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Millionaire Mentor by Tai Lopez Review

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Looking for a Millionaire Mentor Review?

I’ve been taking a closer look at this company to learn more about it and now I’m sharing my honest findings on this page.

Before I get started…

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Millionaire Mentor Review

You might or might not know Tai Lopez, but I have reviewed a lot of his opportunities here on this blog. His latest opportunity is called Millionaire Mentor and promises that it can help you become wealthy quickly. But is it true or just another scam. I have taken a really close look at this new method and here is what I think.

Once again Tai Lopez is at it, offering a new opportunity to help people find success in the online marketing world. As I have said, I have checked out a lot of methods that this guy has brought out in the last couple of months, like his real estate flipping method, a program called Social Media Agency, an opportunity dealing with how to be a traveling CEO, as well as his newest product called The Master Plan. A lot of people out there still consider Tai to be scammer and someone just out to get your money, but I can assure you, he offers a ton of value in his programs and if you check out the videos that he has up on YouTube, you can see that they are so jam packed with content that he offers for free, it`s incredible. It`s actually more than what most paid online marketing courses offer. And they are completely free and right there for anyone to check out and learn from.

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There are definitely a lot of people who consider themselves millionaires as well as mentors and offer similar courses like this one, but the truth is, most of them are scammers and liars. It is really a nice change to actually see a real millionaire like Tai Lopez out on the Internet offering his knowledge and teaching people how to achieve what he did. In the 2 hours long Millionaire Mentor video, Tai takes great length in talking about how he first started out, living in a trailer and how he managed to achieve great success now living in a huge villa in Beverly Hills, owning luxury cars and being able to travel the world whenever he wants to. He is basically living the life he has always wanted and you can easily look up his YouTube channel as well as his Instagram page to see all the places he has traveled to so far and the luxury life that he lives right now.

You can check out the Millionaire Method video right here if you want to take a closer look yourselves.

Millionaire Mentor – Overview

If you decide to try out Millionaire Mentor, you will get a couple of things up front. First of all, Tai will personally coach you five days per week during the 12 week duration of the course. You will also get the opportunity to be tutored by a couple of friends of Tai`s who are very successful experts in their respective fields. This is also huge proof that Tai is not a scammer. If he feels he is not really an expert in something, he does not shy away from bringing in other people to give you proper coaching and information that you would need. And those people are paid for from Tai`s personal budget, often reaching up to 6 figures every month for their services.

millionaire mentor scam

You can easily check out most details about Millionaire Mentor in the two-hour presentation that I have linked to above. It basically explains everything about the whole system, as well as how to join. The entire thing is just perfect for anybody starting out in the online marketing world, but also for people who already own an online business but are looking to learn how to scale it up and make more money than they already do. Tai Lopez has helped a lot of people reach even 7 figure incomes starting from barely anything, and that includes companies and established businesses as well, who were struggling in making their business better and more successful.

Is Millionaire Mentor a Scam?

A lot of people have heard that Tai Lopez is nothing more than a scammer, and that is thanks to the Internet and a lot of jealous and skeptical people who spread their opinions around without any proof to back up what they are saying. It is only natural that once someone achieves the amount of success that Tai has, a lot of people will either be second guessing it or be outright angry and jealous of it and try to undermine it as best as they can. If you do a quick search on Tai Lopez and scam, you will get a ton of results stating how much of a scammer he is, but those websites and reviews are either made by those angry and jealous people mentioned above, or by other online marketers who are trying to ride on Tai`s success and promoting their own methods which they claim are the real thing and much more superior to what Tai does.

millionaire mentor review

I have checked out Tai`s methods in the past and have also watched the hundreds of videos that he has online, so I have a pretty good personal experience with the guy and I can guarantee you 100 percent that Tai Lopez is not a scammer. He definitely knows his thing and all of us can learn a lot from him on how to build up a successful online marketing business.

Conclusion and My Recommendation

I took a really good look at his two-hour long presentation and I am really happy to say that I truly recommend this newest method. There are zero reasons you should not try this out as soon as you can, and you should also hurry before he closes the whole thing down. Tai usually keeps his methods online for a couple of months before shutting them down once he gets enough people on board, and there is no guarantee he will bring them up in the future. You might be missing out on a huge opportunity if you don`t act fast.

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It Works Review

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Are you looking for an It Works Review?

Are you wondering if the It Works Scam exists?


Well, you’re in the right place!

In this review I’ll take you through It Works, we’ll look at the company, their product line and, of course, their compensation plan.

With years of experience in the Network Marketing Industry and with 100s of products, systems, and opportunities reviewed here on this blog, I’m very well positioned to advise you on what’s working right now.

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Okay so let’s get into this It Works Review…

It Works – The Company Overview

It Works, which is based in Florida, launched in 2001 and has since then expanded to United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

That’s a pretty extensive geographical footprint for a company with an odd name that sells body care products and nutritional supplements.

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When It Works launched back in 2001 they specialized in Body Wraps, their best selling product was the “Ultimate Body Applicator” which wrapped around the body and was designed to help people lose weight.

