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OptiEarn Review

By on April 8, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 0 Comments

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my review of OptiEarn.  OptiEarn is currently listed on some of the most popular HYIP Monitors (Read my article on why you can’t trust HYIP Monitors) as paying and I have also noticed that on they are paying for advertising to increase traffic and investors to their website.

Looking at OptiEarn’s website it looks very professional, nice colour scheme and a nice layout.  Unlike many of the HYIPs that I review this site doesn’t look like a template, it looks like they may have invested some money in having a professional website designed.  Personally I see the website design and content as a good first indicator as to the professionalism of the people running the business.

The content on OptiEarn’s website is a little sparse but it is written okay and it is nice to see they are registered as a company.  This doesn’t really give you the investor any more protection it just means that the Directors of the company have a limited liability if the company was to cease trading owing money to investors or creditors.  I like it when HYIPs say they are Limited Companies because it allows me to investigate a little further.

So over at Companies House you can investigate the details of companies formed in the UK.  You can do a simple WebCheck and get details like the incorporation date and number or you can pay a very small fee and get details of the directors and the companies accounts.

I did a simple WebCheck which confirmed these details: shown in the image below:

optiearn review

So when it says on OptiEarn’s website that they were formed in 2003 that’s not strictly correct as you can see the actual date in 8th March 2013 which is also confirmed by this WhoIs search against their domain:

Nowadays it so easy to check addresses with Google Maps I thought I’d have a look at these plus offices in Belgrave so I copied and pasted the address into Google:


That’s rather odd, I thought.  It’s a Hotel!

I find this all very concerning and this is where a small amount of time invested in due diligence can save you a lot of money and heartache.

Is OptiEarn a Scam?

I can’t categorically say that OptiEarn is a scam but I think the facts that I have presented above are enough to make you stop and think about where your money and investment is going.

My Recommendation

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