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Profit Clicking Premium System

By on March 7, 2013 in High Yield Investment Programmes with 3 Comments

Profit Clicking is a High Yield Investment Programme that we have written several articles on because time and time again our readers are either bringing it to our attention or asking us to provide more information.

You can read our review of Profit Clicking here and the Profit Clicking Green Light Withdrawal System here.

We DO NOT recommend Profit Clicking, you can read about our No.1 Recommended Product here.

So Profit Clicking have just launched their NEW Premium System, which is rather surprising since so many of their members are actually interested in withdrawing their current investments, not investing more money.

The Premium System pays out 3% per day in returns, has no withdrawal queue and no limits on the withdrawal bucket.  These are all the things that existing members want from their basic membership so Profit Clicking have proved with the introduction of this new system that they know what is wrong with their existing platform.

And here is the catch…

You can only invest 20% of your existing wallet in the Premium system so that means you have to inject a further 80% to get the benefits of the Premium System.

The new premium system adds no value to the 1000s of members who collectively have invested millions in this system.  If you have read our review of Profit Clicking you will note that we recently updated that review slapping Profit Clicking with the SCAM label unfortunately this latest development doesn’t change our readers opinions.

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  1. marksherris says:

    I agree, this Premium System is a joke in my opinion. It is just another way to suck more money out of their already fed up members! I hope the bucket improves on the standard system so I can get my money out, however I am not holding my breath.

    • simonbahr says:

      Thanks for your comment Mark. Its great to hear from members and we are as disappointed as you with Profit Clicking.

  2. Dozie says:

    i learnt that the premium system pays when you inject new fund 80% with old fund 20% but 1st when i tired to withdraw, they said it must get to 20$, i waited but when i got to 20$ and placed withdrawal, they said they’ve got to daily maximum, next day tried again, no way, instead they put it in gueue (old system), which way out?

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