Based on the success of the body wraps It Works expanded their product range to include more Body Care products and nutritional supplements. As an example of this some of the products they sell are:

  • Defining Body Gel
  • Fat Fighter
  • Body Applicator 2
  • It’s Vital
  • So Regular
  • It’s Green
  • The Answer 2.0 Weight Loss Formula

Products like these and the use of direct sales and Multi Layer Marketing (MLM) has propelled It Works to the 15th most profitable direct sales business in North America with total sales in excess of $538 million dollars.

IT Works The Product Line

I’ve already talked about the It Works products briefly above but now I am going to go into much greater detail about the products you can sell. This also gives you an idea of the commissions you can make when you refer other members into It Works.


The products are broken down into a number of categories.

Body Wraps

In Body Wraps there are 3 main products to choose from:

Ultimate Body Applicator – Apply this herb and botanical non-woven cloth wrap to your body and leave for 45 minutes for tightening, toning and firming results. Wholesale Price $59 and Retail Price $99.

Defining Gel – This body contouring gel once applied to areas like your abdomen, legs, and upper arms delivers tightening, toning and firming results. Wholesale Price $45 and Retail Price $75.

Fab Wrap – When you have wrapped yourself in the Ultimate Body Applicator keep it in place with the breathable and hypoallergenic Fab Wrap. Wholesale Price $5 and Retail Price $8.


The skin category of products has results driven range of products such as Cleanser, Repair Age, Stretch Marks, Prevent Age, Hair Skin Nails, Lip and Eye and Exfoliating Peel.

These products range from Wholesale Price $25 to $59 Retail Price $45 to $99.


The Greens category is a range of different products that are designed to Alkalize, Balance and Detoxify your body.

Here are some of the properties from the Greens Blend Chocolate;

  • Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend
  • 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods
  • 34 fruits and veggies
  • Matcha Green Tea added
  • Soy-Free. Non-GMO. Dairy-Free. Vegan
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • Decadent chocolate flavor

Products range from Wholesale Price $25 to $79 Retail Price $42 to $139


The Lifestyle category is a range of supplements which include It Works Energy, Vitamins and Minerals, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter, Estro Rhythm, Omega 3, It’s Essential, It’s Vital Core Nutrition, New You, Regular, Relief Ultimate Profit and Ultimate Thermofit.

Products range from Wholesale Price $25 to $79 Retail Price $42 to $139

Essential Oils

The Essential Oils category includes 5 essential oils which you can also buy as a pack, a diffuser and the Essential Set which is the diffuser and essential oil set sold together.

Products range from Wholesale Price $15 to $95 Retail Price $25 to $159


The Packs category is essentially a range of their products grouped together in a bundle or pack. These would make great gifts or starter packs.

The Ultimate Pack in either Vanilla or Chocolate is the most expensive and most comprehensive and includes:

  • 1 bag Ultimate Body Applicator™ (4 Applications)
  • 1 tube Defining Gel™ (6.0 fl. oz.)
  • 1 jar Greens™ Blend Orange (4.23 oz.)
  • 1 bottle Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™ (60 Tablets)
  • 1 bag Ultimate ProFIT® Rich Chocolate (1.60 lbs.)
  • 1 bottle Ultimate ThermoFit™ (60 Tablets)
  • 1 bottle It’s Vital™Core Nutrition Formula (90 Tablets)
  • 3 boxes It’s Essential® (30 bars)

Products range from Wholesale Price $69 to $279 Retail Price $115 to $465


The Results category is very similar to the Packs category with a twist in that the products focus of results again so a Results Pack like the Target Trio includes:

  • 1 bag Ultimate Body Applicator™ (4 Applications)
  • 1 box It Works! Cleanse™ (4 Bottles)
  • 1 bottle Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™ (60 Tablets)

These products are designed to focus and deliver results on the belly area.

Products range from Wholesale Price $94 to $147 Retail Price $157 to $245

The Compensation Plan

The It Works compensation plan is similar to other networking companies in that you get paid commissions when you bring people into the business.

I’ve found a very good video that explains the compensation plan in full detail although I do have to warn you that the video was made by a successful It Works distributor so is very biased towards It Works.

The video is for educational purposes only.

It Works Conclusion

I’m happy to report that It Works isn’t a scam, so let’s break down why.

Established in 2001and still successful today (2017).

Over $530 million in sales which continue to grow.

A range of products designed for the target market.

I think if a company that large making that many sales were a scam the FTC would have investigated them and closed them down.

I hope you got something from this It Works review and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

My Personal Recommendation

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Modere Review

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Thank you for checking out my Modere Review. There is a good chance that someone has already approached you with an offer to join this new business opportunity, be it on Facebook or other Social Media, or maybe even in person.

I’m here to tell you all about what they offer and tell you if they are legit or not.

It’s good that you have decided to check out reviews about this system and not just dive headlong into something that might very well be a scam system like so many others out there.

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Modere – The Company Overview

Modere Review

So what about Modere as a company, you might ask? Well, Modere is actually just a re-branding of a company called Neways. Neways was sold way back in 2013 and in itself, it was a really old (26 years old, to be precise) company dealing with network marketing and also a really successful one, making $300 million yearly.

Z Capital acquired Neways back in 2013 and completely changed the company, from the name to the ownership and right through to the actual business model and compensation plan for affiliates. It became a completely new thing. And just the same, Neways became it`s own thing once it changed its brand and name into Modere in 2015. This also happened in all the international markets that Neways operated in, as well.

