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PartyLite Review

By on August 16, 2017 in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with 0 Comments

Looking for a PartyLite Review?

I’ve been taking a closer look at this new opportunity to learn more about it and now I’m sharing my honest findings in this review.

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PartyLite Review

PartyLite has received a couple of bad reviews online already, but those are probably from people looking to ride the bandwagon and earn, just by mentioning them and giving them a bad name. Read on to check out my completely objective review and find out the real truth about PartyLite, which will probably surprise you.

PartyLite Review

The thing is, PartyLite is actually part of a completely different company, called Blyth. Inc. They mainly specialize in decorative products and have been the largest candle manufacturers in the United States in 2001. Their income statistics in 2012 topped at 1.1 billion USD, which is insanely huge and PartyLite is nothing more than the sales branch of Blyth. Inc. and has been in the MLM business since way back in 1973. Originally the company opened up a shop in Massachusetts producing candles based on a recipe developed as far back as 1909 by a school teacher.

Direct Selling ranked them at a huge #31 most successful MLM`s in the whole world, out of a top 100. Martin Kohler is the current CEO of the company, and has a lot of experience under his belt, seeing as how he has been with the company for the last 15 years. Previously, he worked for the European branch of Blyth. Inc. which has been so successful over the years, that it became their most important. Currently, PartyLite has branches in 24 countries and employ a grand total of 45000 sales specialists.

PartyLite – The Product Line

Now, let`s take a good look at their products and what they have to offer. Simply put, their products are candles. They offer a wide variety for sure, ranging from simple candles to three-wick candles, which are their best seller, right on to tea lights as well as pillar candles. Other products also include candle essentials, like different aromatic oils and such. Another cool thing is, that they have the world`s brightest candle, called the GloLite among their products as well.


As for aromas, they also offer a huge selection. Their PartyLite candles offer fragrances like Sunset Woods, Red Apple, as well as Black Currant. They also offer fragrances based on seasons and holidays, like Mistletoe, Spiced Pumpkin or Peppermint Snowflake. Their offers are pretty good and not too costly all in all. The prices are a bit higher than what you would get at Walmart, for example, but less than what premium companies like Yankee Candle have to offer. Here are some of their prices: A three wick candle jar would set you back $25, a tea light goes for $11 and their simple, unscented candles can cost anything between $11 and $25.

PartyLite Scam

I could not really find any info on what makes their product better than the cheaper Walmart candles that you could get. All of the info was very vague on their website. I suspect the higher prices are because of the fact that they use paraffin wax in their candles, which is food grade, and the wicks are also made out of 100% cotton, which does not create any harmful smoke when burned. Their Flameless Fragrance section has to be their top seller, though. Apart from candles, they also offer scented warmers, aromatic sticks as well as room sprays.

PartyLite – The Compensation Plan

PartyLite is pretty vague on their compensation plan, to be honest, but there is some good info to be found on their website. First of all as an affiliate or party host, you get a combo of their items at half price as well as host credit if you manage to sell at least $200 worth of their products.

The host credits can go from $50 in your pocket if you can make sales up to $200 and as far as $250 if you manage to make sales worth $1000 dollars. To become a host, you have to invest into a starter kit worth around $100, which includes anything from candles to warmers to sample products that you can share around. You can also try and host a party and if you manage to make at least $350 worth of sales during the party, you will get your starter kit investment refunded. All in all, their commission offer for affiliates is 25%, which is pretty standard in my opinion.

Other ways to earn with PartyLite is through sponsored members that you have brought into the company which can reach up to 50% bonus commissions from their sales during their first month as well as 7% commission on sales from any members under you. You can also get a 5% to 7% bonus commission on sales you personally make that are worth over $2300.

You can check out what a typical host party would look like right here:

My Personal Opinion About PartyLite

So you might still ask yourself, are they a scam or a real thing? Should you buy into them or not?

The answer is, they are definitely not a scam.

PartyLite has been around since the early 70`s and Blyth. Inc. is a billion dollar company who is really successful to this day. As I have mentioned above, PartyLite is also present in a ton of countries around the world and employs a lot of people. Their products are also surely top quality, or they would not have been so successful for such a long time, more than 40 years.

I still don`t really like their host or home parties much, personally, because I prefer to build up a working online business that does all the advertising for me from home, but to each his own.

If you want to check out PartyLite and think that you can make good sales either online or locally, advertising their product, definitely go for it. This company is as legit as it gets and nothing like all those scam systems that are all over the Internet. It will require a bit of effort to actually see good profits in the beginning, but that is true for all marketing methods.

That`s it for this review. Please leave any opinions or questions in the comment section below.

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