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Real Estate Flipping Method Review

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If you have heard about this revolutionary new method of real estate flipping, invented by Tai Lopez and are looking for a review, look no further. I have checked the program and below, you will find all the information you need to decide if the system is worth your consideration, including information on how it works exactly and what the whole thing is all about.

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Real Estate Flipping by Tai Lopez

Now let`s take a good look at Tai Lopez and his new method. First of all, the method is brand new and Tai created it together with Cole Hatter. Cole Hatter has appeared in a couple of other videos Tai Lopez did, like his trademark real estate investment program. The real estate flipping method will teach you step by step how to profit the most from real estate flipping with the lowest investment possible.

The investment you would need is sometimes less than 1000$ with huge chances for a great return on your investment. In a very detailed 2 hour long video, which you can look up below, you will learn exactly what the program is about and how you can start making a profit from it as fast as possible. The basic three steps involved, according to Tai Lopez himself, are learning how to find the best deals, and to fund and structure said deals and how to close the deals and get your profits. After you learn and master these three basic steps, you are basically just repeating the whole process, reinvesting your money and doing better and bigger deals the whole time, making, even more, money for yourself.

The thing I like about this new program best is that Lopez has brought in Cole Hatter, who is one of the elites in real estate investments and flipping. You can clearly see that Tai is a very intelligent guy, but he realizes that he does not know everything. And partnering up with Cole is his way to bring you the best training possible. You can see this by looking at his other YouTube videos and other social media platforms of his, like Instagram.

The new real estate flipping method looks really good in my opinion and seeing as there is a 30-day money back guarantee, there is nothing really to lose by trying it out for yourself and joining his test group. If you are still not convinced, you can read up more info about Tai Lopez and who he is, below.

Who Is Tai Lopez Exactly

Tai Lopez has earned most of his fame by his clever use of social media SEO techniques and methods. He released a lot of courses teaching other people the most efficient way of using social media, like his Traveling CEO and Social Media Agency programs. You can look up reviews on both of this programs through the links below.

In my opinion, Tai is one of the big authorities in regards to social media, but he also often tries out other subjects he might not be an expert in and partners up with only the best in the different niches. And that is exactly the case with this new real estate flipping program, which he created with Cole Hatter, who has a lot of success stories in real estate investment under his belt and is definitely an expert on the subject.

Tai made his breakthrough and is most famous for his “Here in my Garage” ad, which received millions of views. In a recent video I watched with him, he specified the number of views to be around 100 million, to be more precise. And that comes as a huge surprise, seeing as how Tai was not really popular back when he first launched himself on YouTube. But no matter if you like him or hate him, Tai Lopez has reached a lot of people. And even if many people think he is a scam, he has proven it over and over again that is 100% not true. Since he moved to Snapchat and started posting pictures of his house and cars almost every day, he proved to a lot of people that those cars and the house are really his and not just rented, as many people accused him of. Besides that, he has also been featured a couple of times on Entrepreneur and Forbes.

Why Do People Hate Tai Lopez

If it comes down to all the hate Lopez receives, there are basically two different groups. One of them is people who are simply jealous of him and his success. The other group are those that are piggybacking of off his success.

To explain it in more detail, the jealous group are simply that, and they go on different social media platforms trying to spread fake stories about someone who is really successful. They are jealous of Tai`s house, cars and the attention he gets and they try to drag him through the dirt. This happens to most other successful people as well, like celebrities or other businessmen. On the other side, there are those that are trying to piggyback off his success, and they do it by creating hate videos and videos that try to prove that he is a scam. That way, they hope to get part of the attention Tai has, for themselves and make money as well, off of all that traffic and views. A good example of this would be the YouTube channel H3H3 Productions, who was pretty big, to begin with, but decided to jump on the hate train against Tai Lopez to earn even more views and subscribers. Instead of suing those guys and taking legal action against them, Tai invited them to his house in Beverly Hills and proved to them that his earned riches were not fake. You can look up the video below. It is very entertaining to watch how these two made peace.

My Real Estate Flipping Method Conclusion

I think this new method that Tai Lopez and Cole Hatter came up with is pretty much the real deal. You will get a lot of value if you go on and join Tai`s test group for the real estate flipping program. And with the 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose either. Definitely, gives this a try if you are into real estate investments and flipping.

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