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What remained the same, though, is the CEO of the company. Robert Conlee has remained CEO since 2012 right through all the changes Neways has gone through during the last 5 years. That is also a very good thing because the leadership of the company seems very competent and they explain right on their website how Modere actually came to be and grew throughout the years.

You can check out their website right at “” and this is what you will find:

Modere Reviews

The Modere Product Line

So what is Modere actually offering? The answer is very simple. They offer a wide variety of products, from health care, nutrition, anti-aging products, wellness, and weight loss through to things like kitchen utensils, cleaning products as well as a lot of things dealing with the household in general. In short, they offer a lot of products for a wide variety of niches and there is something in the selection for just about anyone. You can check out more details and the price of each product right on their website if you are looking for more information. Needless to say, the fact that they offer such a wide variety of things to sell, is very good for anyone looking to be an affiliate of theirs.

Modere Products

The Modere Compensation Plan

Now that you know about what they actually offer, let`s take a really close look at their compensation plan and how much you could actually make with the company if you decide to buy into it.

Right off the bat, Modere is a network marketing company through and through. Once you become an affiliate, you can sell products to people and earn good commissions, and you can also bring other people into the company, and earn commissions from their sales as well. The start-up costs to join the company are around $30, but you get encouraged right from the start to try and buy into their Builder Collection package, which will cost you $400 but will also allow you to sell a lot more products than what the basic package offers.

They have a lot of offers that generate compensation for anyone deciding to become an affiliate and that is actually a very good thing because it gives you a lot of options. There are also a lot of bonuses you can receive as a member, they range from bonuses you would receive based on how many people under you bought the Builder Collection to bonuses you will receive for consistently selling products during a certain period of time and there is also a system based on points which you can earn as a marketer working for Modere. These points can then later be exchanged for gifts, free products, and samples as well as free shipping for your products that you sell. You can check out this video below, which explains the huge list of compensation methods that they offer, but you should take it with a grain of salt, as it is heavily biased and I don`t really endorse it, as it is more like an informational advertisement than anything else.

The Modere Verdict

This part is probably the most important piece in this entire review and the one you have been waiting for. Is Modere real or just a scam?

Modere is a really well organized and managed company, without a doubt, with a trustworthy brand to their name. It`s like with Microsoft or Steam. When you visit their site, you instantly know the brand and you know it`s something professional. I`m definitely not going to go on a rant about this company as so many other reviewers have done because they don`t deserve that. Most people who gave Modere negative reviews are people who have not really done a good job at researching what network marketing actually is. You cannot just join a company or program and then expect money to come to you on autopilot. And a lot of people who don`t see instant success whine about how something is just a scam. Network marketing is hard work for a lot of months before you start to see any kind of success, and Modere is no different. You must treat something like this like a real business, like your business and not just a hobby. That is why a lot of people fail at marketing online.

My advice to you about Modere is to check out the pricing on their products. If they are competitive to current markets, you will see success sooner. If they are overpriced, though, you might have a tougher time making an actual sale and earning commissions. But all in all, this is definitely a legit company and not a scam.

My Personal Recommendation

If you liked this review, check out my personal recommendation to you as well.

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Rodan and Fields Review

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Looking for a Rodan and Fields Review?

Heard about this opportunity from friends, an email or maybe another form of promotion and wondering if Rodin and Fields is a scam or a legitimate business opportunity?

Well, you are in the right place.

So many people join Network Marketing companies based off hyped up emails and never actually do their homework before getting involved. Unfortunately not all Online Business Opportunities are like my No.1 Recommendation. Not all of them are legitimate, offer good training and exceptional customer service. A lot of them are scams and even worse designed to rip you off.

With years of Network Marketing experience and 100’s of systems, products and opportunities reviewed, here at IM Insider Reviews, we think we are well placed to advise you on what’s working right now.

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In this Rodan and Fields Review, we will be taking a look at the company, its products and of course it’s compensation plan. So let’s begin…

Rodan and Fields – Company Overview

Back in 2002 Rodan and Fields was created by Doctors Katie Rodan and Katy Fields. Rodan and Fields, as the company is known, specializes in skin care products but specifically skin care products in the Multi Layer Marketing (MLM) Niche.

Rodan and Fields Review

Although in real terms 2002 might seem like a long time ago, 15 years as of writing this review, in the world of MLM skin care opportunities it’s actually still an establishing company. Companies like Jenuesse and Nerium have been around a lot longer and are much more established in the market.

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Some positives for Rodan and Fields is that they are building momentum and getting good reviews in large publications like Better Homes and Gardens.

The Rodan and Fields Product Line

Rodan and Fields product line is very clever because they target specific skin relates issues and target them with an appropriate treatment or course of treatments.

The products require a long term commitment from the user so this could have a long term benefit for your business with repeat orders.

Rodan and Fields Products

And unlike other companies in the niche Rodan and Fields are sticking to their core products and not diversifying, essentially they know what works and they are sticking to it.

Let’s take a closer look at a typical product.

The Redefine Regimen and Enhancements Lash Boost is a 3 stage product line which is made up of the following.

  1. Daily Cleansing Mask
  2. Pore Tone
  3. Overnight Restorative Cream and Triple Defence Treatment SPF Cream

This product line retails at $280 which isn’t cheap and I would suggest that someone might take some convincing to buy that little lot.

