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Online Profits Shortcut Review – Scam Alert!

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Online Profits Shortcut, a new system launched only recently, is more like an online profits scam than anything else, really. Definitely not a shortcut. I`m going to take a really close look at this system today and will tell you my honest opinion about why this whole thing is a scam and why you should avoid it.

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Overview of Online Profits Shortcut

You might ask yourself what Online Profits Shortcut is all about. When I first heard about this new system, I decided to take a good look at it and found out that it is really nothing new and something that has been around for a while. It is very similar to a system called Automated Daily Income Review, which has been around for a while now. There is no real surprise here since a lot of scam websites just copy something that is already there, re-brand it with a new logo and header, even make a shiny new website, but don`t change anything about the system, claiming it as their own. And in my opinion, I think that is exactly what Online Profits Shortcut is, a copy-pasted system that might have been stolen from another such website.

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Online Profits Shortcut seems to be just as much of a scam as Automated Daily Income Review, which I have reviewed and exposed as a really bad scam some time ago. That scam was extremely popular at its time and was promoted over social networks and advertising sites all over the Internet. What was actually happening was that the site was listed on affiliate networks so affiliates were just signing up and sending their subscribers to the offer just to make a fast buck. A lot of affiliate marketers do this nowadays and they don`t care where they send subscribers to, as long as they make money in the process. The owner of Automated Daily Income Review basically listed the site on a lot of these networks and made it really popular in the process. What it all boils down to, is that if you sign up to their site, you will be redirected to something called the MOBE business opportunity. I have checked out MOBE on many different occasions since a lot of online business models lead directly back to MOBE.

What exactly is MOBE?

My Own Business Education (MOBE) is a system that is in the business of teaching marketing on a digital platform, like the Internet, and it has been around for a long time. Many people use MOBE. You sign up to them, become an affiliate and then you buy products and resell them for profit. The products you buy are very expensive, even as expensive as five figures, and their referral program has a very good payout for anyone referring other people to become members. If people you referred are buying products you can earn a really good commission of off every purchase. The entire thing is very much like what other companies do. For example, Digital Altitude has had a legal dispute with MOBE over the similarities of their respective systems. But I won`t go into much detail about it right now.

Even if you might think that MOBE is just another pyramid scheme, I can attest that it is actually not. All of their products are legit and real. They are actually teaching materials to earn online and live events that you can attend to learn even more. Once you buy the products, you can attend these events, with experts, who are top earners at MOBE, teaching you their tips and tricks to be successful online and earn a lot of money. All that knowledge that you pick up through the digital learning products and events can be applied to almost any online business you might think of, but most people will simply apply it to the MOBE business system.

But What Is Online Profits Shortcut?

You might understand all about MOBE now, but you might still ask yourself what Online Profits Shortcut is all about. The simple answer is, that the whole thing is owned by a MOBE affiliate, that is promoting his business through this “revolutionary” new system. It`s still all MOBE. He listed it on a lot of affiliate networks and is looking for people to sign up. It costs about $49 to join MOBE, but the owner of the site knows that he can pay for other affiliates to share the website, seeing as how he makes $49 for every person that signs up. That leads up to a lot of exposure and traffic.

Screenshot of the online profits shortcut website

Why would Online Profits Shortcut Be A Scam?

It could very well be said that the system is not really a scam because it leads back to MOBE, which is a legitimate business model. Many people would disagree, but that is just a matter of personal opinion. I know how these systems work and know that is indeed legit, but it might not be the best way to make money online.I have tried to move away from these

The reason I would consider Online Profits Shortcut a scam is the fact that the entire website is full of lies and misdirection. They would trick you into joining, essentially Mobe, with claims of earning thousands daily with unethical ways. It`s very similar to someone trying to sell you a Ford claiming that it actually is a Porsche or a Ferrari. Online Profits Shortcut is a scam, and I am definitely not recommending it.


As you can see in this review, I really don`t recommend Online Profits Shortcut. If you are looking for a real way to make good money online, check out a system that I have personally tested, am using and recommend to all my subscribers, right here:

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