, a lot of people will open those emails and decide to go on and join, with hopes of making those ridiculous amounts of money that the system claims are possible. You probably received a bunch of these promotional emails yourself but decided instead to check out a review before you bought, which is great, because a lot of people don`t do this and end up getting scammed.

The actual owner of this system is nothing more then an affiliate of the MOBE opportunity themselves, and if you sign up to this method, you are basically signing up to MOBE. What you will end up with, is promoting a high priced businesses opportunity on your end, hoping to earn those high commissions. And as I have mentioned, MOBE is indeed a high priced opportunity, because you are basically required to pay upward of $50 to $100 just to join up. That`s a pretty big investment, especially for people who have limited funds or are looking for way cheaper way to make money online. Once you join up, you will be paid around $100 in commission for every sale you make, but the original affiliate, the site owner, ends up earning triple that amount of money, making a hefty profit for himself in the process.

The whole thing is pretty confusing at first, especially for people just starting out, so don`t stress yourselves out about it. The most important thing is, that you should be aware that Online Millionaire System is not something real. It does not exist. It is basically a front sales funnel/website created by an affiliate of MOBE that wants you to join under him so he can make a money off of you and others that do the same. It`s as simple as that. And I have seen a lot of other websites out there doing exactly the same thing, just under a different name and with different ridiculous claims to make people join up.

If we take a really close look at MOBE itself, you will find that it is a high-value opportunity that requires a lot of money to get into, as I have mentioned before. Yes, you need about $100 to join initially, but that is just the first step. Once you get into the system, you get access to a training course and a tutor, but you will constantly get offers of investment opportunities that will cost you up to five figures if you buy into all of them. And the thing is, only the most expensive ones will realistically allow you to earn that investment back. So you basically join kind of cheaply but are then required to invest more and more to be able to actually earn money. There are similar systems out there and if you want the full details of MOBE, make sure to check out my review here on this blog.

Online Millionaire System Review

Online Millionaire System: Is It A Scam?

This new opportunity is not really a scam, however, it is not something that I would recommend, either. First of all, it`s just a front for another method; MOBE. This opportunity only exists to trick or fool you into joining. Secondly, the gigantic claims they make are just completely unreal. People will join up and then end up making nothing, get very disappointed in the process, and lose their investment money. The truth is, yes you can make money with this method, in theory, and you can definitely make money online with other systems and opportunities. I have made a lot of money myself since I first started out, from affiliate sales alone. But it requires a lot of hard work and money will definitely not come to you just by joining up a method that promises to generate you $20k with no amount of work done whatsoever. Just take a look at other, very successful online marketers and see how much effort they put into their businesses to reach those numbers. You also need to have a lot of patience and the will to never give up, because sometimes you will see success and sometimes you will lose money as well, especially when you are first starting out. Making money online is as much a learning process as actually making those sums, but it is definitely not easy.

One Millionaire System: The Conclusion

As you can see, I will definitely not recommend this opportunity to you. There are better opportunities out there; I don`t like the fact that they have fake claims of amounts of money you can make through them and I don’t like the fact that they just want to trick you to join up with them in the first place.

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