Additionally, there is the Reverse Lighting Regimen and Enhancement Lash Boost which claims that it can combat and restore skin that has been affected by age specifically ‘age spots’ and dark patchy skin.

The company doesn’t offer samples so if you are going to get involved with Rodan and Fields and you want to test the products you are going to have to buy them yourself which at $280 is quite an initial outlay.

Before you consider either using the products yourself or getting involved with Rodan and Fields there are a few things that you need to know.

  • The products require a long term commitment, there are no quick fixes here, both in terms of use and financially.
  • The products are simpler in formulation to other cheaper brands in that they are mainly glycol and water based
  • The products may not be suitable for people suffering from allergies, please check the Rodan and Fields website for more details.
  • None of the products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration although they way they are marketed may be compliant.

The Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan

When you sign up to the Rodan and Fields programme you become an independent consultant/contractor and earn direct commissions by selling their products.

In a Forbes article written by Kate Vinton in June 2016 edition, she reported that not many of the Rodan and Forbes consultants were actually making any money.
There could be a huge number of reasons for this such as consultant training, product desirability, market conditions, or even competition.

Rodan and Fields have a large 85-page document that explains, in detail, their compensation plan but rather than me trying to explain that I’ve located a video that simplifies the whole thing.

Rodan and Fields Conclusion

Rodan and Fields are an established real business with a legitimate product line that consultants can sell and be rewarded financially for doing so.
There are a couple of downsides to Rodan and Fields in that;

A) The 2016 Forbes article suggested that many affiliates are not making a lot of money
B) The product line is expensive in a highly competitive market
C) The products themselves use low-quality ingredients
D) To test the products yourself it’s going to cost you $280

I hope you enjoyed our review and if you have any experiences with Rodan and Fields to share or any questions, please post them in the comments section below.

My Rodan and Fields Recommendation

With years of hands on Network Marketing experience and 100’s of online opportunities reviewed we know what works.

Our No.1 Recommendation provides you with the training and support you need to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

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BitConnect Review

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Looking for a review of BitConnect?

Well, you’re in the right place if you are looking for an honest and unaffiliated BitConnect Review.

BitConnect Reviews

Here at IM Insider Reviews we write uncompromised reviews of the latest digital ‘make money online’ products and systems.  We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

With 100s of reviews here on this blog, we are very well positioned to advise you on what works and what doesn’t.

You can find our No.1 Recommendation right here, check it out. We kinda like it and think you will too…

Okay so let’s get on with this BitConnect Review…

So there’s quite a bit of buzz about this company at the moment and chances are you’ve been contacted, probably by email, about the opportunity.

Over the course of this review, we’ll take you through the company, their products, and their Compensation Plan so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about BitConnect.

Be Warned…

You need to read this review to the very end because I am going to expose some worrying truths about this new online cryptocurrency opportunity.

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BitConnect and the Company behind it

After taking a look at the domain “” I can confirm that the company that purchased the domain has set the details to private. So all I can confirm at the moment is that the domain was registered on February 9t, 2016.

BitConnect Review

When you look at the BitConnect website it looks very professional and even has its own video (see below) but when you start digging a little deeper you find that it really is only a few pages deep and these all seem to be Frequently Asked Question type pages.

BitConnect and the Product line that’s easy to resist

Rather strangely BitConnect doesn’t actually offer any kind of product be it either physical or digital. What they do offer is an opportunity to join the BitConnect affiliate programme that gives you the opportunity to earn ‘Daily Returns’ on your investment.

BitConnect Scam

Basically, you earn ‘Daily Returns’ by depositing Bitcoin into your BitConnect account. Your Bitcoin is then converted to BitConnect coins which you then earn a daily Return on Investment (ROI) on inside the company.

The investment and returns are as follows:

Investment From

Investment To

Return On Investment

Investment Locked

Return on Investment


And if you manage to enroll affiliates in the BitConnect programme you can earn referral commissions. Check out the Compensation Plan below:

LevelReferral Bonus


How much does it cost to join BitConnect

There is no actual up front fee or a recurring monthly membership essentially it’s free to join however affiliates are required to invest between $100 and $100,000 in order to join, earn and get paid in the compensation plan.

Conclusion Is BitConnect a Scam

Do you think the BitConnect Scam exists?

So let’s quickly go over this again…

  • Company details are hidden or withheld
  • No physical products
  • No digital products.

So essentially you are taking your Bitcoin, which has value and converting it into BitConnect coins which have no value outside of BitConnect in exchange for the promise that you are going to receive an ROI.

This has got Ponzi scheme written all over, in fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s text book, Ponzi.

New investors funds are used to pay off existing investors so once people stop coming to BitConnect which they will the company owners will be forced to close down unable to meet the crazy returns running off with the remaining investor’s funds to boot.

The IM Insider Reviews No.1 Recommendation

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WE know what works.

Here’s our No.1 Recommendation

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50 Cent Freedom Review

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Looking for a 50 Cent Freedom Review?

If you’re looking for an honest, unaffiliated review of this latest Multi-Level Marketing business opportunity then you’re in the right place.

In this review, I’ll take you through the business, their products, and their compensation plan so you can get the inside track before making any life changing decisions.

