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Secret Algo Bot Review

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Secret Algo Bot Review. Thanks a lot for making time to check out my Secret Algo Bot Review.

Is it really possible to generate an income with Secret Algo Bot? Secret Algo Bot is among the latest Binary Option systems hitting the digital market so let’s get a close look at this particular product and decide if it’s a rip-off or a genuine way to make money online.

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What is the Secret Algo Bot System about? Does the Secret Algo Bot System work? Is Secret Algo Bot worth the price tag? Can I really generate an income with the Secret Algo Bot System?

Secret Algo Bot Summary

Product Name: Secret Algo Bot
Product Type: Internet based Software
Price: No cost

What is Secret Algo Bot?

Secret Algo Bot is the latest Binary Options Trading system to hit the digital market place. The owner of the system claims it’s going to change your lifestyle – You will finally be able to make infinite amounts of dollars on line.

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I think you can agree that there has been some pretty strong claims about this system. So let’s take a close look at Secret Algo Bot and find out the reality behind this product.

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options Trading is very simple to understand which is the reason why they are extremely popular. In essence there are only ever 2 feasible outcomes – You will win the trade or you lose the trade. Unlike regular financial options that have a consistent spectrum of payback or pay out.

There are 2 key types of binary options: asset-or-nothing, and also cash-or-nothing. An asset-or-nothing binary option will pay out a sum equivalent to the underlying value of the security; a cash-or-nothing binary option will generate money if it ends while “in the money”. In the world of trading, binary options are actually easy to comprehend.

Binary Options – How do they work?

To gain access to the marketplace and actually place trades you need to register for a trading account with a Binary Options Broker.

To trade you will have to either place a CALL or a PUT upon a particular option for example Apple stock. A CALL trade is if you believe the stock may rise in price and a PUT trade is when you believe the stock may fall. You can select different expiration times from A minute up to a few hours or even days but normally binary options work on short time frames.

Trading Binary Options is essentially a gamble albeit you would trust an educated one where you’re putting a 1/1 trade on a stock that will either increase CALL Trade or drop PUT Trade.

Three steps to Binary Options Trading:

1 – Carefully select your vehicle – Currency, Stock, Index or Commodity.
2 – Work out which route your vehicle is going to move and place the right Call or Put Trade.
3 – Decide how much you would like to invest on your trade.

Placing a trade that says the asset is going to be higher after the trade duration is known as a ‘CALL’ PUT Trades are trades in which you believe the asset is going to be lower in price after the trade duration.

When the trade has completed, often called the Trading duration, if you’ve won the trade you’ll get back your initial investment in addition to success fees which can range from 70 and 90 %. It’s a well-known truth that currency pairs, so for example USD/CAD, return a higher success fee than some other vehicles such as Stocks.

Binary Options Brokers The Truth

Ever wondered just how Binary Brokers make their revenue? Ever wondered with so many of their customers taking a loss how they able to remain in business? Well their dirty little secret that I will expose in the following illustration is this : losing is good for business – the truth is they want you to lose!

So let’s use the currency pair EUR/USD within our example and to make it simpler to understand we will use 50/50 win/loss rate.

In the example 50 individuals place a CALL trade on the asset and 50 people place a PUT trade.

This means that 100 traders have placed trades. So once the trade ends we’re advised that the pair closed higher so those that made a CALL trade have won and those that made a PUT trade have lost.

Each person made $100 trade. So collectively 50 people lost $5,000 ($100 x 50). However 50 individuals won but as you just get a 90% return that is $4500 ($100 x 50 x 90%) so the broker has earned $500 in 60 seconds.

However, I’ve already mentioned that the 50 to 50 Win to Loss rate is very conservative and we’d really expect it being a lot more like 25 to 75 in the Binary Broker’s preference.

Can you really generate an income with Secret Algo Bot?

I hope the above illustration resonates with you and lets you know that the chances are stacked against you.

Before you do anything whatsoever ask yourself these particular questions:

If Binary Option Brokers only generate an income when people generate losses how do they continue to be operating?


When a Trading Broker pays an affiliate marketer a commission of $200 up wards that is a strong indicator that the Broker is going to make a lot more than $200 from the referred consumer.

The TRUTH remains to be that Binary Option Products are an ingenious tool to advertise Binary Option Trading platforms on which you’ll be required to put down a large amount to be able to trade.

Is Secret Algo Bot a Scam?

Binary Option Trading Systems like Secret Algo Bot are only clever marketing tools or sales funnels that will get typical people just like me and you to start Binary Option Trading Accounts thinking that we are going to become rich. Little do we realize that that’s far from the truth and the only people getting rich are the Binary Brokers and their Affiliate marketers

Please keep in mind these commission fees are non-refundable.

Please be aware that Secret Algo Bot isn’t a sustainable business. You you wont get any training and when you’ve deposited your cash and made your trade that’s the end of the relationship until you place your subsequent trade.

You may Win trades and you’ll definitely Lose trades however please remember really the only winners are the Binary Option Brokers and their own Affiliates.

My Conclusion

Like all those various other Binary Option products before it Secret Algo Bot is a ingenious tool made to get you ‘the lead’ to register and deposit money with a Binary Options Broker earning the affiliate marketer a very nice commission payment (Approx. $200).


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Based on the specifics of my review I cannot endorse Secret Algo Bot to you because I realize you would be throwing away your funds. Please steer clear of Secret Algo Bot.

If you decide to purchase Secret Algo Bot after reading my evaluation please write about your own experiences by leaving your remarks below. Thanks.

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