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RJGM Power Team Review

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If you are looking for a clear and honest review of RJGM Power Team, you have to look no further. I have been taking a really close look at this new method since it received a lot of hype over the last couple of months and I`m going to share my completely honest opinion about this new opportunity with you right here on this blog.

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RJGM Power Team – The Review

RJGM Power Team Review

Currently, there are literally a ton of business opportunities available online, ranging from classics, such as MLM or Multi Level Marketing to Affiliate Marketing, as well as AdSense and E-Commerce like drop shipping. And we also got opportunities involving crypto currencies, like iCoinPro or iCoin Market, besides many others around. But the thing is, with so many offers and potential ways to make money online, it can be really hard to find out which ones work, which don`t and which ones are simply out there to fraud you out of our money. That is exactly why I created this blog and why I do reviews about all these different opportunities so that I can expose the good ones from the really bad ones. So let`s just take a good look at this newest thing called RJGM Power Team and see if it works and how it can help you make money or to see if it is just another scam.

RJGM Power Team – The History Behind It

While their history is not really that long, it involves a lot of trying and failing. The program was launched back in July this year under the name RJGM Power Build. You can check out this Facebook post from one of the administrators, Janice Lee, announcing the launch of the project. It failed soon after that. They relaunched the same project under the same name very soon after, but it also failed really fast. RJGM Power Team is the newest version of the method, now with a new name, launched just earlier this month with a completely new website to boot. There are other admins that take care of the website, but Lee was the most active since the opportunity was created first. She also promoted other crypto currency opportunities.

RJGM Power Team – What Exactly Is It?

Simply put, RJGM is an affiliate marketing system based on crypto currency. (You can also check out my number one recommendation relating to affiliate marketing, called AWOL Academy, right here). They use a so called Matrix system, where every affiliate would donate Bitcoin to other affiliates through a 25 Matrix. You might ask yourself right here as to how this would ensure all affiliates will benefit from the donations. Read on to find out.

Basically, the first affiliate has 2 more affiliates under him. This would be the first level of the matrix system. The 2 affiliates under him each have another 2 affiliates under each of them. This would be level two. And it goes on like this for the subsequent levels. Simply put, each affiliate has another 2 affiliates, which doubles the number of affiliates for each level. It might sound a bit complicated at first but it`s really easy to figure out.

Every time an affiliate signs up, he or she donates a certain amount of Bitcoin. As a good example, if an affiliate would donate 0.05 Bitcoin to their sponsor affiliate, he would be getting 0.05 Bitcoin from the ones under him. The donations then move up the tiers of the matrix to the original affiliate. So theoretically, you, as an affiliate would earn double your investment, and your sponsor double that and so on, until the highest tier of the matrix.

RJGM Power Team – How Good Is This Opportunity?

The thing is, opportunities like these are full of risk. No business whatsoever, be it online or offline, can guarantee you a complete return of your investment or very good profit, and with matrix systems like RJGM the risks go even higher. Besides the fact that business models like these tend to collapse really fast, I also exposed a couple of scam ones in the past as well.

The way it works is that you have to donate a minimum of 0.002 Bitcoin to even join their matrix based system. You would need to donate a whopping 0.5 Bitcoin to fully take part in their compensation system. That is more than $2000 as of the current value of Bitcoin and that is a lot of money. You see, donations usually work with people donating money for something, without expecting anything in return. That`s the meaning of a donation. However, in the case of RJGM you are basically donating money and then you expect a donation back from the two people under you in the matrix system. The whole thing can be really profitable, sure, but also very risky and you could potentially also lose a lot of money in the process.

RJGM Power Team – Conclusion

After learning as much as I can about this crypto currency method, I can definitely say that I won`t be recommending it to you. You could possibly earn a lot of money with this, but then again, the risks are also extremely huge and you could lose just as much. And apart from that, there is no guarantee that this is a legitimate method either and could just be another scheme. There is no proof that this is a scam, but there is also no proof that this is a legit method. I would much rather recommend you methods that I have personally tested and know that they are legit and work just fine. (Check one of them out below).

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