Before I start if you’re tired of scams and want a real solution for making money check out my recommendation below…

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The People behind 50 Cent Freedom

50 Cent Freedom is currently in pre-launch at the moment but according to their website they already have 36679 members. I don’t know about you but any company that has 36679 members before its even launched must either have a killer marketing strategy or be a scam.

Let’s dig into this a little deeper…

50 Cent Freedom Scam

If you inspect this part of the website using the Google Chrome Inspect tool you can see that this part of the website is hard coded, it’s not dynamic to the membership system and was added when the site was built. Alarm bells are ringing.

50 Cent Freedom Website Code

According to 50 Cent Freedom, you can turn $0.50 into $8,256.30 in a month and that ‘Earning a monthly income is easy a child can do it’ and apparently all this can be done with only 3 referrals.

Taking a look at the domain in a WhoIs tool like shows us that the domain is registered to a Sheri Vine from Thailand but the administrator email address is for a company called a now closed business that was renting apartments in Malacca City, Malaysia.

On the website for Horizon Home Stay there is a Facebook link that takes you to a Facebook profile for a John Williams. Williams, an online entrepreneur has promoted or been associated with companies like M2M Funds, Amazing5, Global Moneyline, Out Matrix Club, Quick Cycler, and Ultimate Bitcoin Builder.

Right now, at this point in the review, I’m not feeling very comfortable about the 50 Cent Freedom business opportunity. The people behind it, the offer, and the website are all indicating that this could be a possible scam.

50 Cent Freedom – How it Works

50 Cent Freedom Logo

According to the ‘How it Works’ section of the 50 Cent Freedom website once you place your $0.50 you are placed in a forced 3 x 4 step matrix which from your $0.50 has an earnings potential of $8,256.30.

I have to admit I’ve been an online entrepreneur for a while now and this is pretty unheard of. To build a successful business either online or offline it takes time, effort and investment far great than $0.50.

50 Cent Freedom is a numbers game so you are encouraged to promote this to your friends and family, add banners to any websites you may have and post banners and links on traffic exchanges, Facebook, and Twitter.

Essentially the more members you get into 50 Cent Freedom the higher your earnings potential within the Payment Plan Matrix.

Strangely, you are given access to a website rotor link which rotates 10 websites that you are able to promote. I wasn’t actually sure how this fitted into the offer but thought it worth mentioning.

50 Cent Freedom – The Payment Plan Matrix

When you get started with 50 Cent Freedom you are required to purchase $0.50 or 50 Cent positions inside the 3 x 4 matrix which you can see in the image below.
As you can see from the Payment Plan matrix there are 4 Levels of the matrix and 81 positions that you can hold.

In the matrix in order to unlock a level which will then qualify you to earn commissions from your downline you have to make the necessary ‘donation’ or payment. These are set out below:

Level Donations Affiliates Earnings per Affiliate Earnings

LevelDonationsAffiliatesEarnings per AffiliateEarnings

50 Cent Freedom Compensation

50 Cents Freedom – The Cost to Join

The cost to join 50 Cent Freedom starts at $0.50 and rises through $1.50, $5.40 and finishes at $100 depending on what levels of commissions you want to unlock.

My 50 Cent Freedom Conclusion

Having looked at the 50 Cent Freedom website and studied the offer I don’t get a lot of comfort from this company. They aren’t actually selling anything other than positions in a virtual or online business. This strikes me as a classic pyramid or Ponzi scam.

Money paid into the matrix by new members or affiliates will be used to pay existing members and the cycle will continue until the number of new members joining slows to a rate that the company will fold running off with all the cash left in the matrix.

My Recommendation

I won’t be recommending 50 Cent Freedom to my subscribers and readers. After reviewing 100’s of make money online systems I can easily spot bad systems and products.

I have been a successful online entrepreneur for many years and after all those reviews this is the only system I use and recommend.

100% free training when you sign up today and the online business in the industry that really cares about the success of its members.

Tai Lopez Scam

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Is Tai Lopez a scam or scammer? There have been a bunch of really nasty rumors about Tai Lopez circulating around the Internet lately and most of them are saying that he is a scam. But is it true? Right off the bat, I will tell you that Tai Lopez is definitely not a scam but more like a genius in the online marketing world. A lot of people have found out about Tai via YouTube and his video about the many cars he owns, it’s called “Here in My Garage”. He has also done a couple of Facebook advertisements touring his house and showing it off to people. I also found out about him on Facebook while watching a video a friend of mine had liked and he instantly rang the right bells with me. I`m going to show you the real truth about Tai Lopez in this review.

Before we get into the full review, if you are fed up with all these scams that seem to spring up left and right on a daily basis, and are looking for a real way to make money online, make sure to check out my No.1 Recommendation.

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Tai Lopez and The Real Truth

Now, the real truth about Tai is the fact that he has a lot of social media presence on Facebook and on YouTube and he is selling courses on how to be a successful Internet Marketer. A lot of people automatically think he is a scammer because he does this, but if you take a really close look at what he actually sells, you will find a lot of value in there that can actually help you for real. If you actually check out his channel on YouTube, you will see that almost all of his videos are not sales videos or cheap sales pitches, but instead full of original content and advice that he shares around the Internet completely free. Of course, sometimes there is a sales video in there in which he promotes his webinar or marketing courses but that is only a small percentage of all the videos that he has going. The same is true for Facebook. Most of the time he shares a lot of free info with his followers that you can apply to your online business and only occasionally does he promote his methods, courses, and promotional ads. Let me tell you, no scammer would give anything away for free, much less the amount that Tai does.

