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Profit Countdown Review

By on September 20, 2017 in Make Money Online with 0 Comments

Looking for a Profit Countdown Review or trying to work out if the rumors of a Profit Countdown Scam are true then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been taking a good look at Profit Countdown and in this review, I am going to share my honest opinion about this opportunity so keep reading to find out the truth.

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My Profit Countdown Review

I’ve just checked out this newest make money online opportunity called Profit Countdown and just by taking a quick glance I have to say that I’m not impressed whatsoever. The first huge warning sign is their huge promises of you making millions really quickly. They promise that you will be making upwards of $3,000 daily with them once you join up, doing very little work all in all. That is a really big claim, as it is nearly impossible to make that amount of money in the online world, without lots and lots of hard work and dedication and doing that from day one as a newbie is completely impossible.

But I went in deeper and decided to check this thing out in detail, rather than judge by my first impressions.  On close inspection, I found that this entire opportunity is essentially a carbon copy of a system that I reviewed only recently. Even the websites are almost identical and they both promote an online method called Digital Altitude, which I have had experience of in the past.

They have a sales pitch video as well, which goes on and on making their bold promises of huge amounts of money daily, and all in all, I was initially a hundred percent sure that this was just one of those many scam systems and methods that I have exposed on this very website in the past, but after learning that they actually promote Digital Altitude, I changed my mind.

Profit Countdown Review

So to boil it all down, this method is nothing but a website that promotes something completely different – Digital Altitude. It was more than likely created by an affiliate of Digital Altitude designed to bring in people so that the affiliate can earn commissions from the sales of Digital Altitude. So instead of focusing on Profit Countdown website let`s take a closer look at the method they are trying to sell you.

Profit Countdown Scam

What exactly is Profit Countdown?

Digital Altitude is a system that is referred to as ‘High Ticket’ in the world of internet marketing and making money online. The truth is, it will set you back a lot of money if you go All In and you will need to invest a lot before you see a real profit from it. The cost of going All In is around $50k, even though you can initially join for just one dollar. The reason for this is that you will need to invest that amount of money to be able to reach the higher levels and tiers of the method, so you can get access to the real money making opportunities and bonuses that higher ranking members use.

This method is a classic ‘Pay-to-Play’ system. You invest in it, and then you will be able to get your investment back by earning money. What you are actually investing in are the products that you are able to buy and then resell to earn commissions. You will have to do your own promoting and you will have to find clients yourself, but that is a basic part of affiliate marketing. There are a lot of systems like this out there, but this one is one of the best and definitely legit.

However, keep in mind that you will need the investment money when first starting out, as you won`t be able to earn anything if you don`t actually own the products, and all your commissions will go to the affiliate above you.

So make sure to never attempt to make money with methods like these unless you can actually afford to go and buy all the products before promoting it. You could find yourself in a situation where you find a buyer that likes the products you promoted and goes on and buys a lot of them, but instead of you earning a juicy commission, all the money goes to the affiliate above you. That’s definitely not a situation you want to find yourself in; it will be so frustrating that it will make you want to quit for good.

I used similar systems in the past, but have gradually moved towards other opportunities, simply because these high investment methods are not really for everybody and require a lot of startup capital. You can be the most motivated person out there, ready to work really hard for that huge paycheck, but if you don`t have the startup money, you simply won`t be able to earn anything from methods like these and will just end up losing your money. It`s just how these systems work.

My Profit Countdown Conclusion

Even though at first I thought this system was just another scam, after finding out that the entire thing is basically Digital Altitude, I`m now completely sure it is a legitimate opportunity.  I’ve reviewed many ‘High Ticket’ products in the past including Digital Altitude which is why I don’t promote or recommend them.  Far too many people get involved thinking they are going to become rich but unfortunately end up losing a lot of money because they can afford to buy the High Ticket products which bring in the real commissions.

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