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Tai Lopez ScamTai Lopez also has huge connections with celebrities and successful entrepreneurs worldwide. If he was just another scammer out to cheat you and trick you into investing in him and steal your money, he would never have made the connections he has. A good example would be Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, who has been at Tai`s house and played basketball with him just hanging out. Tai would need to be the best scammer in the world to actually fool someone like Mark Cuban. You can check out the video of the two on Tai`s channel. Another thing that comes up over and over again from haters, is the fact that they think Tai only rented his house in Beverly Hills and has not actually bought it. It is really ridiculous, seeing as how huge the property is and even if someone would just rent it, they would be paying around 50k per month for rent and Tai has been living there for more than a year. That is proof enough of the amount of money he claims he has earned through his methods and businesses I think; if he can afford a property like this.

The Tai Lopez Business Model

So what is Tai Lopez actually all about if he is not a scammer. Many people hate him because he usually speaks only about his offline businesses and does not really get into what his current ventures are. But the simple truth of the matter is, that his current business is Tai Lopez himself. He is one of the biggest Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs and he is selling his methods, experiences, and knowledge through courses and webinars. He has an entry level course in which he teaches you how to be successful in 67 steps but also has more expensive items available which teach you even more about the ins and outs of marketing online. He also teaches about affiliate marketing and being an affiliate and promotes other people`s products in his videos and online courses as well. The reason that many people regard him as a scammer comes from the fact that those people want these courses and his knowledge for free. But ask yourself, is college, for example, free? It is not and you will have to pay for any kind of higher education, be it college or courses on learning a new language, for example. The same is true for high-quality courses and knowledge about building a successful business for yourself. And that is exactly what Tai Lopez offers.

Is Tai’s Expertise Real?

I can tell you right now that I consider Tai Lopez to be an absolute genius in the online marketing world, be it affiliate marketing, social media marketing or otherwise. To achieve the amount of exposure he has requires a lot of effort and a lot of money invested smartly and also a lot of time. I am in the online marketing business as well, and when I first checked out his videos, they instantly resonated with me on a business level. Tai Lopez is huge on almost all social media platforms, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or even SnapChat and I know how hard it can be nowadays to grow exposure on these platforms, especially in the business and lifestyle niches. You can check out my review of Tai Lopez The Master Plan Review right here.

My Tai Lopez Conclusion

Tai Lopez is without a doubt not a scammer and all those haters on the Internet saying that he is, have probably never checked out any of his social media pages or channels, nor bought any of his courses and tried them out for themselves. It is really easy to brand someone a scammer in the world of Internet Marketing because there are a ton of scammers out there for sure, but Tai Lopez is definitely not one of them. I have personally only bought his 67 step course so far, but that is only because he gives away so much for free on his social media outlets. If you want proof, just check out his videos on YouTube which are not promotional and see for yourself how much you can learn about marketing by just by watching them for free.

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Copy My Cashflow Review

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Copy My Cashflow is the newest scam system I have discovered and I`m going to share with you my completely honest opinion and review about this method that just launched very recently. You can read below why I am advising you to stay as far away from it as possible and also why I would not recommend this method to you. But before we get into the full review, if you are fed up with all these scams that seem to spring up left and right on a daily basis, and are looking for a real way to make money online, make sure to check out my No.1 Recommendation.

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What exactly is Copy My Cashflow?

First off, I have no idea how Copy My Cashflow has managed to get approved and also stay listed on ClickBank. As you probably know, ClickBank is an affiliate system and marketplace all in one, where people could sign up and sell their products. They could also use the internal payment processing of ClickBank along with the possibility of gaining affiliates themselves to promote and sell their products online.

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ClickBank was really big for a long time and brim full of products people sold, but also full of scam systems and methods. Since then, the marketplace decided to go legitimate and started to filter out and eliminate scams like Copy My Cashflow. They also implemented manual approval of all products and sales methods listed on their page and they also checked on claims of how much money one could make with a specific method, and if those claims were regarded as ridiculous, the system would not approve them to be listed on ClickBank.

Copy My Cashflow Review

What this meant for scammers, is that they had to move elsewhere and most of them ended up on a platform called ClickSure, which, to this day, is full of scam methods, most of them being binary option frauds. I exposed a lot of these scams back in the day. At the start of this year, however, Binary Options kind of disappeared due to changes in laws and regulations, and many scammers using Binary Options have changed their game and gone back to get rich quick on the Internet schemes which Copy My Cashflow is definitely a part of. But I am still really surprised how this scam method managed to get on ClickBank, seeing as how they eliminated all scammers and implemented harsh rules on their platform. Very weird.

I noticed one important thing about Copy My Cashflow right off the bat. Their website looks very similar to other scam systems that I have come across like Copy My Websites or Profit With Our Sales. Even the name Copy My Cashflow is a bit similar. I`m not sure if it is the same owner behind all three of them or not because he or she does not appear personally in the sales videos or on the website. The first tactic of a scammer is to hide behind fake identities or to not reveal their identity at all, and that is usually a huge warning sign whenever you encounter a method claiming to teach you how to make millions online. For someone not experienced or lacking the knowledge it can be really tough to identify these scammers, but for people like me, who have a lot of experience with scam methods like these it is really easy to sniff them out.

Fake Testimonials

Besides the fact that you never get to know the guy behind the method, another warning sign is the fact the website is full of fake testimonials. People claiming to have made so much money and that it changed their lives and so on. The truth is, they probably didn`t make anything from the method and were paid to write those testimonials.

Copy My Cashflow Scam

And the way I know this, is that this guy appearing on the sales video saying how he got rich online by using Copy My Cashflow has appeared on a lot of other sales videos from different scam methods claiming the same thing. It`s literally the same guy appearing on a lot of videos on different scam websites around the Internet. I really don`t know why someone would do this, apart from the fact that he is broke and needs to make a living offering a service of providing fake testimonials in a video for anyone that pays him. There a ton of these services offered on platforms like Fiverr or SeoClerks.

Copy My Cashflow Review

You can check out this other guy from Fiverr who is also selling fake testimonials for as low as $5 per video. If you think I`m exaggerating just visit and search for testimonial services. You will definitely find those two guys I have shown you and also recognize the guy in the video claiming to have made millions using Copy My Cashflow. I`m really not sure how to react to these people. If they are broke and selling services like these, I can kind of understand, but apart from that, they are just bad people without any ethics whatsoever.

Copy My Cashflow Fake Testimonial

My Copy My Cashflow Conclusion

My advice to you is to stay away from this scam method. If you buy into it, you will receive expensive products that you will never be able to re-sell and you will just end up loosing a lot of money without any profit. You will only make the owner of the method rich. And as I have said before, it is very clear that this is a fake method due to the fact that they resort to buying fake testimonials and also never showing their faces in their sales videos themselves. I still don`t understand how they made it on to ClickBank, getting approved and even staying on the platform without being banned.

My Personal Recommendation

Instead of buying into this obvious scam, take a look at my No.1 Recommendation and forget all about Copy My Cashflow. My recommendation is a completely free training course that will teach you how to create a successful business online by implementing what you learn.

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Daily Income Method Review

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Daily Income Method is a new system developed by serial digital entrepeneur Mack Mills.

But the real question is, does it really work? Is it real and worth your time and investment? I’ve taken a really close look at this system like I always do with new methods and I will share everything here with you on my blog in a completely honest review.

But before we start the review off, if you have been the victim of scams on the Internet before or are just simply fed up of not finding anything legitimate that works, then make sure to check out my No.1 Recommendation below;

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The Main Question: Is Daily Income Method Legit?

I can say right off the bat that the answer is a huge YES! After checking out their website and their offer, I found out that Daily Income Method is basically a method to promote Motor Club of America or MCA in short. MCA is something called a network marketing company. I have not yet had the opportunity to review and take a good look MCA so I cannot really get into detail about their offer and opportunity in itself, but from what I have seen by checking out Daily Income Method, I can safely say that it is a legit way to make money online without doubt. Mack Mills has created this system to allow you to make your first dollar online and it works really well because you are basically earning from Motor Club of America themselves but you can also earn a good commission by reselling Mack`s Video Sales Letter or VSL.

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How Does Daily Income Method Work Exactly?

The first question to ask of any method is how does the whole thing actually work in the first place and it is really simple to understand and use. In the case of Daily Income Method, you have to watch Mack`s video first to get set up and started. The video is really well made and Mack goes around showing you his house, his cars, the way he lives and he also gives you proof of his income and how he has achieved it. Besides being a sales video, it can also work as a motivational video to make you take action and achieve those things for yourself, by joining this method and learning as much as you can from it, with the goal becoming rich in the process. Mack really has a talent for creating really nice sales videos which are definitely not just there to trick you out of your money, like so many others you can find on YouTube, for example. He also created a couple of methods in the past which I have checked out and his sales videos always work well with potential customers.

Daily Income Method Review

The first step to getting into this whole system is to join MCA or Motor Club America. Then you have to join up with Daily Income Method, so you can promote this system and in turn refer other people to join MCA. That`s the way you will earn your first commissions from it. And the way you do this is through a team that you can build up and also by utilizing Mack`s website, which makes it much easier to drive good traffic to it and get good conversion because the website itself is very well done and looks good. It is much easier this way than trying to do it by first building your own landing page and promoting it. And Mack only charges a really small fee for you to be able to utilize Daily Income Method`s website. Don`t forget, everyone that signs up will earn you a commission.

Is Daily Income Method A Scam?

Without a doubt, this method is not a scam. I have reviewed a ton of scams on this website and some of them only recently, like Paid to Send Email or Lifestyle Now, which were online scams. Motor Club America is a real and legitimate company and Daily Income Method is just a sales funnel that you can access to drive traffic to and get people to sign up to MCA. The fee you are paying to be able to use the website as your own landing page is minimal when compared to what it would cost to create a website like this yourself. And it is clear that Mack Mills has invested a lot of money into creating this website just so that you can use it to generate income. And as I have said before, the fact that you can earn good commission is just a plus for the entire method.

The Daily Income Method Negatives

While there is really nothing bad or negative about Daily Income Method as it is, the only thing that you should be aware of before buying into it is the fact that you won`t be receiving any training at all. Once you start with this system, your job will be to drive traffic to the website and get people to sign up for MCA. If you are experienced and know how to promote something online, like on social media or other platforms, then you are good to go, but if you are just starting out in the world of online marketing, you will definitely have a hard time earning anything out of it.

My Daily Income Method Conclusion

Daily Income Method is definitely one of the best methods for earning money online and a high-quality system without a doubt. I personally won`t be signing up to it, because I am busy with other things I am doing right now and also, I`m not sure the method is available at my location right now because when I tried to sign up to test it out, the website would not let me. But it all depends on you and if you like it then simply go ahead and sign up and see how it works out for you. This is surely not something that is out there to scam you out of your money, but as I have said before, you will need experience to really be successful with it.

On the flip side, if you want an alternative, you can also check out my No.1 Recommendation right here, which is a completely free training program that teaches you how to make money online even if you are a newbie.

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Millionaire Mastermind Review

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Recently I stumbled upon a new system to make money online, called The Millionaire Mastermind which has been developed by a guy called Coach Giani. It is basically a method that deals with affiliate marketing and uses other techniques like CPA marketing. But is it the real deal? Do they really teach you all they promise you? I am here to share my completely honest opinion and review with you. But before we get into that, if you are fed up with all those scam systems and methods around the Internet, make sure to check out my No.1 Recommendation for a working solution to making money online, below.

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Overview of Millionaire Mastermind

The first time I heard about this new method was while watching one of my favorite entrepreneurs on YouTube, Grant Cardone. Coach Giani advertises his method on Cardone`s channel, and that is a really huge plus for this system because Grant Cardone is definitely legitimate businessman and he is surely conducting background checks on anyone he allows to promote their system on his channel to make sure they are not fake or just scam systems. The other plus point is that Coach Giani has actually appeared on a TV show run by Grant Cardone, called Power Players.

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Who exactly is Coach Giani?

Besides developing Millionaire Mastermind, this guy has appeared in a number of articles and publications that talk about how he started teaching people how to make money online with very little initial investment, eventually leading up to a full-time online income for anyone taking his advice and training. His company description is that of an affiliate marketing program based on results and a company that strives to educate people on how to achieve success, with already hundreds of successful trainees under their belt. But the main question is, does affiliate marketing really work? The very simple and short answer is, yes, yes it does, and besides that, it is also one of the best methods to earn money online.

Coach Giani is also not the only tutor that is working for the company. There are a couple of other people involved with Millionaire Mastermind that will teach you about their new method. Read on and check out some pictures I will share with you of the people that are on board this method.

Millionaire Mastermind - Giancarlo Barazza

Who Else Is On Board with Millionaire Mastermind?

First off, there is the co-founder of the entire company, Rafael. This guy was able to make as high as 7 figure incomes through systems he developed himself and implemented. Without a doubt, this is someone you definitely want to learn from, as he can take you from complete newbie to an entirely new level by sharing his experiences and offering rock-solid advice.

Millionaire Mastermind - Rafael Luque

Then we have Samuel, who is the marketing director of the company. He was also able to make up to 7 figures in his first year doing business online. Which, by itself, is a huge achievement for anyone, especially since many people struggle to achieve that kind of success even after many years of doing online marketing. What Samuel did, was specializing in CPA and mastering it, using techniques that involve Facebook, Google Ads, and Native Ads as well as other, lesser known lead generating methods. I can personally attest that CPA marketing works like a charm since I have also used methods that involve CPA to reach 6 figure income successes in the past. In the world of online marketing, you cannot really go wrong with CPA, especially if you know what you are doing and how to implement it perfectly like these guys do.

Millionaire Mastermind - Samuel Xiveiro

So Is Millionaire Mastermind A Scam?

After looking really closely at Millionaire Mastermind, as well as doing a background check on Coach Giani, I can definitely say that this is not a scam method. I also checked out other reviews, opinions, and testimonials from other people who tried the system out for themselves. The truth is, this seems to be one of the best methods out there right now and something that can definitely teach you how to start out with Internet marketing and achieving good success for yourself in the future. Seeing as how many scam systems are springing up on the Internet each and every day, it`s really nice to stumble upon a method that is absolutely legitimate and created to help you. Just take a look at all the frauds I expose regularly on this website, good examples being Home Job Position or Paid To Send Email. After exposing so many scams, I can easily tell if something is real or not. Fake methods usually use fake identities, fake reviews, and testimonials and they also don`t really last very long. They usually get very popular for a couple of months, before being exposed by people like me, and then the owners just disappear and come back with some new scam method to continue and try to dupe you out of your money for their own gain. I can definitely assure you that Millionaire Mastermind is not one of those.

My Millionaire Mastermind Recommendation

The Millionaire Mastermind method or system is not a scam, however, I won`t be recommending it to you. And the reason for that is because I still believe that my No.1 Recommendation is still the best system out there for you, my readers. Right now, there is free training so even if you don’t sign up you are still going to get great training for free. For me it’s about a quality product supported by a business that values its customers. Far too often in this industry do you get people teaching out dated methods, over charging and zero support post purchase. My No.1 Recommendation is completely the opposite.

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